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Author Spotlight Interview: J.D. Gordon

Today’s interview is with author J.D. Gordon (who writes under JDG). JDG blends science fiction and humor to fabulous results, and it was a pleasure getting to know more about his writing and interests. We hope you consider checking out his work! HG: How would you describe yourself to somebody who isn’t familiar with your writing yet? JDG: My goal in writing is always to say only things that need to be said, and to do it without pulling punches. Typically each of my stories has one element of the impossible in the premise, but otherwise stays grounded in reality. I also have a strong humorous streak, so don’t be surprised if I make you laugh in the process. HG: Tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind your stories or where you get your ideas.  JDG: My inspiration for Surviving the Bomb was the 2017 North Korea nuclear… Read More >

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