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Fully Booked

The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Episode 100 – Celebrating 100 Episodes – what we’ve learned and how things have changed.

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme

It’s been 100 episodes, or almost 2 years since we began this podcast journey and many things have changed. Not only have Roland and I learned a lot, but with the rise of artificial intelligence and everything it threatens to upend, the self-publishing industry is facing some of the biggest changes since it first started.

Today, we’re looking back at why we started this podcast to begin with, and whether or not we’ve met the goals we had for it. We also discuss some of the episodes and guests that have really taught us something and changed the way we work and think about our craft. And then we wrap things up by examining where things are headed in the industry – both now and going forward; especially with AI now touching almost every aspect of the publishing process.

So come have a listen, and join us in celebrating episode 100 of the Fully Booked Podcast!

Hidden Gems
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