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Get notified of new books!


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Join thousands of other readers just like you in supporting your favorite authors while reading free books!

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Join thousands of other readers just like you in supporting your favorite authors while reading free books!

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What Readers are Saying About Hidden Gems

A great way to try new authors you may not have heard about


Redditch, UK

I have been doing this Hidden Gems Arc for so long. It’s great you get to meet new authors, read there stories. I believe it’s more it helps in other areas of ur life, the things they would like you to do are things you would do anyway like leave a review but they also get sometimes life doesn’t always go the way it should. I have recommended it to friends. And the books are real and interesting and u pick the ones u want, there aren’t crappy books I’m sure some aren’t always into the books once they start and that’s okay with them. You can’t go wrong it’s a win win for everyone. I love being in it

Cathy A

New Jersey

I love being an ARC reader for Hidden Gems! You get a variety of different genres and authors. And you can pick and choose which books you want to read. And I love that they email you to remind you the book has been published. If I were reviewing them I’d give them 5 stars!


Alberta, Canada

From the Blog

Using Science Fiction Writing to Reflect Reality

Science fiction, a genre where futuristic worlds and advanced technologies serve as the setting for exploring profound societal issues, has always been more than mere escapism. For as long as the genre has existed, it’s been used to mirror both our deepest anxieties and our highest aspirations. By using fantastical backdrops to delve into pressing issues, authors not only captivate readers but also subtly encourage reflection on real-world challenges. By providing examples of how legendary sci-fi writers have used their stories as platforms for commentary and change, Ginger illustrates how we, too, can use our science fiction writing to not just entertain, but also challenge, inspire, and perhaps even influence how our future unfolds. I love all types of books and stories, but science fiction has always had a special place in my heart. Growing up, I used to devour my father’s huge collection of science fiction paperbacks and short… Read More >

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