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Fully Booked

The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Author Craig Tuch has written a large number of books under a variety of pseudonyms, which have collectively sold hundreds of thousands of copies and had close to 100 million page reads. In 2015, he started as a way to help new and established self-published authors navigate the complex and often-changing world of self-publishing.

Since then, Hidden Gems has become well known and respected for helping thousands of authors market their books more effectively and sell more copies through a variety of services, free tools, and a weekly blog.

Roland Hulme’s 15+ years as an advertising executive in New York and London gave him an advantage when he turned his hand to writing, because no matter how good your stories are, you can’t sell any copies of a book that no one knows about. His targeted ads have led to his novels being bought and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers.

If you’re interested in ways to improve as a writer, or in learning about new or better ways to market, advertise and sell your books, then join Craig and Roland every Thursday as they talk with each other and their guests about a wide range of topics relevant to self-publishing and writing.

Fully Booked, the Hidden Gems Books Podcast, hosted by Craig Tuch and Roland Hulme.

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