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Multi-Genre ARC Program

Use our ARC Program to connect your book to reviewers interested in reading it!

The HG ARC Program has a growing list of thousands of reviewers anxious to read your book for free in exchange for an honest review. Choose how many readers you want your book to be delivered to and know that it will be matched to readers interested in reading your particular type of novel.

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Romance Newsletter

Advertise your novel in our newsletter to thousands of romance hungry readers!

Increase your sales by advertising directly into the inbox of our growing list of thousands of romance hungry subscribers. Novel/novella-length romance of all genres are welcome, and the service is open to quality/well-reviewed books that are either FREE or priced at $0.99 cents at the time of promotion.

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What Authors are Saying About Hidden Gems

I was so happy with the result! You were very communicative with me beforehand, helped me make sure my files were right and stayed on top of your reviewers. You get my full-hearted recommendation as well as my business for the next book!

Emma Cyrus

Life Without Shoes

I was tired of paying for services that did not deliver, therefore I was skeptical at first. But a few days after my book went out to readers the reviews flowed in. From my experience, this is probably the only review company worth using. I only wish I’d known of them earlier, I would have saved some of my precious cash.

J.J. Sorel

Entrance (Thornhill Trilogy)

These wrap-ups and the reviews themselves have been so helpful in getting each subsequent book more and more to-market (while defining my voice in that market), and the sheer volume of reviews have helped me stand out a lot for a new author – all things I know I couldn’t have done in just 2 months without HG. This service has been the best use of marketing funds, hands down!

Piper Lennox

The Road To You