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Multi-Genre ARC Program

Use our ARC Program to connect your book to reviewers interested in reading it!

The HG ARC Program has a growing list of thousands of reviewers anxious to read your book for free in exchange for an honest review. Choose how many readers you want your book to be delivered to and know that it will be matched to readers interested in reading your particular type of novel.

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Romance Newsletter

Advertise your novel in our newsletter to thousands of romance hungry readers!

Increase your sales by advertising directly into the inbox of our growing list of over 6500 romance hungry subscribers. Novel/novella-length romance of all genres are welcome, and the service is open to quality/well-reviewed books that are either FREE or priced at $0.99 cents at the time of promotion.

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What Authors are Saying About Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems ARC service is the best promotion you can get short of a Bookbub. They’re expensive but they’re worth it. A must-have for any serious novel launch.

Krista Lakes

NYT and USA Today Bestseller

Thanks so much for this great service. I’m thrilled with all the reviews that came in – 89 of 100 in less than two weeks! And good ones, too – meaning that many of the reviewers took time to consider what made my book stand out, even when they were critical. I’m very impressed with this service and definitely plan to use it again in the future.

Rebecca Hunter

One More Night

I have just participated in the Hidden Gems ARC program for my action novel Kneel to the Fallen.  I was concerned that this genre would struggle to receive a worthwhile number of reviews but how mistaken I was.  Not only did I receive a good number of reviews but the reviewers were extremely supportive and honest in the performing of their task.  I would highly recommend to any author serious about gaining more reviews to consider Hidden Gems ARC program and I will be definitely using this great service to lift the profile of my other three novels.

David Ross Wood

Kneel to the Fallen