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Isolate yourself with these 5 Epic Fantasy Adventures

By: Hidden Gems on April 14, 2020

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on April 14, 2020


With the COVID-19 crisis continuing, your Kindle or eReader might just become your new best friend. Today, we’re sharing 5 fantasy titles recently read and reviewed by Hidden Gems subscribers – and remember, if you want to receive free fantasy books like these – or others from 15 different genres – just sign up today and select your favorites.

Exile's Redemption by Lee DunningExile’s Redemption by Lee Dunning

The Elven Nation lies fractured, and ambitious young scholar Raven hopes to reunite it with knowledge she scours from the great library. However, when portals to another dimension open, flooding her homeland with bloodthirsty demons, Raven needs to ally herself with an even darker entity; and hope she can use the power of the exiled W’rath to defend her people.

“I might become a fantasy reader,” warned JD Lovil in a 5-star review. “The Author starts you off with a very artfully drawn map of the elfish homeland, and there are many wonderful designs, and the whole layout is very clean. The book has a perfect cover. The look of the book is impeccable. The characters are complex, and the reader will identify with them almost immediately.”

“Okay, this world is new and different from anything I have ever read, and since I count 3000 fantasy books in my 5500 books read, that is saying something!” Dorna Calkins also left a 5-star review. “Pairing a 5000 year old “bad guy” and a child in an adult body makes a strange but effective couple of heroes and makes me anxious for the next installment of the story. Write on dear author, write on!”

Clashes of Wills by Omayra VélezClashes of Wills by Omayra Vélez

The Falesto brothers have a sinister scheme to transform all of the kingdom’s non-humans into demons, and it’s up to Callo, Mishami and June to reunite in the third installment of the Assembly of Thirteen series and confront this new, overwhelming threat. Written in the same vein as the wildly popular Game of Thrones series, this saga of magic and might is a great read for fans of fantasy with a contemporary twist.

“Crazy, but compelling,” writes Debra Pierce in her 5-star review. “The characters and world building are an amazing piece of work. I can’t wait to read more about the companion judges and their charges.”

“A great read!” A. Blankenship writes in a 5-star review. “This would definitely have to be my favorite books in the series! This novel goes at a slightly slower pace, and the author pays more attention to the thoughts and feelings of June, Diamond, and Jray, as loss and regret become a common theme throughout the novel. Their path becomes scattered as June dwells on what she could’ve done, instead of what she should do now. However, the real journey awaits as they get closer to their destination, and they must chose the fate of the world. I loved this book, and it’s easily one of my favorite reads.”

Prophecy by Sheryl SteinesProphecy by Sheryl Steines

Time-traveling Annie Pearce stumbles across a demon on her travels, and gets thrown back to the Ninth Century in order to save her future, before it never happens. The fourth installment in Sheryl Steines’s Wizard Hall Chronicles, this urban fantasy deftly weaves a number of themes together in a brisk and mysterious adventure.

“I’ve been reading Sheryl Steines since book one in this series, and they’ve gotten better with each book,” writes reviewer CP . “They’re a good mix of various fandoms spun in a cool new package that’s fresh and energetic. The characters are easy to like (or hate, depending on if you like the good guys or not) and they help draw us right in. Not only are the characters fun and engaging, but the story and setting is well fleshed out and breathing. The rules of magic are clearly defined while leaving the possibility the rules aren’t rock solid. This adds depth and a sense of mystery when Annie and her team face opponents and powers they didn’t know exist. If you like the original Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Harry Potter among others, then you’ll love this series.”

“Wizard!” praises christina b, in a 5-star review. “Every step of the way I was on edge waiting to see what would happen next. This book had me in tears, laughing and just talking to the characters almost like i was watching a movie or something. This book drew me in and didn’t let go!”

Scales by Nicole ConwayScales by Nicole Conway

The son of a fighter pilot, teenager Koji Owens is used to life at top speed – but he gets more than he’d bargained for when an ancient evil threatens New York City, and he must transform into a dragon superhero in order to save the world. Fans of the Percy Jackson series will love this taut, urban fantasy, and it offers a fresh, new approach to a very saturated genre.

“Late for work!” Lawrence V. Barnes complained in a 5-star review. “The plan was to start with a few chapters, but the characters were so alive that I could not put it down. This is written so well that it does not feel like reading, I can hear the voices and feel the personalities of the characters in my head. It is a fun story that carries you with it. I am sure that I will be recalling parts of the story at work today, when I eventually get there. It was worth losing sleep!”

“I really liked the pacing of the story,” writes Jan farnworth . “There was lots of action to be devoured, and plenty of character development so that you really felt you know these characters. I like that they are unique and not your typical white protagonist. This story also works out very well cause the author lives this story and can draw from her personal life to really make this story come to life.”

Raven's Flight by Marie RobinsonRaven’s Flight by Marie Robinson

Kiera is an elite and deadly assassin. Dorian is a dark and powerful magic user. Once, they’d fought side-by-side, but now, the only place Kiera wants Dorian is at the point of her blade. That might be foreseeable – if it weren’t for the fact that the newly-crowned Queen Margaret needs them both to fight together once again, and unite the kingdom.

“I loved this book!” Lisa Witt writes in a 5-star review. “The tension between the two main characters is amazing! I cannot wait to find out what new twists and turns the next novel will take. Kiera and Dorian are very interesting characters, and my favorites of the multiple story arcs being covered. I look forward to the continuing storyline!”

“I’m ready for Book 2,” writes Debbie C, a Top Contributor. “This book was 100 percent right up my alley. I loved the characters and the world building. There’s magic and court dealings and intrigue galore. Keira was kick ass from page one and I’m all for a bad ass female assassin. I’m here for it all day. Dorian is a very powerful master seider who doesn’t remember Keira from many years before…but she remembers him. I’m even interested in the side characters because there’s so much story going on behind those scenes! I’ve never read any other Marie Robinson book but I’m ready to dive in to whatever else she has!”

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