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5 More Books Like ‘The President is Missing’

By: Hidden Gems on June 12, 2018

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By: Hidden Gems on June 12, 2018


Want 4 more years because you can’t get enough of ‘The President is Missing’, by Bill Clinton and James Patterson?

Here are five more presidential thrillers that’ll take you on a similarly wild ride.

The President is Missing is poised to become one of the biggest runaway best-sellers of the year. Penned by superstar author James Patterson, with narrative direction by 42nd President Bill Clinton, it’s a taut thriller about the Commander-in-Chief’s desperate battle to save America from cyber-terrorism. Louise Penny, the bestselling author of Glass Houses, perhaps described the book best when she said it was “heart-pounding, gripping, terrifying. As I read, ferociously turning the pages, I kept asking myself, ‘Could this really happen’?”

As is the problem with all good reads, even at a whopping 528 pages, The President is Missing is over all-too-quickly. The book itself is set over the course of just five days, after all. So if you’ve already devoured this presidential thriller, Hidden Gems is here with five more tales of high-power political thrills to keep you balanced on the edge of your seat.

In Sheep's Clothing

In Sheep’s Clothing by L.D. Beyer

Michigan-based author L.D. Beyer introduced us to his very own Jack Bauer in 2015, in the form of down-on-his-luck Secret Service Agent Matthew Richter. Having witnessed the fall of one president, Richter reluctantly finds himself battling to protect his successor – unaware that by doing so, he’s exposing a political conspiracy with roots that burrow deep into every dark and devious corner of Washington D.C. Although it was written in 2015, this debut novel is achingly relevant in today’s political landscape – and the opening scenes, featuring a president pressured to the breaking point by political blackmail and collusion, makes for intensely uncomfortable yet painfully compelling reading. The storytelling is fast-paced and contemporary, perfect for a generation glued to shows like House of Cards and Designated Survivor.

Although some criticized it for lacking depth – ironically, the opposite complaint of The President is Missing – L.D. Beyer had such a strong reaction for his first novel – including a Silver Medal for Best Mystery/Thriller E-Book at the 21st annual Independent Publisher Book Awards – that he followed it up with an equally well-received sequel that saw Richter back in action – An Eye for an Eye.

Back to WarBack to War by C.G. Cooper

There are now 15 books in C.G. Cooper’s Corps Justice series, but it was Back to War that kicked it all off – telling the tale of a former marine trying desperately to adjust to civilian life; and then finding himself thrown into a fight-or-die battle that forces him to use all of the deadly skills he learned on the global battlefields.

A USA Today bestseller, Back to War won instant acclaim from American combat vets, who praised the visceral authenticity and painful accuracy of hero Cal Stoke’s return to the ‘real world’ after a life spent in war zones overseas. That aspect isn’t really surprising – author Cooper is himself a six-year vet of the Marine Corps, and he draws from his experiences to bring vivid realism to Cal’s high-tension adventures.

The Corps Justice series is a powerhouse, and Back to War is a fantastic introduction to thousands of pages of edge-of-your-seat excitement.

The Terminal ListThe Terminal List by Jack Carr

What if a disenfranchised former Navy SEAL went to war with the government? That’s the question poised by this March’s explosive new thriller The Terminal List by former SEAL Jack Carr.

Carr’s first book, it follows the misadventures of decorated vet Lt. Cmdr. James Reece – who learns that the ambush which slaughtered his teammates overseas was orchestrated by a shadowy conspiracy right in the heart of Washington D.C. With truly nothing to lose, Reece takes his custom-made sniper rifle and a lifetime of deadly combat skills and brings the front line of the ‘war on terror’ right home to the streets of America’s capital.

Carr’s debut novel was a prodigious hit, and won a lot of fans for its accuracy and attention to detail – one reviewer called it ‘a gun nut’s dream’ for the way in which Carr details the specifics of Reece’s arsenal. It’s a quick read, but one you won’t want to put down – and fans are already calling out for Carr’s next release.

Capwar ElectionCapWar ELECTION by Brandt Legg

You might not have heard of the CapWar ELECTION, but you might be familiar with its author – USA Today bestselling writer Brandt Legg. Author of the prodigiously successful The Last Librarian, Brandt turned his attention from sci-fi to contemporary thrillers this January in a book clearly inspired by the vicious presidential race of 2016.

The plot might sound familiar – a populist, out-of-left-field Republican candidate runs for the White House, winning unexpected popular support. But that’s where fiction veers from reality, as this isn’t a tale so much about the unexpected candidate, but more about the level of corruption and intrigue behind the so-called “democratic process” – and that’s a chilling thought given the political minefield we’re navigating today.

In a rare twist, the author of CapWar ELECTION is almost as fascinating as the book itself. If you didn’t know him as a writer, you might know Brandt Legg as the infamous ‘teen tycoon’ who became a multi-millionaire before his 20th birthday – and then lost it all and wound up in jail after getting wrapped up in the ‘junk bonds’ of the 1980s stock-market. To read his novel is to get a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a man who had and lost it all – and then struggled to find redemption and redefine personal success.

The Stone Leopard by Colin Forbes

I’m throwing a wild-card into the mix for this final suggestion – and while digital copies aren’t available, you can pick up a paperback of this vintage thriller for less than a buck!

The Stone Leopard is a presidential thriller – only not an American one. Written and set in the 1970s, it follows the story of gendarme Marc Grelle, who discovers a communist conspiracy to place one of their own agents in the position of most powerful man in France. While obviously dated – the Cold War is over, after all – the book has eerie parallels with modern politics; especially with accusation of Russian meddling in our own election.

It’s a bit of a red-herring to include in this list, but a good reminder that the intense, partisan politics we’re experiencing today is largely unchanged from that of years-gone-by. It’s just our 24-hour news cycle and the amplification of social media that’s stirred it all up to fever pitch.

Before you leave, check out some of our other top book lists – there are new ones posted weekly so come back often! 

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