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Episode 25 – Do You Need a Book Coach?

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme with special guest Amy Bernstein

Most authors are aware of the need to hire a good editor to work on their book once it’s finished, or to recruit Beta Readers to look over an early draft. However, sometimes it’s better to get help even sooner than that. A book coach works with an author early in the writing process, sometimes even before they’ve put down their very first words. With many tools at their disposal, coaches can help guide authors towards success in a variety of ways, such as serving as a sounding board for ideas, working as an accountability partner, or even helping to design a blueprint or outline for your book.

As a certified non-fiction book coach, author Amy Bernstein takes a holistic approach to helping authors improve their books and realize more success. In today’s episode, Amy stops by Fully Booked to chat with us about everything a book coach can do for authors, the differences between fiction and non-fiction book coaching, and how to determine whether or not a book coach is right for you.

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Amy Bernstein’s Book Coaching Website

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