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The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Episode 36 – Are Independent Publishers a Good Alternative to Self-Publishing?

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme with special guest Daemon Manx

There’s more to self-publishing than just writing. As a self-published author, writers are often forced to take on multiple different roles involved in marketing and selling the books they’ve written – and not every author is able or interested in that side of the industry.

For many writers, the idea of having somebody else take on the responsibility of publishing and marketing your book is really appealing, which is why the option of finding an independent publisher seems like a great option. Independent publishers straddle the gap between self and traditional publishing, offering more opportunities for new authors to see their books in print.

However, finding and being accepted by a reputable independent publisher comes with its own set of challenges. Given that anyone can call themselves an independent publisher means there are many stories of predatory companies seeking out naïve authors and taking advantage of them.

Author Daemon Manx fell victim to one of these disreputable companies when he started his journey as a writer – but instead of letting the bad experience disillusion him, he decided to start his own independent publishing company in order to do things the right way. Today, Daemon is here to not only tell us about his writing and publishing journey, but also to give us advice on what independent publishers can and can’t do for authors – and how to make sure you’re selecting one that isn’t going to just rip you off.

Daemon Manx

Last Waltz Publishing

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