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Sunset on Sunset

Stella had it all. She was living her best life at college with her two best friends, Shelby and Grace, with her doting boyfriend, Jeff, by her side. The whole crew was part of the most successful band on campus, and they were about to make it big. With their headline act at the Spring Concert just around the corner, it seemed nothing could go wrong.

Out of nowhere, Adrian appeared. After disappearing without a word during high school and completely breaking Stella’s heart, he landed back in the center of her life. But he was nothing like she remembered. Stella soon discovered things weren’t as they seemed all those years ago. Just as she turned to Jeff for comfort, the future she has envisioned was pulled out from under her.

Lost and devastated, Stella must rethink everything. She must contend with the new version of Adrian being back in her life while facing the unbelievable tragedy that swallowed her and Jeff’s beautiful future together. While never expecting it, now is the time Stella truly begins to understand love, loss, and reinvention.

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Bratva Devil

He loves the chase.

Turns out I love to get caught.



The world’s worst meet cute—I walk in on him slitting a throat.

I run like hell, but he really loves the chase…judging by my body’s reaction, so do I.

He kidnaps me, thinking I’m someone else, but when he finds out the truth, I manage to convince him to hire me as his maid instead of offing my ass.

He’s dangerous, deadly, and the man never cracks a smile.

He’s also gorgeous, sinfully sexy, and ridiculously protective.

I shouldn’t want him.

I shouldn’t love the dark, raw hunger I see in his eyes.

And I definitely shouldn’t taunt and tease him.

The truth is Volodya is more beast than man, and I want to see him lose control.

I want to be the one to send him to his knees.

Resisting My Lion Captors: Menage Enemies To Lovers Romance

The lion shifters want me.

When a rival pack attacked my pride, I ran for my life.
I ended up in a whole new world.

But instead of finding freedom, I became a captive.
My lion shifter kidnappers want to become my lovers.
They want to mate with me.

I’m speechless.
I’ve never been with anyone, let alone two alpha lion shifters.
I’m not ready for this.

And yet their scent is tantalizing.
Their warm hands ignite a desire within me.
And their lips push me over the edge.

All I wanted was to find a way home.
But the longer I stay with these lions, the more I wonder if they’re my new home.

I’m terrified of the answer.
Terrified of what the future holds.

Can my captors and I find a way to be together or will we be torn apart?

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