Fully Booked

The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Episode 115 – Steering Clear of Predatory Publishing Traps

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme with special guest Walter Broach

In this week’s episode of Fully Booked, we delve into the murky waters of the publishing industry with a special focus on predatory publishing practices. Our conversation with Walter Broach, a spiritual and metaphysical author with a wealth of experience and insights, sheds light on a variety of traps that both emerging and established authors should be wary of. In attempt to help others avoid his mistakes, Walter shares his personal journey of navigating his way through a variety of questionable paid services that promised much more than they delivered.

Walter’s candid recounting serves as a cautionary tale, but also moves on to discuss the more viable self-publishing alternatives available to authors. It is an important reminder about how much misleading information is out there, and how not all authors are aware that they can do almost everything needed to publish their book completely for free. It’s simply a matter of doing your due diligence and spending time in the writing community where many of the answers are freely available, with your peers often happy to help point you in the right direction.

Walter Broach

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