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Featured Book

This week's featured book.


Forever Dreams: A Small Town Romance

By: Leeanna Morgan

Fans of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series will love this small-town, feel-good romance! Gracie arrives in Montana looking for her birth father, but one stubborn cowboy with a heart full of dreams could change her life forever. Enjoy this heartwarming novel from a USA Today bestselling author!

Sunday Solo

This week's sunday solo book.


Peaktop Dude Ranch Homecoming

By: Jill Haymaker

SOPHIE DALTON never expected to graduate from college and get dumped on the same day, but life doesn’t always turn out like you plan. Coming home to Peakview County, Colorado, Sophie has no intention of letting another man capture her heart, even if her new boss is the crush she had all the way through high school.

BRANDON PEYTON has big boots to fill, taking over the running of the family ranch for the first season since his parents retired. When his kid sister begs him to hire her high school friend as his office manager, he fears it will be a really bad decision. He wants someone older with more experience. Nevertheless, he gives in and decides to give Sophie a try. 

Two people who’ve put up protective barriers around their hearts, slowly feel their walls start to crumble. Can these two find a way to run the ranch they love together and find the love that they’ve always longed for? In the beauty of the Colorado Mountains, two hearts unite with a common goal—make Peaktop Dude Ranch their forever home.

Free Book

This week's featured book.


Liberated: MC Romance Series (Steel Infidels Series Book 1)

By: Dez Burke


Flint knows a smart woman like Kendra would never fall for a man like him.
Nothing more than a common outlaw hiding behind a designer suit.
A seriously bad guy.
As VP of the Steel Infidels, he isn’t above doing whatever it takes to protect the MC.

Veterinarian Dr. Kendra Shaw has never ignored an animal in need.
When a call comes in about an injured eagle she doesn’t think twice about going alone to a secluded cabin to meet the caller. What she finds there sets her on a shocking path she never could’ve imagined.

Free Book

This week's featured book.


Darker Water

By: Lauren Stewart

Parking this in the future for Lauren to use at a later date for a 99 cent promo – if not used by this date, then cancel

Free Book

This week's featured book.



By: Shandi Boyes

A dark and sexy mafia romance!

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This week's featured book.


Rebel Spell: A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel (Salem Supernaturals Book 1)

By: Lisa Carlisle

A hapless witch. A broken vampire.

And a mysterious death that brings them under the same roof.

When I learn I’ve inherited a house in Salem, I’m sure it’s a mistake.

Besides, I have zero desire to return to a town where I’m an outcast.

The surprises continue when I meet my tenants, including a broody vampire and a foodie wolf shifter.

But I’m only staying around long enough to sell my long lost aunt’s house.

Even when they convince me to go to a Halloween ball.

Even when I agree to pretend to be the vampire’s girlfriend.

Even when I discover his softer and oh-so-sexier side.

Because a witch without magic in Salem makes as much sense as a pig with wings. And I’ve never seen one fly.
“Nova and Diego’s story was fresh, fun, and flat out fantastic!” 

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This week's featured book.


Chasing the Wild Sparks

By: Ren Alexander

Throwing down the gauntlet has never been so wild. Just ask Hadley Beckett.


Marriage. That word drives my nuptial-phobic boyfriend of three years, Finn Wilder, who is Richmond’s sexy, golden boy daredevil sportscaster, to the brink of madness. While the daredevil thrives on adrenaline and danger and eagerly professes his love for me, he’ll walk on the wild side and not down the aisle. Furthermore, Finn Wilder is single, according to his coworkers and viewers—Finnatics. I don’t exist.

Despite his marriage fears and questionable relationship status, Finn pressures me to move in with him. Still, traditional by today’s standards, I want to marry first, adhering to my beliefs, just as he desperately clings to his, regarding not starting a family with me.

As much as I love Finn, I’ve reached my limit with the lies, secrets, and his irrational fear. Something has got to give. We’re forever at a standstill, a faceoff which one of us will lose. Everything.

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This week's featured book.


A Love Worth Keeping

By: Janelle Adams

Betty Cobble is the desire of nearly every man in town—and she loves the attention. Jackson Rider arrived a few months earlier, bringing with him a secret he’s ashamed of and a desire to find a nice woman to marry. But a gold rush town predominately made up of men does not leave Jackson with many options—and cocky, flirtatious Betty is not one of them.   

Unplanned circumstances force Betty and Jackson to spend time together. They are both surprised to find that their presumptions of the other were wrong. Betty wonders if settling down wouldn’t be so bad. And when Betty learns Jackson’s secret and protects him from having it exposed, Jackson starts to believe that Betty might be the one for him. 

But then a new man arrives in town with his sights set on Betty, rumors begin to fly, and partial truths threaten Betty’s and Jackson’s courtship. Will Jackson be able to prove to Betty that he’s worthy of her? Or will Betty choose the wrong man and leave them both with broken hearts? 

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This week's featured book.


For The Love of You

By: Claire Marti

For a French soccer icon, and a gifted artist, a fake engagement is the perfect solution for their current dilemmas. But when last summer’s fling slips from lust to love, their pretend relationship becomes too hot to handle.

Gabriel DuVernay is heir to one of the oldest wineries in France, but his passion is playing soccer, not tending vines. When he signs a multi-million dollar deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy, he’s able to postpone his unwelcome family duties and reunite with the striking redhead he can’t forget.

Last summer, artist Dylan McNeill’s life on her family’s Southern California horse-breeding ranch was thrown into chaos and she escaped to Paris. One electrifying night with a gorgeous playboy athlete helped her forget her problems. She’s never forgotten Gabriel, but aspiring artists trying to break into the elite art world don’t have time for romance.

When Gabriel suffers a career-shattering injury, he needs to buy some time to figure out how to remain in America and choose his own future. A fictitious engagement seems like the simple answer until living at Pacific Vista Ranch and pretending to be in love starts to feel real.

Can last year’s one night stand and this year’s fake engagement turn into true love forever?

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This week's featured book.


Kiss & Tell

By: C. Morgan

Her willingness to blackmail me into her bed is shocking.

But I can’t help myself.

I’ve worked my face off to make a name for myself in the architect world, and finally it’s landed me the perfect job—teaching at my local university.

Not a day goes by when a student doesn’t flirt and try their hand at winning my heart, if only for a night.

But I know the rules, and I follow them closely. No way in hell I’m giving up this sweet gig.

My newest student has stolen my attention and has me thinking things I should never think.

And her flirting goes to a new level. She’s defiant, dark, and not afraid of a little blackmail to get what she wants.

The young woman is beyond beautiful and everything I fantasize about, but I have a secret I want to keep hidden.

Unfortunately for me, she knows it and is more than happy to use it to get what she wants most—me.

What started out as a one-time payment turns into a burning need neither of us can ignore.

I just hope this girl is the type that doesn’t kiss and tell.

Otherwise, I’m ruined. 

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This week's featured book.


Stalked by the Quarterback

By: Stacy-Deanne

He’s popular. He’s rich. He’s dangerous.

After moving to Wilmore County, California when her father gets a job promotion, 17-year-old Lana is overwhelmed when she catches the eye of the high school star quarterback Jeremy Cross, the son of the most powerful and richest man in town.

Lana and Jeremy fall head over heels in love with each other but when Lana finds out a devastating secret about Jeremy, she breaks it off, never wanting to see him again. But being a guy who always gets what he wants, Jeremy is not about to let the best thing that’s happened to him walk away.

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This week's featured book.


Joaquin Fuertes (The Fuertes Cartel Book 1): Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love Series

By: Chiquita Dennie

Joaquin is afraid of no one. He doesn’t have to be. His position with the Cartel keeps him one step ahead of everything. But nothing he’s experienced has prepared him for the woman in red who would capture his attention, and eventually, his heart.

Sofia is living the dream. Night after night she delivers a standout performance as a actress and singer, gaining accolades from near and far, but when a handsome stranger starts leaving her flowers and notes after every performance, some of her business associates and friends are alarmed.

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This week's featured book.


Once Upon An Office Romance

By: Maddison Lake

All Bernadette Parker wants is a promotion. All Damian Wells wants is to redeem himself. Finding love is not on the agenda. But it just might end up there. Damian asks Bernadette to a conference in Aspen, to help him impress his new boss. What Bernadette doesn’t know is that she’ll also expected to hit the slopes, as well as the boardroom. Only trouble is, Bernadette doesn’t exactly ski. With expert skier Damian’s help, Bernadette survives the skiing challenge, only to find out that her hunky new boss knows absolutely nothing about business. His disapproving father, who expects him to fail, has only thrown into the position on a sort of dare. So, it’s all up to wallflower, brainiac Bernadette to save the day now, and help her boss ace his presentation. Will the pair be able to find a way to succeed without falling in love, which is against company policy?

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This week's featured book.


Bad Boys Unlimited

By: Teagan Kade

Join the hottest bad boys in fiction for this special collection box set of 5 Amazon Best Sellers. These alpha heroes are bold, strong brutes who will do anything for the women they love. Find your latest book boyfriend today and let him show YOU why bad boys do it better.

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This week's featured book.


To Trust a Viscount

By: Rose Pearson

Can Viscount Harrogate be trusted?

Sarah can’t be sure and too much is at stake to be wrong.


The newly titled Viscount Daniel Harrogate has just returned from war. Having fought against Napoleon’s forces, he makes his way to London with a task still to complete. The Duke of Abernyte must be found and a message relayed – but Daniel cannot find him. When he meets the beautiful Miss Graham, cousin to the Duke, he begins to grow suspicious of her, certain that she is hiding something from him.

Miss Sarah Graham knows the Duke is involved in important matters for the King but she must also remain silent. Her fears grow when Viscount Harrogate continues to pursue her, quite certain that his evident admiration of her is nothing but a ruse. When things become even more entangled, Sarah must make a choice.

Will her fears continue to push her away from the Viscount? Or will she dare to trust him – not only with the truth but with her own heart?

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This week's featured book.


To Dance in the Glen

By: Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

Meg and Ewan’s lives change in a moment in this stunning, passionate story of love and redemption from award-winning author Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple!

The curse of responsibility weighs heavily upon Ewan’s shoulders as the new Laird. His clan, and his heart’s desire, are threatened by the English.

And he will sacrifice everything, including his very life, to save them . . .

“Rivals Outlander” – Jan Anderegg, Author of the Julu Series.

Scottish Highlands 1306 — When English deserters target the Clan MacLeod, the fair Meg Lachlan finds herself directly in their sights. As she searches for a way to protect her family and herself, the Laird’s son, Ewan MacLeod, intervenes at the most opportune time.

A known rake and the darkly handsome son of the Laird, Ewan is used to getting what he wants. When he chances upon Meg facing trouble in the woods, in a split second he knows what he must do. To protect Meg from the English marauders who’ve targeted her and Clan MacLeod, Ewan brings her to his family’s castle. Only his intense desire for Meg isn’t part of that plan.

Ensconced in the keep with the soon-to-be new Laird, Meg’s desire for Ewan rises. And as much as she fights it, she wants to find herself in his arms and by his side. After the death of Ewan’s father, Ewan assumes his role as Laird and claims Meg for his own. The draw between them is undeniable.

But just as their love for each other seems certain, accusations of witchcraft from a jealous suitor and deception from within their own clan threaten their newfound happiness. Even with danger at every turn, Meg and Ewan’s bond seems unbreakable. Until Meg goes missing . . .

When a grim betrayal hits too close to home, moments are at their darkest. Meg and Ewan’s love and the fate of the entire clan is in peril. And with Meg’s help, Ewan must find a way to save them all.

A steamy Highlander romance with bold heroes, strong heroines, and packed with passion and adventure. Discover To Dance in the Glen and start this Outlander meets Robert the Bruce romance today! **A Top Ten Author Academy Award selection! **

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This week's featured book.


My Boss: Gay First Time Enemies To Lovers Romance

By: Van Cole

My Celebrity Crush Growing Up Was Stuart Glendon. And Now I’m His Assistant.


He’s the sexiest man I have ever seen.

But he’s straight.


Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I get the feeling that he likes me.

Or he hates me – I don’t know which anymore.


We’re so different.

He’s much older.

Money is no object to him.

And he’s a big-time celebrity.


It’s not like I could act on my desires anyway.

He’s my boss.

I can’t risk my Hollywood aspirations on the illusion he “might” be attracted to me.


For now, we’re both stuck in this tiny town until we finish filming.

But the more time we spend here the more I’m feeling something is about to happen.