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It seems that now more than ever, science fiction has taken center stage in mainstream entertainment. So if sci-fi novels full of wonder are up your alley, and you’re in search of your next futuristic adventure, take a peek at these titles our Hidden Gems ARC readers loved recently. Taken: Arcadia Book Two by Mary Brock Jones With an astounding 4.9 average star rating on Amazon, Taken is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered! It is the second book in a three book series, and reviewers note that you do not need to read the first book in order for it to make sense, but you most likely will find yourself scrambling to read its prequel, Torn, after devouring this sci-fi novel. Rann provides a rave five star Amazon review, as well as an excellent summary, “Taken is not merely a great sci-fi adventure. It combines a futuristic… Read More >

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