ARC Program

Reach ARC Reviewers With Hidden Gems

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At Hidden Gems, our ARC list has thousands of voracious reader/reviewers interested in all book genres. Check our FAQ to learn how the program works!

The Hidden Gems ARC program sends your novel to our list of reviewers, doing our best to match your type/genre of book with readers that are most likely to enjoy it. We constantly do our best to clean our list, removing readers that typically ask for books but do not leave reviews and as such, we have an industry leading review rate of over 80%. This means that if we send your book out to 100 reviewers, on average you may end up with more than 80 reviews!

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Please note: Hidden Gems makes no guarantees about the number or quality of reviews you will receive, and offers no refunds based on those numbers. It is expected that some reviewers will not be able to leave reviews (or will choose not to) for all books, and not all books are enjoyed by all readers. Most of those factors are determined by the quality of book over anything else, so do your best to provide us with the best book possible!