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How to Promote Your Book With Hidden Gems

At Hidden Gems, our mailing list of thousands of voracious readers receives a newsletter three times per week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. To be accepted for promotion at Hidden Gems, your book must meet the following criteria:

Choose Your Promotion

Featured Promotion


Only one featured book is sold per week - and that book will be on our homepage for the entire week, as well as going out at the top of all 3 of our newsletters for that week. As such, this slot sells out far in advance so plan accordingly.

Free Promotion


Only 1 Free book is offered per newsletter, and it generally attracts hundreds of clicks. The current FREE offer is also displayed on our homepage.

Sale Promotion


Select a newsletter date that corresponds with your desired promotional period to advertise your 99 cent book to our subscribers.

Please note: Hidden Gems makes no guarantees about the number of sales/borrows you will receive during your booking period.