Fully Booked

The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Episode 113 – Where Do Writing and AI Intersect?

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme with special guest Jennifer Lewy

On this week’s episode of Fully Booked, Craig and Roland welcome Jennifer Lewy to the podcast. Jennifer, a seasoned author with considerable AI experience, shares her insights and experiences on the many innovative ways authors can take advantage of Artificial Intelligence tools in their self-publishing career, while at the same time staying aware of the potential pitfalls and problems this new technology might pose in the future.

Drawing on her extensive background in the tech industry, Jennifer provides a distinctive perspective on the role of AI in the writing and publishing process, with first-hand knowledge on a variety of tools such as Sudowrite and Novelcrafter. She advocates for the use of AI not as a replacement, but as a means of amplifying creativity, overcoming obstacles, and expanding reach. Whether you are already incorporating AI into your writing regimen or are simply intrigued by its prospective impact, today’s discussion sheds light on the many ways authors can take advantage of everything AI has to offer.

Jennifer Lewy

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