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Hand-picked Amazon Advertising Keywords

Any author that has used Amazon Advertising (formerly Amazon Marketing Services or AMS) understands the benefit of having their book promoted on the pages of other popular books or because of the search terms a customer uses. That’s why the more chances you give your book to show up – that is, the more keywords you use – the more likely you are to make a sale. Amazon suggests a minimum of 300, but allow up to 1000.

The trick is finding the best ones to use.

While there are a variety of automated tools out there that provide keywords, they are only as good as their algorithms and are usually just giving out a large set of static keywords to everyone that match certain criteria, with a few specific keywords thrown in based on titles or also-boughts. Not only do these usually prove less effective, they drive up the cost of those static keywords because everyone using the tool is competing for them.

So while these tools may be a good starting point or time saver, there is no substitute for building your list of keywords by hand, based on the specifics of your book and knowledge of how Amazon advertising and marketing in general works.

But for those of you that lack those skills or the time it takes to build such a list, we can help! Our advertising experts will build a hand-picked set of keywords for you, based on your book and their experience with a number of package sizes available.

Important Note: Before Purchasing Keywords: Remember that good keywords alone do not ensure a successful advertising campaign, and as such Hidden Gems cannot guarantee that these keywords will improve your sales. A thorough understanding of how Amazon advertising works and how to best manage your keywords is the other essential ingredient. Only order a keyword package if you are confident that you have this understanding, otherwise you may be disappointed. If needed, you may want to consider booking an advertising related consulting session to go over the details of how to best setup and manage your campaign.


Advertising Expert

Ginger, Amazon marketing expert for Hidden Gems Books.

"Self-publishing is an industry that can be very challenging to navigate, and Ginger really helped me cut through the noise and zero in on my ‘high payoff’ points when it comes to my book marketing. He is easily able to take complex subject matter and break it down in a way that is easy to understand, and he always circles back around to make sure his presentation was understood. Highly recommended.” - Jordan Vezina, A Jericho Black Thriller series

Keyword Packages

All keyword packages include:

  • Keywords returned within 5 business days in an Excel (or csv) spreadsheet
  • A detailed breakdown of how the keywords were obtained – The method for each book varies, but some examples of things we may analyze to find your keywords are genre, relevant also-boughts (and their also-boughts), category of book, key plot points, cover design, best-seller lists, collections on Goodreads and Bookbub, etc)

Note: As more relevant keywords are needed, they become harder and harder to find which accounts for the escalation in price per keyword.)

300 Keywords - $60

500 Keywords - $120

501-1,000 Keywords – Email for Quote

Finding more than 500 relevant keywords can become a lot more difficult depending on your type of book, so we would need to discuss the details with you first and quote the price depending on a variety of factors.

AMS Consulting Call + Keyword Package

Base Price: $225

Keywords are just one aspect to successful advertising - and Advertising on Amazon has a notoriously steep learning curve. For those that need help understanding or setting it all up, we typically offer advertising related coaching/consulting calls, but as an additional offering we’re packaging one of these calls along with your keywords (for a savings of more than 15% vs booking them separately)

This package includes:

  • 500 Keywords
  • A one hour 1-on-1 consultation call via Skype or Google Hangouts with our advertising expert to walk you through every step of setting up your ads, how to monitor and optimize them, and give you pointers on how to make these keywords work for you
  • Keywords delivered within 5 business days as normal, but the consult call will be scheduled for any time that is convenient for everyone

Optional Addons

Amazon Advertising blurb/tag line: $15

  • Amazon Advertising requires a very short blurb/tagline that is displayed under your book image when it displays your ad. Order this addon if you would like our ad expert to create this as well. Note: this addon cannot be ordered separately and is only useful for those that are advertising their books with Amazon.

For any of the keyword packages ordered, a 50% deposit is due once the details of your order are finalized, with the balance due on delivery. All payments are in USD and through Paypal. Please fill out the form below to place your order and we will get back to you shortly for more info/scheduling.

  • 300 Keywords500 Keywords501-1000 KeywordsAMS Consulting Call + 500 Keywords

    Amazon advertising blurb/tag line