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Featured Book

This week's featured book.


The Winning Score

By: G.K. Brady

She can’t stand him. The feeling is mutual. Can they make it through quarantine together?

Quinn Hadley only does one thing as well as he plays hockey—charming the ladies. He has a certain type—hot, blond, and easy. So when he meets fiery, brunette Sarah Nelson, bagging her is nowhere on his radar. Plus, she’s his teammate’s sister and totally off-limits.


But his disabled mother loves Sarah and wants her as a caregiver. With COVID-19 putting everyone on lockdown, Quinn offers Sarah the position, despite the warning bells clanging in his head.


Sarah is fleeing a devastating breakup and needs a job pronto. So when Quinn offers her a temporary job making stupid money, she accepts—despite the fact she has to live under the same roof with a guy who turns her stomach.


When Mr. Smooth and Ms. Prickly shelter in place together, not even his mansion is big enough to contain the fireworks. These two are sparks colliding with gas: combustible and explosive.


Someone’s bound to get burned.

Sunday Solo

This week's sunday solo book.


The Duke Wins a Bride

By: Nina Jarrett

Her betrothed cheated on her. The duke offers to save her. Can a marriage of convenience turn into true love?
In this steamy historical romance, a sheltered baron’s daughter and a celebrated duke agree on a marriage of convenience, but he has a secret that may ruin it all.

She is desperate to escape …

When Miss Annabel Ridley learns her betrothed has been unfaithful, she knows she must cancel the wedding. The problem is no one else seems to agree with her, least of all her father. With her wedding day approaching, she must find a way to escape her doomed marriage. She seeks out the Duke of Halmesbury to request he intercede with her rakish betrothed to break it off before the wedding day.

He is ready to try again …

Widower Philip Markham has decided it is time to search for a new wife. He hopes to find a bold bride to avoid the mistakes of his past. Fate seems to be favoring him when he finds a captivating young woman in his study begging for his help to disengage from a despised figure from his past. He astonishes her with a proposal of his own—a marriage of convenience to suit them both. If she accepts, he resolves to never reveal the truth of his past lest it ruin their chances of possibly finding love.

The Duke Wins a Bride is the delightful first book in the Inconvenient Brides series of steamy Regency romance books. If you like worthy heroes, strong heroines, fast-paced plots, and enduring connections, then you’ll adore Nina Jarrett’s charming novel. Can be read as a standalone book.

Free Book

This week's featured book.


His Curvy Friend

By: Mary E Thompson

Signing up for online dating was a favor to a friend. Blake never thought it would lead her to a man she connected with, someone she trusted with her secrets. Or that he was really her best friend’s brother, and the man she was falling for in real life.

On Sale

This week's featured book.


Ruthless Daddy: A Billionaire and a Nanny Romance

By: Claire Angel

When she is around, his words do not match his attitude. She seems to have all the power to tame this ruthless daddy. But he is extremely powerful, and she needs this job no matter what it takes. Once she starts the job, she can’t leave without his permission.

I am her boss… But every time I try to use my authority and power, she just shocks me, and I am left with no choice but to keep my mouth shut.
She keeps forgetting again and again that this is my house, and I am the one who gives the orders here.
But she has no idea she is playing with fire…
I am a member of the dirtiest club in the country where she can’t even think to enter.
I make women lose all control and follow my commands.
And if she keeps challenging me, she could be my next prey.

I don’t like her the second I lay eyes on her; she’s a pushover, but when she proves she has claws, I decide to give her a try.
First impressions are powerful, but when I meet her, I’m not impressed.
She looks small, meek, not strong enough to handle my daughter’s attitude… or me.
But she proves she’s not about to put up with me, and I change my mind.

I may have taken on more than I bargained for, because once she has her claws in me, she proves she won’t let go.
What’s worse… I am not sure that I want her to.
She has the power to ignite all the dirty desires in me, desires which now no other woman can fulfill.
Because I don’t know if I can give her up, I’m ready to play my games to make her stay.

I know her dirty little secret.
I know her past.
I know the truth.
Most importantly, the fact that she keeps on challenging me, she deserves all the punishments I have in mind.
And I am going to make sure she never forgets me…

On Sale

This week's featured book.


The Marriage Pact

By: Jacob Parker

He’s the one that got away.

Now that I’m back in town, the jerk wants to offer me a job.

This isn’t good for either of us. He feels like he’s got to make up for what happened when we were kids.

And I have to restrain my hormones from doing the tango in front of him.

Never a good working relationship. Or is it?

See, here’s the deal. We made a pact when we were kids.

If by some crazy reason we weren’t married by the time we were thirty, we’d marry each other.

Well, time’s up. And the pact was never broken.

Now what? Do I forgive the guy that ripped my heart out as a lovesick teenage girl?

He wants a second chance, and honestly, no one is rooting harder for him than me.

In our small town, this handsome, rich boy and I couldn’t have been more different, but they say opposites attract.

Either way, our Marriage Pact is an interesting thought.

Feels more like forever than a simple agreement, and with this boy?

Forever is exactly what I’ve wished for.

On Sale

This week's featured book.


Veiled Devotion

By: Gia Cobie

Held captive for months by a dangerous vampire, Grace has nearly given up hoping for freedom. Until Roman, a vampire with the unique ability to see emotion in others, senses her fear and comes to rescue her. Despite her fear of vampires, Grace can’t ignore their connection. But the danger still isn’t over. When her captor comes for her once again, Roman will do anything to keep Grace safe. Will their love be enough, or will Roman end up losing Grace forever?