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Blurb Writing

While your cover is the first thing to catch a reader’s eye and entice them to click through to your book page, it’s your blurb that will convert that curiosity into a sale. Many of the best authors in the world don’t write their own blurbs, because effective blurb writing is a special skill that is more marketing than creativity. You need to capture your reader’s attention immediately, whet their appetite and entice them to buy your book to find out what happens next.

Our professional blurb writers can write a new blurb for you from scratch, details below!


Blurb Expert (Blurb Writing)

Ginger, Hidden Gems Books blurb writing expert.

The same background that has made Ginger our ad expert and editor also make him a killer blurb writer. Currently a successful romance author, but with an extensive background in New York and London advertising and marketing agenies, Ginger knows how to put together a blurb that can not only capture a reader's interest immediately, but also entice them to click the buy now button.

"I was completely blown away by the amount of time and thoughtful analysis that Ginger put into my blurb rewrite and Amazon ads. I received what I feel is a huge improvement over the blurb that I had, along with a wealth of invaluable insights into my book, genre, and sub-genre. Ginger delivered far more value than I was anticipating, and more quickly than I expected. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to utilize his services. It’s always a pleasure doing business with someone so adept and efficient, and I can’t wait to hire him to assist with my broader marketing needs." - Chris Muhlenfeld, The Obsolescence Trilogy

Blurb Writing

Even for authors that do have the marketing skills necessary to write an effective blurb, it’s often better to let someone less invested in your story write it instead. This will ensure that your description isn’t focusing on points that, while important to the overall story, aren’t as important in terms of the overall goal of selling more copies.

Base Price: $175

  • Start date based on author’s needs and blurb writer availability
  • Questionnaire will be provided to the author prior to start date and must be completed and returned to blurb writer before work can begin
  • If necessary, the blurb writer will provide one revision/rewrite of the blurb (additional revisions will be negotiated between author and blurb writer depending on the changes being requested—remember that the purpose of the blurb is to drive readers to purchase your book and that is what the blurb writer excels at, so it is best to let them do their thing!)
  • An HTML version of the blurb will also be delivered, which can be pasted into Amazon's blurb field - this blurb will be optimized for display using available formatting tags
  • 3 short ad taglines that can be used with Amazon Advertising
  • Delivery usually within 10 business days of start date, but will be agreed upon by author and blurb writer prior to start date

Optional Addons

Rush Delivery: TBD

  • Rush deliveries may be possible based on whether the blurb writer has the time - price to be negotiated between author and blurb writer prior to start date.

For any of the services ordered, a 50% deposit is due once the details of your order are finalized, with the balance due on delivery. All payments are in USD and through Paypal. Please fill out the form below to place your order and we will get back to you shortly for more info/scheduling

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