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They claim that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover—but as anybody who has self-published on Amazon knows, that's far from what happens. Book covers are like unspoken contracts with a potential reader—wordlessly delivering essential information about the style, intended audience and overall professionalism of an author's work. It's a proven fact that sometimes, just changing the cover of an Amazon novel can turn a flop into a best-seller. That's why we've decided to launch our own Cover Design Program with graphic designers we've worked with and trust, so you can find the perfect partner to package your hard work.

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On a budget or need a cover in a hurry? We offer premade covers for your convenience!

Each cover can be customized with your author name, title, series name, or other minor revisions, and once purchased, the design will never be resold.

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Nate, graphic artist and cover designer.

Nate wears a lot of hats, and not just because he's bald—web developer, author, photographer—just to name a few. But his first love is graphic design. For over a decade, he ran a successful creative studio, producing everything from business cards and product packaging on the physical side to logos and websites on the digital side.

Since becoming an author, he still starts every book the same way—by designing the cover. It's a little like having dessert before dinner, but he knows that there is nothing more critical to a successful book launch than a cover that commands attention.

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