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The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Episode 59 – The Endlessly Patient Co-Writer: Using AI for Faster, Better Writing

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme with special guest Nathan Cole

When ChatGPT emerged, the world was introduced to AI beyond anything we’d seen before. However, despite its potential to disrupt and revolutionize our lives, many still fail to realize the benefits it can bring.

While the media often focuses on the ominous uses of AI for cheating or replacing human writers completely, the reality is that this technology is far more suited at improving or enhancing the writing experience. In this episode, Craig and Roland speak with Nathan Cole, an author and teacher who has been at the forefront of writing technology for years. Nathan breaks down how GPT AI works and shares his insights on the best writing services and techniques he’s discovered so far.

These tools not only make writing novels faster and easier, but they can also assist with brainstorming and plotting. The key is learning how to craft the right prompts to achieve the desired results, and Nathan offers specific examples on how to do so. This episode is essential for writers to understand because GPT-based writing tools are here to stay. AI technology is going to advance very quickly, and authors who fail to get on board soon are in danger of being left behind completely.

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