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Fully Booked

The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Episode 48 – One Author’s Path to Self-Publishing Success

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme with special guest Rosalind Tate

Traditional publishers were once the gatekeepers – deciding exclusively which stories were worthy of publishing, and often only because they fit the mold of what they “thought” would sell. The beauty of self-publishing is that it transferred that power back where it belonged – to the readers themselves,  who now had a chance to decide for themselves what they wanted to read. By allowing anyone to publish their stories, the marketplace gained a diversity of voices and flourished as previously unserved markets were finally offered content that interested them.

Just as the types of books that may interest people are varied, so are the paths to finding your audience and attaining success as an independent author. That’s why we like to talk to different authors at various levels of success and points in their careers to hear how they did it. What are the steps they took? What are the lessons they learned along the way? What can we learn from them?

Today, fantasy author Rosalind Tate sits down to tell us her story. With 3 books under her belt, she admits to making some mistakes on her journey to self-publishing success, but also learned that the key to success is the time she took to figure out where she went wrong and come up with a plan to correct those mistakes. What worked for Rosalind may or may not work for everyone, but by learning about the variety of routes that others have followed toward their goals, more authors might find the confidence to try new things and discover their own paths to success.

Rosalind Tate

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