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The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Episode 94 – The Accidental Success of a Self-Published Author

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme with special guest Sarah Firisen

In the realm of self-publishing, where there’s no universal path to success, authors often forge their own routes. The effectiveness of various methods or strategies vary, and authors often choose how to move forward based on their personal interests and skillsets, but it’s not always obvious what would work best without a frame of reference. That’s why we find it invaluable to occasionally delve into the personal stories of authors, exploring their choices and motivations as a means of drawing parallels that can be applied to our own circumstances.

Today, we sit down with author Sarah Firisen, a self-described “accidental success” in the literary world. Writing historical mysteries under the pseudonym “Sarah F. Noel,” Sarah released her debut book in early 2023 and has already added another two novels to the series, with a fourth on pre-order. Her books have been racking up reviews and shifting copies with very little marketing behind them, which begs the question: Was Sarah’s success truly accidental, or did she navigate her unique journey with intuitive brilliance? Join us as we uncover the enigma of Sarah Firisen’s unconventional ascent in the world of self-publishing.

Sarah Firisen (writing as Sarah F. Noel)

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