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Featured Book

This week's featured book.


Solstice Moon: A Time Travel Romance (Blue Moon Series Book 1)

By: Abby Rice

Who needs a man? After a bad break-up, I’ve thrown myself into my job as a docent at the historic Danforth Ranch — leading tours in a delightfully swishy Victorian costume, regaling tourists with true tales of Nevada in the 1880s. Everything’s fine, with the possible exception of my heart. Which I’ve stuffed firmly in a box marked “Do not open.”

Until — an ancient mirror, a special photo, and a bit of Solstice magic sweep me back in time. Instead of facing off with a tour group in the parlor of the historic mansion, I’m suddenly face-to-face with the real Josiah Danforth. A widower who thinks I’m there to apply for a job as his housekeeper.

With life in the 21st Century now in my past – his future – I’m forced to play a role I never trained for. Whipping up dinner on a wood-fueled cookstove? Check. Battling a homicidal rooster? Check. Laundry sans electricity? Let’s just say I’ll never take microwaves or hot showers for granted again. If I ever do find a way back to my own century.

The undeniable attraction brewing between me and Josiah has worked its own brand of sweet magic. Not to mention warm hugs from his motherless little girls. But I already know from history exactly how Josiah’s story will play out – after tragically losing his first wife, he’s destined to remain a bachelor forever. So what future could we possibly build together? Even if that impenetrable box around my heart is as long-gone as my last real manicure. I just need to figure out the magic of reversing the Solstice’s charm. And when I do, there’s no way I’m staying put in 1885.

Or is there? Josiah’s special brand of magic just might change my mind.

Sunday Solo

This week's sunday solo book.


Hot for the Holidays: Second Chances Collection

By: Lexxi James

From billionaires to ex-soldiers, mob enforcers to tech tycoons, these men will do anything for their second chance!

BOOK 1: SINS of the Syndicate
There’s just one price for my protection…and it’s her.

A billionaire hiding in plain sight.

BOOK 3: The Prequel to MARKED
Brother’s best friend. Enemies to lovers.
His one shot at a second chance.

Grumpy Billionaire seeking sunshine.
Every billionaire has a dark side.

Military Romance.
She never imagined saving this soldier would lead to her submission.

Free Book

This week's featured book.


Curvy Attraction

By: Christa Wick

Sure, I’ve harbored the biggest crush on the man for over a decade. But one road trip isn’t going to clue him in on that well-kept secret.

Or so I think.

When he pulls me close and revs the hard rumbling engine of his bike, I know then that something’s definitely different between us.

And the ride hasn’t even begun yet.

Free Book

This week's featured book.


Beauty is a Blade

By: Justin Bourne Boring

There is no force more compelling on Earth or in the parallel realms than forbidden love. It beguiles and inevitably self fulfills. It finds a way. Right or wrong, forbidden love can be a very beautiful thing, but that beauty is a blade, and it has a razor’s edge.

Impossibly, love blooms amidst a savage gender war that has raged for millions of years within a parallel realm. The Pentavi shapeshifters – an all female clan, and the Sinteverete sorcerers – an all male clan, were sworn enemies; divided and forced to fight by their insatiable and conspiratory Elders; they were forbidden to procreate, but made ageless by magic. The two genders were only vulnerable to death during battle, and battle was all they knew.

Layluna, a hardened Pentavi warrior, starts to suspect her Elders voracious appetite for war is a ruse. She and her mate, Maysiff are determined to uncover The Elders true designs, and end the never ending war that has plagued the clans since the dawn of time. Unbelievably, they are joined by Vasser, a true immortal Sinteverete sorcerer, and head of the undying Nevuscar. He too shares their suspicions surrounding The Elders, and the three of them embark on an epic mission of bloody satisfaction.

Forbidden love writes itself into the story, and proffers a child of incredible power. She may be the only way to end the war, unite the clans, and eliminate The Elders, but she would have to survive first.

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This week's featured book.


Veiled Destiny

By: Gia Cobie

Five years ago, Ivy was abducted and changed into a vampire against her will.

Traumatized by the experience, she has spent the days since trying to hide who she is. Resigned to a solitary existence, Ivy is blindsided when a chance encounter with a would-be hero drags her back into the world she’d forsaken.

When Ethan risked his life to save a stranger, he never imagined that he’d find a connection in the unlikeliest of circumstances. From the moment he looked in Ivy’s eyes, it was clear she had secrets. But Ethan isn’t easily deterred, as he dedicates himself to proving to Ivy that he can be trusted.

Haunted by her tragic past, Ivy fears she’s a danger to Ethan, but her growing feelings for him make it hard to walk away. As their connection grows deeper, outside forces seem to conspire to pull them apart.

Faced with an unavoidable truth, the two must fight even harder to stay together despite ever-increasing odds. And when they least expect it, Ivy and Ethan must face a sinister conspiracy that threatens to tear them apart forever.

Together, can Ethan and Ivy withstand the forces working against them and find their destiny together?

Veiled Destiny is an urban paranormal vampire romance, the first in the Tenebris Desire series. It has fated lovers, a sensitive yet strong alpha hero, a wounded heroine determined to survive, vampires, magic, some *steamy* scenes and violence, and a HEA with no cliffhangers! This can be read as a standalone, though it will be better appreciated along with the rest of the upcoming series.

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This week's featured book.


Whatever You Want

By: S Jones

I had the perfect life until tragedy struck, turning my world upside down.

Now I’m focused on picking up the pieces and starting over.

Easier said than done, right?

The last thing I needed was the lingering stare from the sexy-as-sin homicide detective. And those soft touches, making me feel things I wasn’t ready for.

I tried to keep things casual, but lines started to blur, and instead of pushing him away, I found myself pulling him closer.

I wanted to pretend that his kisses weren’t bringing me back to life. I tried to hide the smile that would break out whenever he entered a room.

I convinced myself that nothing was happening because he was the type of man a woman like me tried to avoid…. sexy, charming, and way too confident for his own good.

Losing my first love almost destroyed me. I wouldn’t survive it a second time.

So, when the unexpected happened, and our relationship was put to the test, I found my newly built life hanging in the balance.

And it might just turn out to be more complicated than I can handle.

Perhaps I should have listened to that little voice in my head after all.

He told me I could have whatever I want, but why does the one I want have to be the one I can’t have?

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This week's featured book.


Hot Doctor & Fake Fiancée

By: Lauren Wood

I always try to be a good person. I don’t break rules, I never take risks. I don’t lie, steal, or cheat.
Until I find myself in a supply closet at Bardot Hospital of Beverly Hills with him.
Dr. Brett Adler – a prestigious up-and-coming oncologist with deep blue eyes and perfect plump kissable lips.

I accidentally steal his heart, and the next thing I know we’re making out in this closet.
I cheat on the guy I’m casually dating right now.
But the lie? The lie is all Brett’s doing.

When his boss walks in and catches us, he says the only thing that can possibly make this not look as bad and sleazy as it is. He introduces me as his fiancée.

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This week's featured book.


Last Resort

By: Diane Michaels

Emma Piccolo has forty-five-million dollars burning a hole in her handbag. And just as many reasons to flee New York City.

She had everything:

A billionaire husband

Respect in the art world

And impeccable style.

Now the only exhibit she can curate is in a Staten Island sports bar. Plus, while wearing an outfit even a dumpster would reject, she bumps into the one person she hoped she’d never meet: the woman who ruined her marriage.

Humiliated and single, Emma escapes to the Catskills, ready for an epic round of retail therapy. The scenery is gorgeous. Especially Matthias Lindberg, the manager of the town’s tattered resort. But the welcome he shows Emma is icier than winter in the mountains.

When she invests in the resort, the battle for the small town’s soul heats up, as do her feelings for Matthias. But it will take more than money to curate a town. Will the price may be too steep Emma?

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This week's featured book.


Of Course It's You

By: Ali Parker

My boss’s daughter is off limits. For now.

Wanting her wasn’t in the cards.

Tell that to the need pumping through my veins.

When we’re thrown together at work, resisting temptation goes out the window.

So does my shot at the job I’ve had my eye on for years.

Her father chooses her to take the role instead of me.

Talk about unqualified.

She’s everything I want in bed and everything I don’t want at the office.

And she gets to call all the shots.

I’m honestly not sure how much I can put up with. Especially because I don’t have to.

But she needs me. The coworker in me wants to smirk wickedly, but the man in me rushes in to help.

How can I not?

She should have been off limits.

And I always want what I can’t have.

I never expected it to be her.

But of course it is. It’s always been.