Month: April 2017

10 Sexy and Single Daddy Novels

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on April 7, 2017

Whether a father’s best friend, a teacher, a boss, or simply a man that likes to role play, our recent look at romance trends would be remiss if we skipped the fresh surge of sexy dad books that have been roaring through the Amazon charts lately. While not for everyone, it is interesting to note that these books never have any sort of actual incestual couplings but rather are just essentially older man/younger woman romances that usually involve some sort of power dynamic. At most, they involve a consensual daddy/daughter role-play situation, but often just involve a man who happens to be a single dad. Whatever the case, reading them can often be a guilty pleasure – or just provide you with a new and interesting twist – so here are the top 10 daddy based romance books we’ve found. Like these types of books? Then let us know – we won’t… Read More >