Author Services

This is a way to get your books in front of potential readers!

Romance Newsletter

Each week, Hidden Gems publishes a list of recommended romance books to a hungry audience of thousands of subscribers. If you’re a romance author, you can reach these readers directly with a newsletter feature promotion as long as your book is 99 cents or free at the time of promotion.



Get honest feedback from professional readers before publishing your book!

Beta Reader Program

With our brand-new Beta Reader service, you can connect with passionate and dedicated fans of your genre to help hone your craft and perfect your book. Get feedback to the questions and concerns you have so that you can act on them before you hit publish!



Get honest reviews from real readers the moment your book goes live!

ARC Program

Books with reviews sell better than those without, so by connecting with our thousands of eager ARC subscribers, you can get honest reviews from legitimate readers across a wide variety of genres. You provide your eBook files and book details and let us handle everything else. Our industry leading review rate means once your book goes out, it won’t be long before real and honest reviews start to show up on Amazon!



Get personalized, expert guidance on becoming successful!

1-on-1 Consulting

Sometimes reading an article or getting a quick email answer isn’t enough, and you need more substantial and personalized help with your book, marketing plan or overall career direction. For those times, the self-publishing experts at Hidden Gems are here to help. Schedule an hour long (or more) voice call on whatever it is you want to talk about, and get valuable and actionable advice that will help get you back on track.


Our professional blurb writers can either write a new blurb for you from scratch, or analyze one of your existing blurbs and tell you how to improve.

Blurb Writing/Analysis

Blurbs sell books, but many authors find them a challenge because they’re more about marketing than creativity. If you’re having trouble hooking readers, our blurb experts can help by either writing a brand new blurb from scratch, or by providing you with an in-depth analysis of one of your existing blurbs so that you can learn how to improve them for yourself in the future.


Let our cover designers take the guesswork out of creating an impactful book cover that readers just can't help but click.

Cover Design

A book cover that doesn’t look professional or fails to connect with the intended audience is one of the most common reasons that a novel underperforms. Not only should a good cover blend in well with its peers, it should also stand out from the crowd so that it gets noticed. Sound like an impossible task? It’s what our cover designers excel at, so give your book the best chance of success by hiring a Hidden Gems designer today.


Our editors can correct errors in grammar, structure, and pacing to give your manuscript a professional polish.


Successful self-publishers meet or exceed the editing standards of traditional publishers, and their book sales reflect that. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a book riddled with typos, poor grammar or plot inconsistencies. It’s impossible to edit your own book, which is why even editors that also write hire editors for their own books. Make sure your final product is proofed and polished to the highest standard by hiring a Hidden Gems editor today.



Professional looking adverts that deliver results for your campaigns.

Ad Design

Good ad design is a combination of both design skill and advertising expertise, which is something our ad design experts excel at. So whether you’re looking for a regular ad image for your book, or need any other type of marketing imagery or copy, contact us for help. We’ll discuss your needs and come up with something that is sure to capture the attention of anyone scrolling past.


Maximize discoverability with optimized keywords.

Keyword Organizer

When creating your book on Amazon, you’re given seven keyword boxes to use to help customers find your book whenever they’re doing a search. But these boxes can hold up to 50 characters each, meaning they can be filled with multiple keywords or phrases. Our free keyword organizer helps optimize the space available, allowing you to fill the boxes and maximize your book’s chance at being discovered.



A FREE tool to format your blurb for Amazon.

Blurb Previewer

Most authors find using Amazon’s blurb box frustrating due to its lack of an easy to use formatting UI and inability to show a preview of the finished product. Our free blurb tool uses a simple WYSIWYG editor that allows you to design your blurb properly, export the result into Amazon’s HTML (which can be pasted directly into KDP), and even preview where Amazon will place the Read More link!