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Author Spotlight Interview: Alexa Padgett

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on April 13, 2021

Today’s interview is with USA Today Bestselling Author Alexa Padgett. She writes contemporary romance, mystery and fantasy and her books have garnered accolades from prestigious organizations, including Kirkus Reviews, National Indie Excellence Awards, and Publishers Weekly. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know more about her writing style, life outside of writing and upcoming projects! HG: How would you describe yourself to somebody who isn’t familiar with your writing yet? AP: I write deep stories about real people. Some of my books are angsty, some are emotional, all are about family, acceptance, and growth. I love all the feels. HG: Fantastic! What feeling do you want to leave people with when they finish one of your novels? AP: I want people to feel emotionally complete. We’ve all experienced setbacks, heartbreak, grief, frustration, anger…. I read so that I have a safe place to feel those emotions but also because I… Read More >

5 Self-Help Books for Personal Growth

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on April 6, 2021

According to Wikipedia, a self-help book is one that is written with the intention to instruct its readers on solving personal problems. They are also known and classified under self-improvement. There’s absolutely a self-help book out there for you and depending on your own personal growth goals, one of these Hidden Gems ARC reader favorites may be the one you’ve been looking for. Check out this round up and get started today!   Mindful Eating For Lasting Weight-Loss by Simone Clark In Mindful Eating for Lasting Weight Loss, you’ll learn how to use mindful eating to achieve a balanced relationship with food. Simone Clark teaches readers how to tell the difference between emotional and physical hunger, as well as tips and tricks to make sure your mindful eating journey is a success. “This book is my personal coach to better eating,” writes Lourdes in their 5-star review. “Everyone needs to… Read More >

Author Spotlight Interview: Beth Carter

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on March 30, 2021

Today’s interview feature is with Hidden Gems reader favorite, Beth Carter. Beth is a multi-award-winning author of women’s fiction, contemporary romance, romantic comedy and children’s picture books. It was an honor to chat with her about her path to writing, the advice she has for aspiring authors and to learn more about her life outside of writing. HG: How would you describe yourself to somebody who isn’t familiar with your writing yet? BC: For many years, I worked in corporate America (in education, banking, and healthcare) and was a single mom. At age fifty, I shed my suits and heels and decided to pen my first novel. I had taken many creative writing classes in college, but was at a loss as to how to begin the publishing journey. I joined three local writers’ groups, took a six-week course, “How to Write Your First Novel,” at a community college, attended… Read More >

5 Young Adult Books To Read in 2021

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on March 23, 2021

In case you hadn’t heard, young adult books aren’t just for young adults anymore. Readers of all ages enjoy this genre which can encompass contemporary, fantasy, romance, mystery or whatever elements you enjoy reading. Today we’ve rounded up 5 popular YA books that our Hidden Gems readers gave glowing reviews to, making them stories you must read this year!   The Healing Room by Michaela James An unlikely choice for a Nanny, 17-year-old Bronwyn’s world is changed forever when her mysterious employer accepts an invite to The Healing Room. Bronwyn questions the motives behind the heaven like room. Is it truly a portal to another dimension, or something deeply sinister? Perfect for fans of YA that can appreciate a high concept mystery. “I really, really enjoyed this story,” writes K. Meador in their 5-star review. “Bronwyn, a 17 yr, caught and held my attention throughout this story. She was at… Read More >

Author Spotlight Interview: Kait Nolan

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on March 16, 2021

Today’s author interview is with RITA Award-winning romance author Kait Nolan. Kait’s small-town contemporary romance novels are bingeworthy and always devoured by her adoring readers. We were honored to have the opportunity to interview Kait and to learn more about her writing process and what her path to becoming an author looked like.   HG: How would you describe yourself to somebody who isn’t familiar with your writing yet? KN: I write sassy, small-town, oh-so-Southern stories with strong women, lots of heart, occasional tears, and plenty of feel good along the way. HG: Lovely! Tell us about your path to becoming an author. Was it always your dream job? KN: I mean, after I decided against astronaut and found out I have zero skill as an artist (my art teacher once kindly said that my style was reminiscent of Picasso rather than telling eight-year-old me that my sense of perspective… Read More >

5 Popular Page Turning Thrillers

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on March 9, 2021

Twist and turns, bone chilling imagery, nail biting suspense… all the things that make a fantastic thriller. Hidden Gems readers have been fortunate to have plenty of suspenseful books to choose from over the past few months, and this is a round-up of some of the most popular and well liked page turners.   Her Last Summer by Melinda Woodhall A celebrity author’s body is found floating in the bathtub of a luxury hotel suite. Can investigative reporter Veronica Lee uncover the terrifying truth behind the mysterious death before a cunning killer takes his next victim? With over 150 reviews, this fast paced mystery thriller is full of turns you won’t see coming. Roxx T., Vine Voice writes in their 5-star review, “Woodall has an intriguing premise here, and crafts her story well. Suspense runs rampant.  What’s next?   Who’s next?   Her characters are interesting and engaging – even those who… Read More >

Author Spotlight Interview: Stephen B. King

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on March 2, 2021

Today’s spotlight interview is with thriller author Stephen B. King. We were honored to have the opportunity to discuss his writing with him. Stephen often writes about the dark world of serial killers and it was absolutely fascinating to hear more about his writing process and inspiration. HG: How would you describe yourself to somebody who isn’t familiar with your writing yet? SK: As an author I write character driven stories. For me, that’s the whole point, and the aspect I work hardest on. If I can get you, the reader, to invest in my character, feel for them, even worry for them; then hold on to my hand tightly – we’re going on a roller-coaster ride. You may not like some of my characters, some you may even detest – especially the serial killers I sometimes write about, or Dave, the protagonist in Domin8, but I will always show… Read More >

Mysteries for Everyone

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on February 23, 2021

Mysteries have a way of taking us on a journey of twists, turns and oftentimes straight up shenanigans. Today we’ve rounded up a collection which includes a variety of mystery novels that have been popular and well liked by Hidden Gems readers over the past few months.   Pawsitively Cursed by Melissa Erin Jackson The only thing more twisted than a cursed witch is her family tree. For the past fourteen years, Edgehill’s resident secret witch, Amber Blackwood, has been haunted by her parents’ deaths. The whole town knows about the tragedy, but the details remain a mystery even to Amber. With an impressive 4.6 star average Amazon rating, and nearly 80 reviews, you’ll want to cozy up with this popular mystery! “Melissa Erin Jackson writes a spellbinding paranormal cozy filled with fascinating characters and intriguing twists,” writes Book Dragon in their 5-star review. “Her ability to weave a sense… Read More >

Author Spotlight Interview: Joanna Evans

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on February 16, 2021

Today’s author interview is with Joanna Evans. Joanna’s debut novel is a thriller rooted in science and has been named one of the “Best New Thriller Books to Read in 2021” by Book Authority. We were honored to have the opportunity to interview Joanna and to learn more about her writing process and what inspires her. HG: How would you describe yourself to somebody who isn’t familiar with your writing yet?    JE: I’d describe myself as someone who never thought they’d be doing anything other than psychotherapy for the rest of their life. I had achieved my dream job then, suddenly, I couldn’t see myself as “only” a therapist. I knew I had something else in store. I’d describe my writing, or at least how I hope my writing conveys, as an attention-grabbing style that holds your interest and keeps you wanting to turn the page.  HG: That’s great. When… Read More >

Learn Something New With These Non-Fiction Reads

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on February 9, 2021

In 2020 we found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. Not only did it change the way we were living, it challenged our thoughts and goals. Many of us took an interest in learning new skills and taking the time to educate ourselves on topics that interested or intrigued us. There truly is a non-fiction book out there for everyone on every topic imaginable. Take a look at the list we’ve curated below based on popular non-fiction reads that Hidden Gems ARC readers got to enjoy for free recently, you just may learn something new!   The IRA and Retirement Plan Owner’s Guide to Beating the New Death Tax by James Lange If getting your finances in order is on your to-do list this year, don’t skip this one. Retirement plan owners can use the practical, proven, and strategic defenses found in this book to protect their financial legacies…. Read More >