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Episode 21 – Unlocking In-house Promotions When You’re Publishing Wide

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme

Erin Wright is back to continue our previous discussion about the various ways of marketing your books when you publish on storefronts beyond just Amazon. Many of the online bookstores have their own in-house promotions that can be taken advantage of, and some of them can provide a big boost to your book sales. The problem is that most authors don’t even know about them, because many of them are hidden unless you specifically ask for them to be added to your author account! And even then, there may be some hoops you have to jump through…

Luckily, Erin knows all about these promotions, and this episode is chock full of the secrets you need to unlock them on your own accounts. So if you are an author who publishes wide and don’t already know about all of the promotions that sites like Google, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Apple have to offer, this is not an episode you can afford to miss!

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