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Amazon Blurb Previewer

Use the tool below to customize your blurb. Unlike similar tools offered elsewhere, we offer a more current list of Amazon-supported HTML tags. In addition, the preview panel will display your blurb as it appears on Amazon, so you can be sure that your most attention-getting copy is above the "Read More" link! When you're finished, you can easily copy your blurb's HTML code with the touch of a button and paste it directly into your book's "Description" field on your KDP Bookshelf.

We wrote a blog post with more information about the tool and suggestions for use. Check it out!

Enter Your Blurb Here

  • Use our WYSIWYG editor below to craft the perfect blurb, and/or directly edit the Amazon HTML using the "Edit HTML" button (any non-Amazon acceptable HTML will be automatically removed).
  • You can preview your blurb in the preview panel below the blurb editor. Desktop Preview will show the "Read More" link cut off and can be expanded or collapsed to show or hide everything.
  • When you're finished, simply press the "Copy HTML" button to copy your finished blurb HTML and then paste it into your book's "Description" field on your KDP Bookshelf!
  • Please note: This tool was intended for use with the "Description" field on the Amazon KDP Bookshelf. It will not work properly with the book description editor found in Author Central.
  • Now that you've finished your blurb, do you need ARCs? What about manuscript editing or help with cover design? Hidden Gems can help there, too!

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Preview Your Blurb Here

Press "Desktop Preview" or "Mobile Preview" to see how your blurb will display on Amazon.

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Enter your HTML into the box below. Press "Add" when finished.
Characters (including HTML): 0/4000

Please note: since Amazon changes things frequently, we can't guarantee that currently supported HTML code will continue to work or that the preview you see here will always match exactly. If you have any issues, please contact us so we can correct the tool. Thank you!

Disclaimer: by using the Amazon Blurb Tool, you agree to hold Hidden Gems Books, its subsidiaries, and its agents harmless from all liabilities, losses, costs, damages, claims, or expenses incurred due to use of the tool, or by any content generated. Please check your input and our output before using in the Amazon KDP Dashboard.