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Featured Book

This week's featured book.



By: Holly J. Martin

He was the only person she trusted. Now, she can’t even trust herself.


After escaping from an abusive halfway house, Jack Elsie Johnson forges her own path forward as a successful model, determined to forget about the town of Harmony, Maine, her family—and the pain of knowing their betrayal almost cost her her life.

Jared Ross, her first love, isn’t so easy to forget, even though he’s the reason she ended up in the halfway house in the first place.  When she meets Jared again, Jack knows it would be safer if she stayed away.  She’s a lifetime away from that wild teenager he kissed one forbidden summer.  How can Jack learn to trust him again when she doesn’t even trust her own mind?


He knows they screwed up. Jared Ross has lived with that reality ever since Jack’s father sent her to a glorified juvenile detention center.  When Jack ran away, Jared and her brothers never stopped looking for her.

Now Jack has reappeared, a thriving international model with a new makeshift family.  But something is deeply wrong with her, something that even a great career and caring friends can’t cover up.  If Jared wants to earn her love, He’s going to have to confront Jack’s dark secrets, no matter how costly—or deadly—the price.

Sunday Solo

This week's sunday solo book.


Taken to Voraxia: A SciFi Alien Romance (Xiveri Mates Book 1)

By: Elizabeth Stephens

He’s come again and this time, he’s coming for me.

Blue skin. Seven feet. Strapped with corded muscle. The aliens have come to the human colony again and this time Raku, their king, is with them. His eyes are molten onyx and they watch Miari now with hunger.

She’s just an engineer, a mechanic, and a hybrid. She’s got no interest in being taken when he comes to claim her, but he seems to think she’s his Xiveri Mate, the being the universe fated for him.

So Miari runs. Raku chases. And when he catches up to her, slaughtering in her defense won’t be anywhere near as difficult as convincing her of the truth —

She’s his Xiveri mate, Voraxia’s queen and his to worship.

Free Book

This week's featured book.


Desires of Lady Theo

By: Rachel Ann Smith

One scandal. Two broken hearts. A decade apart.

Lady Elise knows all too well the risks of falling in love. Her heart, shattered by a rake ten years ago. Instead of hunting for a husband, she helps other ladies escape the nefarious plans of unscrupulous gentlemen.

After a scandal costs Lord Thornston Elise’s hand and heart, he has lived on the fringes of the beau monde. But when his best friend, the Duke of Fairmont, requests his assistance, Thornston is torn. Helping Fairmont means facing the woman who holds his heart and soul.

Succumbing to temptation, Thornston re-enters Society to find Elise still unwed. But as he seeks to reignite her desire for him and earn back her trust, he becomes entwined in one of her investigations. When events take a dangerous turn, he might lose the woman he loves before he can win her back.  

On Sale

This week's featured book.


Life of Debauchery Duet Bundle

By: M. Robinson

From Wall Street Journal & USA Bestselling Author M. Robinson, a rock star contemporary romance duet bundle filled with angst and all the feels.

On Sale

This week's featured book.



By: Sarah J. Brooks

My number one rule? I never do One-Night-Stands.
But it seems like there’s a first time for everything.
I just couldn’t resist when this irresistible hot guy saved me from some idiot in the club.
I was sure it’d be just one night of fun and then we’d never see each other again.
Little did I know.

On Sale

This week's featured book.


His Best Friend's Sister

By: Natasha L. Black

My crappy year just got better.
How much better?
About six feet is my guess.

On Sale

This week's featured book.


Red Zone: Gay First Time Football Romance

By: Van Cole

Cole Was A Football Player That I Wanted To Be More Than Just Friends With

The name’s Sage Wilson.
You might have heard of my father, David Wilson, the political king of this city.
I had everything anyone could want, including a beautiful girlfriend.
But I’m gay, and what a scandal it would have been for me to out myself.

So I left home to escape the pressure, but there were some things I couldn’t escape, and I thought I was going to go mad.
Cole changed all of that.
At first we were friends, but quickly turned to lovers in my first gay romance.

There was so much for me to learn about myself, about him, about, well, everything.
How could we possibly keep our love a secret when it burned so fiercely?