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By: Ali Parker

  • Contemporary


Love is a Lie.

As a photographer for the New York Post, Kari Martin was used to seeing heartache and scandal up close. But one night at the club… her whole world changed.

Heartbroken and willing to call off her wedding, she decides a change is in order and moves from NYC to a small town in Maine, where the average age of the residents there is sixty (or thereabouts). She works to fit in perfectly, and tries like hell not to let anyone find out just how very jaded she’s recently become over the lie called love.

Jake Isaac left Texas quite a few years ago; his heart torn from his chest, and his mind set on being a bachelor forever. Maine would welcome him, give him land to explore and a community to belong to. Getting a job as the coach of the local junior high and serving on the fire department kept him busy — and labeled him a hometown hero — but the truth of his damaged heart was forever hidden.

No one would ever know just how jaded he was about love. That is… until he meets Kari.

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Architects: Sons of Olympus Reverse Harem Romance

By: Helen J Perry

  • Erotic
  • Fantasy
  • New Adult
  • Paranormal

$2.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Jun/06/2018)

A young woman with unexplained powers of seduction.

An ancient Greek god come to life.

And two powerful men who might threaten his existence…

Why can’t she resist them?

All of them.

Jade has no right wanting the men who threaten the gateway to the gods and she can’t explain how she’s drawn to these men above all others.

Karl is a rich, arrogant landowner who’s annoyingly hot.

Rugged, muscular Nic is Karl’s right-hand man…in more ways than one.

These powerful and domineering men want to share Jade. They please her, yes. They adore her, truly. But things are not as they seem.

Each man can trace a link to Jade’s ancient secret. A bond with the god of architecture, which none of them suspect. Nor do any realize that Jade’s own lineage traces back to the time of monsters and myth.

Jade and her three lovers have been drawn together by stories as old as time…

ARCHITECTS is a steamy MFMM Reverse Harem fantasy romance featuring bisexual characters. 75,000 words

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In the Black

By: Cynthia Rayne

  • Erotic
  • Military
  • Suspense

$2.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Jun/30/2018)

A Hero’s Scars
Former Navy SEAL, Quentin Zane, was battle-scarred long before he joined the military. As a child, his father put him through hell. One terrible night, he lost everything. Since then, the only bright spot in his life has been Ellie King. And he’ll stop at nothing to protect her, even if it means unleashing the blackness within.
Broken but determined
After many false starts, Ellie finally left her abusive boyfriend and fled to her brother’s place. But her ex is hatching a plan to kill innocent people, and she has to stop him.
With Zane’s help, she’ll put him behind bars. Ellie’s known her big brother’s best friend for years, but she’s never truly seen Zane before. Will they stop a madman from killing? And will they heal each other’s wounds?

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At His Command

By: Ruth Kaufman

  • Historical


What’s a lady to do when the king commands her to marry a lord, but she’s falling for the knight sent to protect her from undesirable suitors…and is a scribe for the king’s rival for the throne? Will she defy her king for love?

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By: Eden Finley

  • Contemporary
  • Erotic
  • LGBT


A bisexual prince isn’t the only scandal in this palace. 

Bad boy Alexander hates his title, but irresponsibility takes a backseat when tragedy strikes the royal family. Gone are the days of being the reluctant prince. Instead, duty and obligation become Xander’s life. Until he meets Delia. Alexander is taken aback by her dirty promises and a plan to escape the palace for a night of fun.

Roman Elliot, a member of the royal guard, has kept his feelings for Xander a secret for years. He’s not going to do anything to jeopardise his job. That’s the plan until he finds Prince Alexander with a mysterious woman at a masked sex club with none of his security detail accompanying him. He should walk away, but instead he finds himself joining them.

It’s a night Roman wishes he could forget but being assigned as Delia’s protector for the summer makes it hard. He can’t let them know it was him they spent a night with, but he gets the feeling both Xander and Delia already might know …

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Change Up

By: Van Cole

  • Action
  • Adult
  • Erotic
  • LGBT
  • Sports

$4.99 | $0.99 (on sale until May/28/2018)

This Rookie Wants To Score With The Star Player

This book is on sale. Check it out now!

Mr. Too Big

By: Jamila Jasper

  • Bad Boy
  • Dark
  • Interracial
  • Military
  • Suspense

$2.99 | $0.99 (on sale until May/30/2018)

Jay Sampson is a cold-blooded killer focused only on vengeance.

Holding Keisha hostage is the only way he can get what he wants.

Kidnapped by a dangerous hitman and trapped in his isolated cabin means she’ll have to do what she can to survive…

And once Jay Sampson gets what he wants, there’s no telling what he’ll do to her.

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