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Get notified of new books!


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Join thousands of other readers just like you in supporting your favorite authors while reading free books!

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Join thousands of other readers just like you in supporting your favorite authors while reading free books!

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What Readers are Saying About Hidden Gems

I love this service! Hidden Gems offers a fantastic daily selection of advance review books and provides a helpful nudge email to remind you when you’ve forgotten to leave a review. They have so many great titles and authors, it’s hard to choose!

Linda B

Northumberland, PA

I love the easy way to complete the forms as they are.

Cindy H.

New Orleans, LA

I love the opportunity to sample new authors and new types of books. Hidden Gems makes it so easy to stay on top of my “waiting-to-be-read” list. Reviewing the books is simple with gentle reminders and easy-to-complete forms. Thanks for introducing me to some great reads!

Tree House Reader

Lebanon, Oregon

From the Blog

Young Adult Stories To Enjoy This Spring

If you have a young reader in your family, or even if it is just a guilty pleasure of yours, we’ve rounded up a collection that includes a variety of young adult stories that have been popular and well-liked by Hidden Gems ARC readers. Dead Girl by Kerrie Faye Death has its advantages, or so Ember O’Neill discovers when a deadly prank transforms her from a bullied outcast to a school tyrant. Resurrected and secretly supernatural, she topples the reigning drama queen and wins the affections of the new heartthrob. But her newfound power attracts dangerous attention when an assassin from the heretical Order targets her. Ember faces a difficult choice about whether to reveal her abilities to protect herself and her friends, risking everything she’s gained, as her would-be killer draws near. “The characterization is well done. Ember is imperfect and relatable as are her closest friends Erick and… Read More >

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