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King & Queen of the Bouncy Castle

By: Diane Michaels

  • Contemporary
  • Humor


Living in a tiny house built for one, Caitlin only has room in her life for Mr. Right Now. Even though the bad boys she dates keep letting her down, they’re a whole lot more fun than…

Dan dreams of his happily ever after. One in which Caitlin has a starring role. But women like her don’t fall for awkward, Star Trek-quoting men like him.

Despite their policy of avoiding each other, they are forced together to deal with an increasingly problematic bouncy castle. Dan has the chance to prove himself the hero, but will he save the day? And will his efforts be enough for Caitlin to learn she has room in her heart for a nice guy like Dan?

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Taken: Last Chance Series - 3

By: A.L. Long

  • Action
  • Adult
  • BDSM
  • Erotic
  • Suspense

$2.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Sep/02/2019)

“If we could never be together, I would forever remember his touch.”

Alannah’s life was right on track. She knew what it meant to love and be loved. All of that changes when Winston Nelson steps back into her life and takes away everything she longed for. Hidden away where no one can to find her, Alannah once again has to submit to the man she swore would never control her again.  Day by day, the hopes of a normal life begin to disappear along with her desire to live

This book is on sale. Check it out now!

The Merry Marquis

By: Meredith Bond

  • Historical

$2.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Aug/31/2019)

Through the beauty of music, brings love and the will to live a life lost.

It is only at the pianoforte with beautiful music flowing from her fingertips that Teresa Seton is happy. New to English society, she feels awkward and unsure of herself.  Only the attention of her handsome neighbor can convince her that she is where she belongs—a stolen kiss proves that he means what he says. But the kiss is witnessed and the pair is forced to marry for propriety’s sake.

Once known as the “Merry Marquis”, Richard, the Marquis of Merrick, now lives the life of a recluse. Finding a beautiful stranger at his pianoforte strikes a chord within him, bringing back feelings he thought were lost with the passing of his wife. He is mesmerized by Teresa and her beautiful music, but can he convince her, and himself, that he can live and love again?

This book is on sale. Check it out now!

Fury of the Scorned

By: Carol Gosa-Summerville

  • Historical
  • Military
  • Mystery


The green-eyed monster rears its head in “Fury of the Scorned.” As Sugarfoot and Clarice begin a sweet romance in Jemison Beach, Freddie Dee Varner is back in Sipsey plotting his destruction. Furious that she’s been dumped, she sets out to expose the devastating secret he’s been hiding for many years.

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