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5 Authors Committed To Writing Inclusive, Diverse Books

By: Hidden Gems on March 29, 2022

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By: Hidden Gems on March 29, 2022


Each month we have the opportunity to interview the writers that bring fantastic stories to your eReaders. From debut authors, to seasoned pros we’ve enjoyed getting to know these folks and learning about their inspiration and lives outside of writing. Today we’re pleased to bring you a round-up of five recent interviews with authors dedicated to writing inclusive and diverse books that are willing to address challenges currently facing society.

Self-published and traditionally published authors face a lot of competition to be seen with well over 1 million books published every year, according to Bowker. Through the Hidden Gems ARC program, we’ve introduced readers to books in over 15 genres from authors of all walks of life, from those just starting out to well seasoned pros. It’s been an honor connecting readers and writers through stories and feedback.

The Hidden Gems ARC program is 100% free for readers. Each morning we send out offers for books from any of the genres you’ve chosen to hear about and selected readers will be sent those eBooks to read and review on Amazon.  If you want to get in on that action, just sign up here. The program is completely FREE for our ARC readers, all we ask when you sign up is for your email address and the genres you like so we can start sending you the books that authors are looking to get more reviews on.

We also love catching up with the talented authors who share their words and stories with the world, and today we’re doing a round-up of five recent interviews with authors dedicated to writing inclusive and diverse stories that address challenges currently facing society.  We’re sure this list may include your next favorite author!

Looking to escape the real world? Love your books packed with strong, kick-butt female protagonists? You’ll definitely want to one-click Susan English’s feminist science fiction series, starting with Callisto 2.0, ranked in Amazon’s Top 25 LGBTQ+ Science Fiction. Check out our interview with Susan English to learn more about why the message in her books is so important to her.

When asked, “how would you describe yourself to somebody who isn’t familiar with your writing yet?” Susan said in part, “Why imagine a future full of horrors when I have the power to construct one filled with hope? Not that my saga depicts an idealized and unrealistic utopia by any means, I’m still writing about human beings with all our foibles and flaws, and the very real issues we will be forced to confront, such as climate change, global pandemics, and mass extinction. We humans are capable of so much—not only unscrupulous cruelty and rampant destruction but also astounding creativity and acts of great compassion and love. For me, the biggest challenge we face as a species is how to honor and fully utilize the positive side of human nature. This is one of the themes I want to explore in my work.”

Love historical fiction? Don’t miss out on Hamour Baika’s, On The Enemy’s Side. Hamour said in our interview, “At its essence, On the Enemy’s Side is a love story. But the setting is such an integral part of the story that it’s also a period piece. Readers find out more about Iran, and its ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity. Most media outlets do such a poor job of covering Iran in the news that Iranians appear as monolithic religious fanatics with no free thinking and no creativity. I wanted to correct that misconception and tell the truth about the complexity of a portion of Iranian society. Reader reviews show they appreciate this.”

Learn more about Hamour’s books and the topics he hopes to raise awareness of, in our interview from August 2021.

Want to go on a journey of wonder? With a fascination for the occult, a master’s degree in social work, and over 20 years clinical experience, Katherine Eddinger Smits writes paranormal romance that addresses real-life issues of self-acceptance, body image, relationship dynamics, fears, and phobias, through stories filled with fantasy and romance.

In our interview, Katherine said, “Witch Trial Legacy evolved from my fascination with my family history. One of my ancestors was hanged for witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. Another ancestor was related to Cotton Mather, the judge who sentenced many of those executed. I wondered what would happen if someone was descended from both a person convicted of witchcraft and her accuser. Then, I thought about where that person would go for help with problems inherited from the merging of those two lines.”

Wanting to renew your spiritual life and experience a deeper level of faith? Look no further than John Christopher Frame’s, 7 Days to Upping Your Prayer Life, Loving Others, and Having More Joy: Quick-Start Action Guide. John’s passion is combining his interests in theology and social concerns to help Christians become more aware of global issues so they can better live out their faith.

When asked during our interview, John described what he hopes readers take away from his books. “My hope is that, after reading my books, readers will be one step closer to feeling nearer to God, having a clearer idea about how to better live out their faith, and having a little more knowledge about the world around them.”

Love a happily-ever-after? You’ll adore the novels from husband and wife author team, A.M. Kusi. The duo enjoys writing emotional romance novels that are inspired by their experiences as an interracial/multicultural couple.

In our interview, Ash explained what readers can expect, “​​In A Fallen Star, the book 1 of the series which is free on all retailers, our hero is dealing with addiction and the heroine is trying to find the line between helping and enabling. Each book and set of characters are unique, and tackle hard subjects but in a sensitive way. Topics like immigration, racism, police brutality, healing after trauma, PTSD, epilepsy, LGBTQ, depression, mental health issues and so much more. All of it is wrapped in a love story with bits of humor that add to lighten up the dark moments. But many readers will tell you, grab the tissues!”

Don’t miss out on the awesome books from all of these authors, and others, that is inclusive, diverse and willing to address challenges currently facing society.

Readers in the Hidden Gems ARC program enjoy books from authors like those mentioned above, and many more in over 15 genres. If you want to read more, for FREE, just sign up for the Hidden Gems ARC program. Each morning we send out offers for books from any of the genres you’ve chosen to hear about and selected readers will be sent those eBooks to read and review on Amazon.

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