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The Hottest Romances of 2019

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on January 14, 2020

Romance is always one of the most popular genres of books for subscribers to Hidden Gems, and 2019 had literally hundreds of romance books offered to our readers. With 2019 wrapped up, we’ve gone through and identified 12 of the hottest romance novels our subscribers enjoyed. Now, there’s a little wiggle room behind the science of how these books were chosen – roughly one per month, based on overall Amazon review score – but I don’t think anybody will deny that they’re some of the best romance books on Amazon; and thanks to the author’s of these books working with us,  all of them were sent to Hidden Gems subscribers for free – sometimes ahead of their publication date! The Road to Solace by Samantha A. Cole  Author Samantha Cole has a legion of fans, but took a different direction with this story; which stands alone from her other popular series…. Read More >

5 Holiday Classics – As You’ve Never Seen Them Before!

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on December 31, 2019

In Iceland, there’s a Christmas Eve tradition called “Jolabokaflod” – in which you’re allowed to unwrap one specific present early; a book which you can then curl with and read on the long, winter’s night. It sounds delightful – and inspired us to look up some unexpected holiday classics that you might like to read to your family in front of a crackling, log fire. For me, the holidays isn’t just about eggnog, presents, and listening to my uncles discuss politics for three hours. It’s also an opportunity to indulge in some classic holiday capers on the small screen – like the best Christmas movie ever made; Die Hard. But unfortunately, Die Hard isn’t exactly the most family-friendly movie to curl up with the kids to watch – and, in fact, many other favorites are a little suspect today. I watched Home Alone with my kids the other day and… Read More >

5 Out-Of-This-World Science Fiction Stories

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on December 17, 2019

Science fiction has always remained a popular genre, although many readers were once reticent to share their passion for out-of-this-world adventures or speculative science fantasy. Today, though, there’s been a resurgence in the genre – driven by comic book adaptations dominating the box office, and sci-fi shows ruling the roost on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. In fact, there’s never been a better time to let your nerd flag fly; and that’s why we’ve selected some of the best science fiction books to share with you, as recently reviewed by Hidden Gems subscribers. Fight the Good Fight by Daniel Gibbs We chatted to author Daniel Gibbs just a few weeks ago, so it should probably come as no surprise that his Hidden Gems reader reviews would be good enough to earn him a place on our list of best science fiction books. Subscribers have had the opportunity to read and review… Read More >

Women’s Literature Books to Curl Up With This December

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on December 3, 2019

Tis the season for a warm couch and a good book – and we’ve got you covered. In September and October, subscribers to Hidden Gems got the opportunity to read free copies of many books in the Women’s Literature genre, and these were their favorites based on the reviews and engagement the books received. Coming Home by Holly Kerr The first book in the Sisters in a Small Town series, readers of this title were introduced to the larger than life Skatt sisters – five boisterous redheads who fight about everything, but are fiercely loyal to each other. The subject of this book is Brenna – who thought she’d escaped her small-town, Ontario roots for the bright lights of Vancouver; but was brought reluctantly home when her life spectacularly implodes.  In classic Skatt fashion, Brenna wastes no time bringing scandal to her hometown as well – but she’s got competition… Read More >

Ten Tumultuous Romance Novels Loved By Our Subscribers

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on November 19, 2019

The romance genre delivers a constant stream of steamy fiction throughout the year, but this fall Hidden Gems subscribers were treated to a particularly bountiful batch of novels for FREE, to read and review at their leisure. We’ve put together a roundup of 10 of the most loved by our readers, so if you’re looking for a new romance to dig into, this list is a great place to start! Beautifully Broken Spirit by Catherine Cowles One of the best tropes in romance fiction is that of two broken people finding completeness in each other – since it’s an idea that’s so resonant with all of us. In this book, a single mom who looks after stray mustangs has to explore whether or not to pursue a relationship with her best friend – the handsome man who’s been with her through thick and thin, but seems to prefer any other woman… Read More >

5 Top Young Adult Books Recommended by our Subscribers

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on November 5, 2019

Young Adult books remain one of the most popular genres on Amazon, with Hidden Gems readers, and in general.  So if you’re looking for a new book to dig into, here are some of the top young adult books that have been shared, for free, with our subscribers this fall! All That’s Left by Emma Doherty Culture shock comes to the forefront in this novel – which recounts British teenager Izzy’s reluctant move to the United States, and her struggle to fit into a seemingly ‘perfect’ all-American environment of her father and brother. Facing the grief of losing her British mother, and the abrupt and forced way she’s expected to get to know the father who’d abandoned her, the book explores some very real issues facing modern teenagers; and how they often mask those struggles with drink, drugs and promiscuity. Irma J. left a 5-star review, writing: “This story! I read it… Read More >

5 Top Children’s Books for Fall 2019

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on October 22, 2019

There’s nothing better than curling up with your kids on a crisp, autumn night and reading them a story – and Hidden Gems subscribers received a ton of free top children’s books in August and September of this year. With so many great books to read and review, it was difficult to narrow the list down – but here are five favorites, as rated by our subscribers! Detective Trigger and the Ruby Collar by M.A. Owens A four-legged gumshoe is the star of this paw-fect read for middle grade kids, introducing private eye Trigger as he hunts down a deviously crooked cat. Part of the Detective Trigger series, this book is a great chapter book to encourage reading, and filled with evocative characters that’ll keep supervising adults equally entertained. Reviewer kympossible gave the book 5-stars, writing: “In this fun private eye story for middle grade readers, all the characters are dogs… Read More >

5 Fabulous Mysteries for the Fall

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on October 8, 2019

Everybody loves a good whodunnit, and subscribers to Hidden Gems get to pick and choose from new titles offered to them each and every day, for FREE. We looked back over the past two months and selected some of the top-ranked mysteries, as picked by our readers. Adam’s Witness by J.C. Paulson Former journalist J.C. Paulson turned bad news into hopeful optimism when she shifted careers and moved into the world of fiction. With a writing style in the tone of Dorothy Sayers, P.D. James and Louise Penny, Paulson’s taut prose breathes life into the Adam and Grace series, which follows the investigations of sassy reporter Grace Rampling and brilliant detective Adam Davis as they uncover murder most foul – and find unlikely love along the way. “I read it in one long sitting,” writes Gloria Antypowich in her 5-star review. “The plot has many twists and turns—the romance fraught with… Read More >

5 Faith-Based Books Our Readers Enjoyed

By: Hidden Gems | Posted on September 24, 2019

We’ve looked at some of the top-ranked faith and spirituality titles that our subscribers have been offered lately, and have compiled a list of a few of the ‘Hidden Gems’ for you to enjoy.  Here they are, as recommended by our readers. Healing Justice: Stories of Wisdom and Love by Jarem Sawatsky The word ‘trauma’ is more and more prevalent in our modern world, and it’s become clear that many of us embrace negative patterns of behaviors because of coping and survival mechanisms we developed during traumatic periods of our lives. In this book, the authors look to spirituality – including far eastern, Celtic and Native American religion – to share ways to transform suffering into wellness and help heal the trauma that continues to hurt so many of us in our daily lives. “This is a book for our time, touching on the topics of relationships, conflict, grief and healing;… Read More >

10 Feminist Books That Empower and Educate

By: Heather Gonzales | Posted on September 10, 2019

Books continue to retain their power despite the rise in technology and instantaneous information. After all, there’s still something about reading thoughtfully crafted sentences, and reading people’s stories and empathizing with characters across time. Plus, books continue to inform and inspire us to learn more about our world. In a society where people are growing more aware about issues like sustainability, intersectionality, and feminism, books remain the perfect medium for people to exchange ideas. This type of exchange leads to honest discourse and critical thinking, which are no mean feats in today’s world. In fact, researchers from Maryville University note how brands and companies tend to use relevant issues as an opportunity to elevate their brand presence and expand their market share. This is despite not making any tangible efforts to further the cause, especially for hot topics like feminism, which has and is being used as a marketing tool for many… Read More >