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The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Episode 39 – Why a Traditionally Published Author Chose to Self-Publish

Hosted by: Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme with special guest Jerry Manas

Despite the fact that the popularity of self-publishing continues to grow, often at the expense of traditional publishers, there are still some authors who are on the fence about which option is right for them. Today, we address that dilemma by talking with J.B. Manas – an author who’d already been published by traditional publishers, but very deliberately chose to self-publish his latest work.

Jerry Manas, who writes fiction under the name J.B. Manas (and nonfiction under his full name), grew frustrated at the lack of creative control, long lead times, and increasingly less-justified royalty model one has to deal with when working with traditional publishers, not to mention their aversion to risk in today’s market. Today, he sits down with Craig and Roland to detail all the reasons why he decided that self-publishing was a better alternative. This episode is packed with advice for authors who are on the fence about which publishing path to follow, and hopefully you’ll find it as valuable as we did.

J.B. Manas

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