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Out of this world Fantasy Novels

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on February 20, 2024

If you are looking for an out-of-this-world escape from the cold of winter, this list is for you. We’ve got one for everybody on this round-up of recently top-rated fantasy novels that our Hidden Gems ARC readers raved about. Sword and Sorcery: Frostfire by Ethan Avery In the streets of Bogudos, scarred swordsman Erevan faces a dilemma when his friend lands in jail. A mysterious courier offers a chance to fix things, prompting Erevan to embark on a perilous journey. At the prestigious magical school of Darr-Kamo, Aireyal lacks magical abilities but uncovers world-altering secrets. The narrative intertwines the stories of Erevan, Aireyal, a Spiritualist, and a Scholar, all seeking help to achieve their desires amid adversaries and hidden truths. As their paths converge, the characters must grapple with the sacrifices they are willing to make in a world where assistance comes at a cost, revealing the intricate connections between… Read More >

Romance Novels to Spice Up Valentine’s Day

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on February 13, 2024

If you’re a regular on the Hidden Gems blog, you’ll know that romance is the most popular genre in the Hidden Gems ARC program. Our readers know that no two love stories are the same, so they scoop up new books every chance they get. If you’re looking for a new read to chase away the winter chill and get in the mood for Valentine’s Day, there’s something for every romance reader on this list! The Care of a Cowboy by Elsie Davis With over 50+ ratings and a 4.5 star average, The Care of a Cowboy is the fourth installment of the Crossroads Creek Cowboys series, which takes place in the Texas countryside. Christine P. raves in her five star Amazon review, “…Well-written story with lovable characters. Lots of humor, romance, family dynamics, and faith aspects…” “A clean romance that highlights the values of hard work, forgiveness, family, and… Read More >

Beautiful Children’s Books To Read During The Winter Chill

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on January 30, 2024

Do you have a young reader in your life? Or maybe you’re looking for a great bedtime story to enjoy with your youngest book lovers. Stuck inside by the winter chill? We have plenty of beautiful children’s books to add to your reading list! Our Hidden Gems ARC readers loved the following titles, and we bet your young bookworm will, as well. Grandma’s House is Haunted by Stephen Bowling With 40+ ratings and a 4.7 average star rating, Grandma’s House is Haunted is recommended for children 5-7 years old, and describes all the spooky sounds that occur at Grandma’s house. “Grandma’s House is Haunted has quickly become a favorite of my 18 month old. He loves to listen to the story and will spend time after I’ve finished reading the text taking in the pictures. He loves to point at different things he sees and learn what they are called…. Read More >

Sizzling Romance Novels to Read this Winter

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on January 19, 2024

If you’re a regular on the Hidden Gems blog, you’ll know that romance is the most popular genre in our ARC program. Our readers know that no two love stories are the same, so they scoop up sizzling romance novels like the ones on this list every chance they get. So if you’re looking for a new hot read to chase away the winter chill, there’s something for every romance reader on this list! Quiet by Clarissa Bright With over 125 ratings and a 4.3 star average, Quiet is the first in the Mercy Blades series, which plunges readers into the bloody, dangerous, dark side of Orlando. LadyCait raves in her five star Amazon review, “Great murder mystery with plenty of spicy mafia. While this book isn’t loaded down with spice the scenes that do exist are incredibly hot and well written. I also enjoyed trying to figure out the… Read More >

Page-Turning Mysteries to Spend the Weekend With

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on January 16, 2024

Are you looking for page-turning mysteries to keep your heart racing in the winter cold? Today we’ve rounded up a collection that includes a variety of mystery novels that have been popular and well-liked by Hidden Gems ARC readers. Spend your cold winter weekends curled up reading these and trying to guess whodunit? Piña Colada Calamity by Tanya Westlake On a luxurious cruise vacation in Owhiro, two seasoned amateur sleuths, Kallie and Tess, are in for more than just sun and relaxation. When a fellow passenger’s death transforms their getaway into a crime scene, the duo jumps into action. Stranded at sea with no professional investigators in sight, they unravel the mysterious homicide, navigating the unique risks of an isolated cruise ship. Little do they know, the lurking killer is not pleased with their interference. In this high-stakes mystery, Kallie and Tess must tread carefully, realizing that on the open… Read More >

Great Fantasy Novels to Escape Into

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on January 9, 2024

Is one of your New Year Resolutions to read more? If you’re looking to escape the winter cold, here is a list of some great fantasy novels loved by Hidden Gems ARC readers, sure to keep the pages turning. The Cleaners by L.L. Frost With over 445+ ratings and a 4.5 star average, The Cleaners by L.L. Frost is book one of a six book series which follows a team of paranormal mercenaries. JaToya L. describes in her five star Amazon review why you should add this to your TBR list, “There is nothing like smart, strong characters dealing with understandable conflicts. I love that effort went into giving these characters depth. That you can see how complex they are without being overloaded with all the details from the beginning. Frost is building a cast that readers will actually care about and cheer on. And I’m really looking forward to… Read More >

Women’s Lit Books To Kick Off 2024

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on January 2, 2024

Explore this selection of women’s literature from the Hidden Gems ARC program—ranging from lighthearted to heart-wrenching. These novels, rich in themes of exploration and redemption, delve into the complexities of family and friendship relationships. Whether you’re seeking a moment of “me time” or your next book club pick, these compelling reads promise an engaging journey through relatable and resonant stories. Bouquets and Breakups by Jules Matthew Poppi Applewhaite’s meticulously crafted to-do list is her roadmap to success, but as life throws unexpected curveballs, she finds herself juggling professional aspirations and personal loyalties. Tasked with orchestrating the grandest wedding in Barbados, Poppi sees it as her golden opportunity to ascend the career ladder and prove herself to her affluent circle. However, her ambitions face sabotage from an unexpected source, threatening not only her professional standing but also unveiling buried personal truths. “I really loved this book,” writes Anonymous in their 5-star… Read More >

Best Romances Novels to Keep You Warm

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on December 26, 2023

Are you looking for the best romance novels to keep you warm as the weather chills? We’ve got you covered. Today we’ve brought a variety of recent romance novels to tickle the fancy of whatever it is you’re into, from age-gap to dark mafia romances. These books were popular with our ARC readers, which means you’ll probably love them as well. Ruthless Possession by Zoe Delaney Despite Bianca Carlotti’s disdain, Gregorio is bound to marry her to fuel his vengeance against those who threaten him. Kidnapping her is simple, and as his wife, he’ll tame Bianca, introducing her to the luxuries she missed and molding her into a woman suited for his world. Whether she approves or not… “Ruthless Possession was my first foray into mafia romance, and wow. Just WOW. I devoured the book in a day and my head is still spinning from the suspense. I never thought… Read More >

Books for Young Adults on the Winter Break

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on December 19, 2023

Are your middle-grade or young readers looking for books to fill the winter break? Our Hidden Gems ARC readers recently loved the following titles, and we bet these books for young adults will satisfy the younger readers in your life, as well. Who knows – you may find yourself a fan of the following titles, too.   10 Minute Stories From Greek Mythology – Gods, Heroes, and Monsters by Joy Chester With 35+ ratings and a 4.8 average star rating, 10 Minute Stories from Greek Mythology is just that – short stories to get your child excited about reading with quick, thrilling stories of Greek Mythology. Todd A raves in his five star Amazon review, “…Perfect for modern, busy lifestyles, it offers an ideal balance of education and entertainment. The innovative format makes these legendary tales accessible for a quick bedtime story or as an educational tool. The thoughtful omission… Read More >

Spirituality Themed Books to Expand Your Mind

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on December 12, 2023

Spirituality themed books encompass a diverse array of subjects. Individual beliefs and sources of inspiration vary from person to person of course, but we’ve curated a selection of books on faith and spirituality that received high praise from Hidden Gems ARC reviewers. Explore the list to discover your next enlightening read. Christ vs Satan – The Second Coming of Christ: Lucifer Rebellion. The Real Matrix Series by Trinity Royal Have you ever pondered the eternal conflict between God and the Devil? Have you questioned the origins of the War in Heaven or delved into the significance of Lucifer’s Rebellion? Do you find yourself wondering about the connection between the celestial battle and its manifestation on Earth, as well as the persistent presence of darkness? Author Trinity Royal will take you on a journey beyond space and time to find the answers. “I absolutely loved this book and am convinced only… Read More >