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Join thousands of other readers just like you in supporting your favorite authors while reading free books!

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Join thousands of other readers just like you in supporting your favorite authors while reading free books!

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What Readers are Saying About Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems is a great place to find books to read and review! They make it so simple. Choose your genre(s) then receive emails with potential books. HG sends a reminder when the book goes live, and their form even finds the review without pasting in the link! It’s the easiest ARC site I use!

Rachel C.


I love this program and it has many awesome books the only thing missing is to choose only m/m stories as i only read but this site will give u all the amazing stories u ever dreamed of for free, and i review them on Amazon

Toni Kure


A great way to try new authors you may not have heard about


Redditch, UK

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Breaking Free: Why Direct Sales Might Be For You – Part Three

If there’s one thing that the big online eBook stores have going for them, is that they are relatively easy for authors to get started on. Entering product information is straightforward, and things like billing and content delivery are handled automatically. Yet, there are a host of downsides that make authors hungry for alternatives, which is why Ginger has put together this series on Direct Sales. Today in part three, Ginger goes into detail about what exactly authors are giving up, and taking on, when making the decision to switch to the direct sales model – and it can be significant. Authors that want to follow this path must be prepared for a variety of technical tasks, added expenses, and a setup that can take weeks as opposed to the days or even hours that they’ve grown accustomed to. But for those that follow through, the reward at the end… Read More >

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