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Featured Book

This week's featured book.


Finding You

By: Allie Boniface

When Piper Townsend fell to her death twelve years ago, she took Trey’s secrets with her.
He’s never trusted another woman. Until now. 

Lillian arrived on Drake Isle twenty years ago pregnant, broke and alone. Since then she’s raised twins and opened a renowned beauty salon. Fiercely independent, she has no interest in settling down. Trey lives a jet-set lifestyle on the mainland, a billionaire who’s hidden a shockingly abusive childhood from the world. 

Their attraction is instant. Their desire is powerful. But when Trey’s former life catches up with him, can two people from different worlds find love on Drake Isle, or will past secrets tear them apart for good?

Sunday Solo

This week's sunday solo book.


Good Girl

By: Piper Lawson

Haley’s job is to keep rockstar Jax Jamieson out of trouble…

Not to fall for him.

I was hired to work for a legend. Instead, I’m being seduced by a man.

When I took an internship on rock god Jax Jamieson’s tour, I never thought he’d look twice at me. He’s older, cocky, jaded and nothing like the college guys I’m used to. 

He’s gorgeous, rich, talented, and the biggest rockstar in the world.

Too bad I rubbed him the wrong way on day one. 

Now he takes divine pleasure in making my life hell. During soundcheck. On the road. At the hotel after shows.

I need this job for reasons he can never know. That’s why I have to be cool under that smoldering gaze and arrogant grin. 

The bigger problem is when the cynicism slips away, exposing the cracks beneath. When he lets his guard down to tell me things he hasn’t told a soul.

Because a million women might scream his name…

But he whispers mine.

GOOD GIRL is book 1 in the bestselling rockstar romance series WICKED. Start reading now–you’ll be desperate to binge Jax and Haley’s epic completed story!

Free Book

This week's featured book.


Coming Home (Fully Invested Trilogy Book 1)

By: KB Alan

Rose never expected to return to Wildlife Ridge after she graduated high school, but here she is, sixteen years later. She wants to spend some time focusing on her new life as an entrepreneur, away from the big city rat race, and her quiet hometown in the mountains seems like the perfect place to do that. She’s excited to spend some time with her parents and has barely given a passing thought to seeing Ethan again. Really. Hardly at all.

Ethan hasn’t seen Rose on her infrequent visits home. He’s never forgiven himself for cancelling out on taking her to prom at the last minute. His life hasn’t panned out the way he expected, but he loves his town, and he’s hopeful she’ll love it enough to stick around for awhile, give Wildlife Ridge a second chance. And maybe give him a chance to make it up to her after all this time.

Free Book

This week's featured book.


Countdown To Love

By: Cristina Ryan

Dani has until New Year’s to polish Donnie’s dating skills in this clean, lighthearted romantic comedy.♥

Donnie’s been busy co-partnering a business for the past decade, but now that he has more time to invest in romance, he’s not sure how to start. Social graces are definitely not his strong suit. He’s grateful when his best friend Dani agrees to coach him.

Dani knows she can turn Donnie into a gentleman just in time for the New Year’s work party. This should be a cakewalk. But when her desire to help Donnie find the one turns into a desire for him, how can she continue to give him dating advice?

What will happen to their friendship when sparks fly between them in this countdown to a new year?

Free Book

This week's featured book.


A Match Made in Ireland

By: Michele Brouder

Have you ever wanted to press the escape button on your life? Ruth Davenport writes about romance and happily ever after. But not from experience. After a heartbreaking rejection, she decides a change of scenery is needed. On a whim, she thinks Ireland is the place to go to write her next book. But when she arrives, everything that can go wrong, does. In the middle of the night, she lands on the doorstep of an Irish pub in the middle of nowhere belonging to an enigmatic Irishman. Sean Hughes needs a woman under his roof like he needs a hole in the head. His policy is to steer clear of all women in general. Besides, he’s too busy running a pub and getting his dream business up off the ground. He has no time to be helping pretty tourists. But he needs some quick cash and she needs accommodation. A deal is struck that suits them both. As they spend more time together, they begin to see the other in a different light. Can they overcome their fears and take a chance on happiness? 

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This week's featured book.


The Perfect Spy: A Clean Romantic Suspense (An Untapped Source Book 1)

By: Amy Martinsen

She’s got the best undercover crew. But will a sinister secret undo them?

Kate Ross has lost way too much in the last six months. With her mother’s death from breast cancer, an agent she handled killed on the job, and her career in jeopardy, the beleaguered CIA officer’s faith in God seems like another casualty. So she’s relieved to be offered a shot at redemption by managing an innovative team of “mom spies”… until they saddle her with a more experienced man as a babysitter.

Battling self-doubt and a loss of confidence in her espionage skills, Kate directs a smoothly successful first mission for the unit. But just as she opens up to her kind and encouraging supervisor, she suspects he’s withholding key information when the subject of their next assignment is his ex-wife. And the only solution to her predicament may be prayers she has no expectation will be answered.

Can Kate find the guiding light to solve the case before her personal crisis threatens national security?

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This week's featured book.


Given to the Berserkers

By: Lee Savino

Captured to be a prize in the brutal Berserker Games…

My life changed forever when the Berserkers took me. These fearsome warriors must find women to keep their lethal rage at bay…and I am an ideal mate.

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This week's featured book.


Obsessed (Wild Mountain Scots, #1)

By: Jolie Vines

He’s the leader of the mountain rescue service. She might just need saving.


For too long, I’ve been alone. Just me and my daughter. Keeping her safe is everything, so taking a job in the remote Scottish Highlands suits us fine.

I shouldn’t need anything more.

Yet I’m beyond distracted by a lass.

Smart, beautiful, and living right next door, Cait McRae makes it clear she’s not interested.

Every sly glance tells another story.

It’s all I can do not to throw her over my shoulder and take her home.

Cait might claim she only wants to explore the physical, but I know she’s wrong.

She’s mine.

Except a stalker wants her too, and things are about to get deadly.

The Wild Mountain Scots series follows on from the Wild Scots series with more of your favourite McRaes. Meet the brooding, tough, protective men of the mountain rescue and the beautiful women who tame their hearts.

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This week's featured book.


A Dangerous Man

By: Raven Stone

I was supposed to kill him.

But that night, he sent me to a different kind of heaven. The screaming, shaking, full of pleasure kind. Twice.

Now he’s all I can think about. When I finally find him again, I’m determined to get under him, and get over him.

But John Degarr isn’t like my other men, with his large, sexy body. He’s also an incredibly efficient killer. The person scary people turn to when they’re scared.

And he’s a vampire.

This man is dangerous, but not for the reasons he scares everyone else.

When he touches me, when he holds me, I want things I’ve never wanted before. I say and do stupid, clingy things.

I want more of him.

But he wants the one thing I give no one.

Because that one thing can destroy me.

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This week's featured book.


Brutal Captor : An Enemies to Lovers Russian Mafia Romance (Ivankov Mafia Bratva, Series 1)

By: Amber Adams

WARNING: BRUTAL CAPTOR is a steamy enemies-to-lovers Mafia romance series that’s packed with action, adventure, and red hot romance that will have you HOOKED from the first page!

Prepare yourself for a sizzling BINGE READING late-into-the-night experience that will make you believe in love like never before!

April Cooker loves her life as an ER doctor but in a horrific twist of fate she suddenly finds herself whisked away to a heavily guarded mansion in order to care for a man she found bleeding to death in an alley.

Angry family members, an on site hospital room, and guards everywhere let April know that this is no ordinary situation.

She has walked into the world of Valentin Ivankov, Russian mafia don!

Forced to tend to his injuries, April starts to learn more about the man whose life she has just saved and can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever see her own life again outside the magnificent mansion that has become her prison.

Will this devastatingly handsome but dangerous man let her go or is she forever trapped in this world by her BRUTAL CAPTOR?

If you love Dark Hot Romance Books, do NOT miss out on Brutal Captor!

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This week's featured book.


Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After

By: Ellie Hall and more

Escape with 20 Sweet Romantic Comedies with all the feels!
✔ Flirty & swoony heartthrobs

✔ Funny & sassy heroines

✔ Off-the-charts chemistry & charm

✔ Sweet kisses & happily ever afters

This sweet romcom collection contains 20 original humorous novellas from best-selling authors that are heartwarming, feel-good, and laugh out loud funny.

Between the pages, you’ll find tropes such as enemies to lovers, second chance romance, high school sweethearts, opposites attract, friends to lovers, fake dating, and more.

Don’t miss this limited edition box set, featuring some of your favorite authors, that will leave you reeling with laughter:

  • Ellie Hall – An Unwanted Love Story
  • Summer Dowell – Her Plus One
  • Liwen Y. Ho – Head Over Stilettos
  • Meg Easton – Looking for Love (sort of)
  • Rachael Eliker – Lassoed into Love
  • Sophie-Leigh Robbins – Take a Hike
  • Rachel John – Worst Neighbor Ever
  • Jennifer Griffith – Elevator Pitch
  • Cami Checketts – The Sassy One
  • Sarah Gay – Once Upon a Midnight Swim
  • Jennifer Youngblood – Cold Feet
  • Kimberly Krey – Five Days With My (Super Hot) Ex
  • Ellen Jacobson – Smitten with Candy Canes
  • Cindy Roland Anderson – Breaking All the Rules
  • Taylor Hart – Secret Wedding Date 
  • Carina Taylor – Jude and the Matchmaking Llama
  • Gigi Blume – Baby You Can Drive My Car
  • Amy Sparling – Julie and the Fixer-Upper
  • Johanna Evelyn – I Think Maybe I Lied
  • Melanie Jacobson – The Backup Plan

On Sale

This week's featured book.


The Love of a Lord

By: Rebecca Paulinyi

When grieving hearts find each other, can love overcome secrets, vows and society’s expectations?

Compelled to uncover the secret surrounding her mother’s death, Annelise Edwards unexpectedly finds herself the guest of the handsome Lord Gifford.

Lord Nicholas Gifford has no interest in women after being jilted by his betrothed, but he cannot ignore his sense of duty when a mysterious woman appears on his doorstep during a terrible storm and falls ill.

As they wait for the storm and Annelise’s fever to pass, they are forced to share the grief that is weighing on both their hearts. And when Nicholas becomes more involved in Annelise’s efforts to piece together her mother’s past, it becomes increasingly difficult to deny their blooming attraction.

Will Nicholas give up the lonely life he has become accustomed to? And will it even matter once he finds out Annelise’s mother was nothing but their maid?

If you like your rags to riches romance mixed with Tudor drama, you’ll love this heart-warming first novel in the touching The Hearts of Tudor England series.

The Love of a Lord is book one in The Hearts of Tudor England series, and can be read as a standalone novel.

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This week's featured book.


Wingman: Alien Castaways 2

By: Cara Bristol

He has wings, but this alien is no angel…

Traumatized by the deaths of his family and the destruction of his planet, Wingman lands on Earth in search of a haven. When a chance decision foils a kidnapping, he’s drawn into the life of a young widow and her daughter. He’s shocked to discover the human woman is his genmate.

To escape a stalker, Delia and her imaginative, impressionable daughter flee to a small town where nobody can find them. She’s concerned, but not overly so, when her daughter says she invited an angel to her birthday party.

Then the winged alien shows up, and all heck breaks loose. After a rocky encounter, Delia sees Wingman for what he really is—a wounded hero, one of the most protective, sexiest men she’s ever met.

As passion deepens their bond, past dangers resurface. Will Wingman be able to confront his demons to make the sacrifice necessary to save them?

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This week's featured book.


Unforgettable Satisfaction

By: Mimi Barbour

Unbelievable Satisfaction – Secrets and Courage – features eight novels from highly acclaimed authors that are guaranteed to keep you reading all night.

Face danger and death with dedicated police officers, discover the truth with wrongfully convicted felons, tip the scales in an election, listen to the voices of the past to find necessary answers, locate the crying child through mysterious instincts, discover the power of love in the face of danger…and embrace the satisfaction of a job well done.

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This week's featured book.


Mated To The Shifters

By: Bookarama Publishing

I was looking for a man in my life.
I didn’t expect to meet two.
Two men can be double the fun…

But also double the trouble.

If you love steamy ménage romance and hot shifters, grab this Complete 3-book Mated to the Shifters collection.

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This week's featured book.


Saved by the Hitmen - A Ménage Romance

By: Roma James

When you threaten her, you deal with us—and no one who does that lives to tell the tale.


Hitmen. Assassins. Monsters.

Call us what you like, but what we do is clean up messes—human messes the world is better off without.

We’re a well-oiled machine, and we always get the job done. But it’s time to get out of the game. The plan: cash out on a couple more jobs and disappear. Hang up our weapons and live life easy.

And we’ve found the perfect girl to do it with.

Maribelle is our perfect match—she’s smart, driven, and hot as hell. Best of all, she wants both of us in her life.

But for men like us, there are no clean breaks, and the people after us are no small-time gangsters. They’re the real deal, and they’re out for our blood—and hers.

Before her, maybe the bastards could have taken us down. But now we have a reason to fight. To survive.

Because she’s our forever—and no one who threatens her is getting out alive.

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This week's featured book.


The Arcav King's Mate

By: Hope Hart

Give up my life as a cop to rule over aliens? No way.

I’m on the run. He’s hunting for his mate.

But I’ll never give up my freedom for a seven-foot, horned alien. Even if his heated looks make my toes curl… and his low voice gives me goosebumps.
Can I stay on the run forever? Or will Varian convince me to take my place… at his side?

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This week's featured book.


The Lady's Guide to Scandal

By: Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Celebrated adventurer Ethan Burnell is keen to return to the jungles of Mexico.
Settling down isn’t part of his plan.

But his sister has other ideas, throwing a Christmas houseparty filled with eager debutantes.
The answer?
A fake engagement for the duration of the festivities!

With her name mired in scandal, Cornelia Mortmain’s marriage prospects are nil.
Burnell is exactly the sort of ‘dangerous man’ she’s sworn off, and posing as his fiancée can only spell trouble.
Or, make her so notorious she’ll become irresistible.

Can they convince everyone they’re madly in love?
The game is on!

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This week's featured book.



By: Mia Frances

Alex is taking her sisters and their kids to her camp in the Adirondacks when the unthinkable happens: nuclear war. The radio warns them to seek immediate shelter. Greeted by guns and bullets when they try to find refuge, they are forced to hide in a cave to avoid the fallout. After two weeks in their dank hole, Alex discovers her sisters have gone back to the city to search for their husbands, leaving Alex to care for the children. It’s a 35-mile hike to her camp. A journey through hell! The hamlets and villages they pass through have been turned into killing fields. Society is devolving. Chaos reigns as looters, murderers, and rapists hold sway. Along the way, Alex rescues two children orphaned by the violence. Driven by starvation, she stumbles on a hidden cache of food only to discover it’s guarded by a man who’ll haunt her nightmares. Half guardian angel, half demon. Both barbarian and benefactor. A strange mixture of brutality and gentleness, cruelty and caring. A man named Wolf!

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This week's featured book.


Broken Hero

By: Jules Crisare

He’s a reluctant Alpha and she’s running for her life. But she’s his true mate and the perfect Alpha for his pack … if he can keep her alive.

Bray isn’t a good man, but he’s a good wolf. He has one goal—keep his pack of young dominant males from killing each other. The wolf inside has another goal in mind…

Find a mate.

When a female strong enough to handle his pack crosses his path, she’s perfect for him.There’s only one problem…

She’s not a wolf.

Vixen isn’t a good woman, but she’s a good assassin. The only thing she cares about is staying one step ahead of the team sent to retire her. When Bray saves her life, she falls under his protection, and the Alpha wolf wakes up more than the emotions she keeps safely locked away.

With her life in the balance, destiny and love confront the danger head on. Will Bray lose his mate or will his love be enough to save her life?