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This Week's Featured Book
Taming Beckett

His career is in the penalty box. Her marriage is on the rocks. Are they about to make the perfect score?

Beckett Miller’s hedonistic lifestyle just got iced. After a high-profile fall from grace over a drug scandal, the aging pro hockey superstar finds himself without a team, dropped from endorsements, and completely broke. Desperate to turn his home into cash, the league’s bad boy is forced to work with a real estate agent with a megawatt smile … and who he’d just made a spectacular fool of himself with.

Paige Anderson’s sales success hasn’t translated to relationships. With a cheating husband plunging her into divorce, the last thing she desires is to have a scandal-plagued playboy athlete as a client. But the high commission she’ll get from the sale seems worth it … especially when he unexpectedly becomes a shoulder to cry on.

Surprised when he develops feelings for the beautiful realtor, Beckett decides it’s time to clean up his act and plan for the future. And though Paige can’t stop thinking about the troubled all-star, she worries he’ll betray her like her soon-to-be-ex.

Can this damaged duo put aside their fears and take a slapshot at love?

Today's Free Book
Fairy Roots

Will has gone to Fairyland to find his roots. Most fairies assume this means he’s related to a tree. In Fairyland this is entirely possible. His mother used to tell him stories about how it was a terrible place where monsters were waiting to gobble him up. It was really no way to discourage a small boy.

But after a lifetime of longing, his co-workers don’t like him, his mother was right about the monsters, his boss has a crush on him, and he’s no idea what to do about any of it.

He really did his research, but no battle plan survives contact with the enemy, even if you really like the enemy and don’t want to have to run screaming from them…

Also it’s got a vampire in it. 

A YA, comic fantasy, LGBT romance. 

Hot Discounts at Hidden Gems
Stolen Kisses

I might have bitten off more than I can chew…

When I found out my boyfriend was married, I did what any rational math teacher would do: I took a job across the country in Rotheberg, the “Alpine Jewel of Oregon.” I can live with the town’s weird obsession with The Sound of Music, and Mrs. Fogelhaus’s stollen is to die for. But when my principal assigns me a baking class, I know I need help. I teach calculations, not cooking.

Rotheberg’s golden boy, Dylan Mead, should be the solution to my equation. The culinary genius is handsome, loaded, and would do anything for his hometown. Helping me teach a bunch of kids to bake brownies should be a piece of cake. Except he wants to demolish my classroom to build his bakery.

But you know what? I’m not about to throw in the towel and return to Virginia, so the culinary class is my only option. I’m not going to let a silver-spooned pastry chef torch my class. And I’m definitely not going to let him steal my heart.

Watch out, Dylan Mead–this mathematician’s got your number.

The Cowboy and His Secret

He’s an overprotective cowboy. She has a stalker. Will he be her knight in shining armor?

I have a secret. I’ve been in love with a cowboy since I was 16.
For years I wouldn’t admit it to myself, because I was focused on becoming a teacher.
But after graduating and being forced to take a job as a waitress, I find myself in a situation where only Mac can help.
A dark threat is closing in and he is my only hope of escape.

I still remember the first time I saw Sarah.
We were both teenagers, and she was swimming in the lake wearing a sexy red bikini.
Since then, I’ve ached for her. But she had big dreams, so I settled for friendship.
Until she finished college…
Now, I plan to do whatever it takes to make her mine.
Step one will mean helping her ditch her skeevy boss.
Step two? Find out who is stalking her and why.

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