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The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Episode 64 – What are Sensitivity Readers, and do you need one?

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme with special guest Patrice Williams Marks

In recent weeks, controversy has erupted as publishers have been taking a red pen to the works of Roald Dahl, Ian Fleming, Ursula K. LeGuin, and others, editing their work to make them more palatable for our more sensitive times. While the debate about censorship rages on, the reality is that handling characters and cultures that you are unfamiliar with can be tricky, and that’s where sensitivity readers come in.

This week, Craig and Roland sit down with Patrice Williams Marks, one of the world’s leading sensitivity readers. Patrice is the go-to person for many authors and companies seeking to add authenticity and avoid harmful stereotypes in their writing. Don’t miss all of the valuable insight Patrice brings as she explains how sensitivity readers can help authors navigate complex issues and create more inclusive stories. When it comes to bringing diversity into your work, Patrice’s expertise is invaluable to writers at all stages of their careers.

Patrice Williams Marks

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