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Join thousands of other readers just like you in supporting your favorite authors while reading free books!

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I love being a part of this as I love to read and write about a new book. I read usually a book or two a day.



Love reading these books, it is a great opportunity to read many different books!

Angel Joy


I love the opportunity to sample new authors and new types of books. Hidden Gems makes it so easy to stay on top of my “waiting-to-be-read” list. Reviewing the books is simple with gentle reminders and easy-to-complete forms. Thanks for introducing me to some great reads!

Tree House Reader

Lebanon, Oregon

From the Blog

Author Spotlight Interview: Camilla Stevens

This week, we’re speaking to Camilla Stevens, the wildly popular author of steamy romances like The Italian Heir, and Her Icelandic Protector – which have earned her legions of fans and reviews that highlight her “awesome storytelling” and praise her writing as “suspenseful” and “fascinating.” She kindly agreed to sit for an interview to talk to us about her background, inspirations, and the path that led her to publication success. With nearly 20 full-length romances to her name, Camilla Stevens continues to win fans with each new release. She’s particularly well-known for writing BWWM romances – between black women and white men – and this has led to some delicious pairings in her globe-spanning catalog of stories; from sexy Spanish pirates to towering Icelandic mercenaries. We caught up with Camilla (being in the midst of a lockdown made that easier) and here’s what she told us: HG: So, first off,… Read More >

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