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10 Sexy and Single Daddy Novels

By: Hidden Gems on April 7, 2017

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on April 7, 2017


Whether a father’s best friend, a teacher, a boss, or simply a man that likes to role play, our recent look at romance trends would be remiss if we skipped the fresh surge of sexy dad books that have been roaring through the Amazon charts lately.

While not for everyone, it is interesting to note that these books never have any sort of actual incestual couplings but rather are just essentially older man/younger woman romances that usually involve some sort of power dynamic. At most, they involve a consensual daddy/daughter role-play situation, but often just involve a man who happens to be a single dad.

Whatever the case, reading them can often be a guilty pleasure – or just provide you with a new and interesting twist – so here are the top 10 daddy based romance books we’ve found. Like these types of books? Then let us know – we won’t tell!

Single Dad's Virgin cover

Single Dad’s Virgin – Penelope Bloom

This isn’t Penelope Bloom’s only hit novel featuring a sexy dad, so starting here makes sense since she obviously knows the market.  In this book, Liam King is the single dad in question, and he hires Aubrey to live in his mansion and help take care of his mother and his daughter.  This book brings romance and laughter together in a great mix, and will be a great addition to your reading list.

Daddy's Princess cover

Daddy’s Princess – Nikki Wild

Nikki Wild’s book also features a boss relationship, although this particular boss is taking charge in the bedroom more than anywhere else, and he wants to be called Daddy. Damien is an older man, a former friend and business partner of Chloe’s father, and she’s had a crush on him forever. So who is she to say no to his requests…

Dream Daddy cover

Dream Daddy – Emilia Beaumont

Lola is Maddox’s best friend’s daughter, and obviously forbidden fruit.  But that’s also why she’s so hard to resist! This story is a bit dark, so be forewarned, but it has a great plot and powerful characters. If you don’t mind some BDSM and sizzling sex, then this one is for you.

Daddy's Pretty Baby cover

Daddy’s Pretty Baby – Cassandra Dee

Cassandra Dee brings the DDlg (Daddy Dom/Little Girl) role play pretty hard with this book, so be warned – it may not be for everyone.  Robert wants someone to play the little girl role and Melly is drawn to the idea. This story is sexy and smutty, and definitely not for everyone, but a great example of this type of alternative lifestyle.

Rock Hard Daddy cover

Rock Hard Daddy – Rye Hart

If you’re looking for a quicker read, this novella is a good place to start.  Conner is Chloe’s dad’s best friend, and when she comes back to town looking for a job, his intention was only to help her out. But the two are drawn to each other, and though Conner feels incredibly guilty about the relationship, it is impossible to resist.

Small Town Daddy cover

Small Town Daddy – B.B. Hammel

Take one filthy Navy Seal and one college girl stuck at home with too much time on her hands and what do you get?  A steamy small town romance, of course!  Lucas is rough and dirty and demand’s to be called daddy, and Mia is only too happy to oblige. B.B. Hamel’s books never disappoint.

Teach Me Daddy cover

Teach Me Daddy – Isabella Starling

As the title suggests, this story is a teacher/student relationship. Maddox is out to corrupt Cora for reasons she has no idea about, but there are twists and turns with almost every page here, and the steam rises between them with every chapter. Cora’s innocence is about to be corrupted, but she won’t miss it for a second!

Undercover Daddy cover

Undercover Daddy – Katherine Deane

USA Today Bestselling author Katherine Deane’s take on this genre involves Alex, a 25 year old police woman, and Connor Doyle, her father’s former partner. The two of them are forced to play the part of her daddy dom in order to go undercover for a case, and soon the two realize that their act has turned into something much more real and sexy!

Single Dad's Bride cover

Single Dad’s Bride – Melinda Minx

Deacon is forced to find a wife just to keep his daughter, but when he turns to his sister’s best friend, she wants nothing to do with him – at first.  But soon their chemistry and circumstances lead to love and steamy sex, and the whole story will leave you with a satisfied smile on your face – for more than one reason!

Dirty Daughter cover

Dirty Daughter – JB Duvane

Our only novel on this list without Dad or Daddy in the title, we think that Daughter qualifies just the same. This book is a bit of a dark romance that will have you on the edge of your seat. Emily’s mother had a relationship with her psychologist, Max, for years, but Emily also had a crush on the man. But after her estranged mother is gone, Emily is finally ready to take her place.

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