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Crave To Conquer

By: Zoey Ellis

  • Dark
  • Erotic
  • Fantasy
  • Medieval
  • Paranormal


The most savage Alpha in the land wants his Omega, and she’s hiding right under his nose.

Arrogant ruler, Drocco, enlists Cailyn to help him find a mate — but he yearns to dominate her. 

Knowing her life would be over if he ever discovered she was an Omega, Cailyn is trapped in a desperate struggle.

She came for his secrets, prepared for his arrogance and wild nature, but not for the effect he would have on her.

As the Emperor’s uncontrollable desire grows, their irresistible attraction puts them both at risk… in more ways than one.

If you love erotic dark romance, intrigue, and angst, you’ll be hooked by this magical fantasy romance.

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Next to Forever

By: A.L. Long

  • Adult
  • BDSM
  • Billionaire
  • Erotic
  • Suspense

$3.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Jul/22/2019)

Rade never thought that the one woman whom he despises would be carrying his child. Trying to prove that he was taken against his will, Rade finds that Dylan holds the only key to everything. The problem is, he can’t allow her to relive that one horrible night. Against his better judgment, he takes her back to the castle. Everything is perfect until their night of ecstasy turns into a night of torment. Rade’s world begins to crumble as he tries to find the one man who takes the one woman he has ever loved-forever. Accepting the news of a child is one thing, but what Dylan soon finds is more than she bargained for.

What started as a night of pleasure ends badly when Dylan learns the truth from a man she thought she would never see again. Betrayed, Dylan is torn between leaving the only man she has ever truly loved or following her heart and risk being hurt by the secrets that could destroy her happiness. Will her love for Rade prevail, or will it be lost forever? 

This book is on sale. Check it out now!

Beneath the Fallen City (The Omni Towers, Book 1)

By: Jamie A. Waters

  • Action
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Science Fiction

$3.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Jul/31/2019)

Some secrets are better left buried…

**Winner of the Readers’ Favorite Award for Fantasy & Science Fiction Romance**
**Winner of the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association’s EVVY Award for Science Fiction**

Kayla is a scavenger, driven to search the ruins of abandoned cities for artifacts in exchange for critical life-saving supplies. But, the rarest artifacts are found in the most dangerous ruins—those under control by the OmniLab traders.

Carl is one of those traders—and Kayla’s invaded his district. He’s determined to stop her and the best way to do that is to recruit her. The only problem?

Kayla hates traders.

When a powerful man intent on revenge starts hunting her, Kayla realizes the only way to save herself may be to accept Carl’s offer. But that would mean surrendering to OmniLab and giving up everything she knows.

Only everything isn’t quite what it seems.

Including OmniLab.

And Kayla’s in a lot of trouble.

This book is on sale. Check it out now!

Beautiful Mistakes

By: Victoria Snow

  • Bad Boy
  • Billionaire
  • Contemporary
  • Erotic
  • New Adult

$5.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Jul/19/2019)

4 full length novels for readers who love accidental marriages, surprise pregnancies, secret babies and swoon worthy hot alphas. 

Includes a never before published full length novel, Daddy by Mistake.

This book is on sale. Check it out now!

Her Cowboy: A Steamy Older Man Curvy Younger Woman

By: Lauren Milson

  • Adult
  • Contemporary
  • Erotic
  • New Adult
  • Western

$2.99 | $0.99 (on sale until Aug/16/2019)

There’s a curvy, gorgeous young blonde on my doorstep, and she’s the most forbidden woman on this green earth.

Rose is pure, hot, forbidden temptation in a shirt that’s too tight and shorts that are too short.

She needs a place to stay and she’s willing to earn her keep.

Her old man was my best friend, so of course I open my home to her.

But now I have a problem on my hands.

From the moment she showed up, I’ve been obsessed. She’s in my every waking thought. In all my sinful dreams. Madness surges through me when I see other men look at her.

And what’s worse? She’s daring me. Tempting me. Flirting. Her lips are begging me to claim her. Her words are telling me just how inexperienced she is.

She wants me to show her how we do it in cowboy country.

It’s not right, but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

So if my little desert Rose wants to be a real cowgirl, then I’ll teach her how to ride.

Oh, and those pretty little lips? I have something planned for them, too.

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