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What Authors are Saying About Hidden Gems

I have just participated in the Hidden Gems ARC program for my action novel Kneel to the Fallen.  I was concerned that this genre would struggle to receive a worthwhile number of reviews but how mistaken I was.  Not only did I receive a good number of reviews but the reviewers were extremely supportive and honest in the performing of their task.  I would highly recommend to any author serious about gaining more reviews to consider Hidden Gems ARC program and I will be definitely using this great service to lift the profile of my other three novels.

David Ross Wood

Kneel to the Fallen

Thanks so much! I have been so impressed with this service. I’ve tried a lot of different review programs, and this one outperformed the others by leaps and bounds. I will definitely be using Hidden Gems for all my new releases!

Ellery A. Kane

If you don’t have an ARC team of your own, HG is the way to go, no question about it. Easy peasy to do, and a real value for your money.

Erin Wright