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Episode 60 – The Backlist Advantage: How to Make Money from Older Books

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme with special guest Golden Angel

Authors tend to focus most of their marketing efforts on their newest releases, but just because a book is on your backlist doesn’t mean it’s lost any value. It may be older, but it’s still brand new to millions of potential readers that have yet to discover it, and so it should be put to work for you just as hard as your latest novel.

That’s exactly what USA Today bestselling author Golden Angel joins Fully Booked to discuss in today’s episode. Golden Angel has been effectively promoting her older titles for years, and she’s full of all sorts of tips and advice on how to keep your own backlist fresh and make sure those books continue to generate sales and find new fans.

From leveraging social media, tracking readthrough, rebranding and even book clubs, there are plenty of ideas here that can be used on older books that cost little or no money. So it’s time to stop ignoring the words you wrote in the past, and optimize your marketing to monetize your entire catalog.

Golden Angel

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