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Get notified of new books!


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Join thousands of other readers just like you in supporting your favorite authors while reading free books!

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Join thousands of other readers just like you in supporting your favorite authors while reading free books!

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What Readers are Saying About Hidden Gems

I love love being a reviewer, especially with Hidden Gems since they allow you to pick and choose the genres and books you want to read so it’s always interesting because you’re picking. They don’t hound you constantly for your review, and will give you a read out of what books you’ve read and what books still need reviewing. I also like getting new best sellers before they are out. All in all a great program.


Largo, Florida

I like this ARC reading program because there’s so many genres to choose from. When you’re done reading a book, all you have to do is leave a review or a reason why you choose not to review.


Rhode Island

I love being an ARC reader for Hidden Gems! You get a variety of different genres and authors. And you can pick and choose which books you want to read. And I love that they email you to remind you the book has been published. If I were reviewing them I’d give them 5 stars!


Alberta, Canada

From the Blog

Author Spotlight Interview: Yolanda McCarthy

Today’s interview is with speculative fiction author Yolanda McCarthy. Her debut novel is currently a #1 New Release on Amazon in the Teen & YA Dystopian and Science Fiction Romance category. We were thrilled to chat with Yolanda about her author journey, life outside of writing and exciting upcoming projects.   HG:  How would you describe yourself to somebody who isn’t familiar with your writing yet? YM: As a reader, I enjoy the fast-paced twists and turns of a thriller, the yearning of star-crossed lovers, the hollowness of a villain who’s lost faith in the world, and for my setting I need something ‘more’ than the everyday. Whether that’s a science fiction invention, magical-seeming powers, or historical details… I guess I just like escapism! I also like young adult literature, because that’s where we find the really powerful choices on which the rest of a lifetime turns. As a writer,… Read More >

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