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5 Steamy Romance Reads to Heat Up Your Winter

By: Hidden Gems on November 17, 2020

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By: Hidden Gems on November 17, 2020


Light up the fireplace, grab your favorite blanket and get ready to melt with these steamy romance novels that were popular among Hidden Gems ARC readers who recently got to read them first, and for free! There’s a romance for everyone on this list, but be warned, they might keep you turning pages and skipping sleep.

Protecting His Brother's Babies

Protecting His Brother’s Babies by Katie Knight and Leslie North

With an average 4.5 star rating and over 150 reviews on Amazon, USA Today Bestseller Leslie North and Katie Knight invite you to indulge in a heart-pounding military romance with a hot, super-alpha Navy SEAL protecting the woman he loves at all costs.

“This book is gripping, captivating and draws the reader in with lots of intrigue, action and suspense and succeeds in keeping the reader on the edge of their seat, captivated and with baited breath,” writes Texas Customer in their 5-star review. “The author did an amazing job highlighting and describing the emotions and feelings between Lake and Drake and their growing attraction to each other. It was easy to like and relate to them both. I loved this book and can’t wait to read more by this author.”

“Completely and utterly taken captive by this story!” says Dee in her 5-star review. “It was EVERYTHING!!! There were parts where I like “oh wow” what the what” moments in this book. This story was completely addictive and intoxicating from the very first page, and I never wanted it to end. SO MUCH ALPHA! By the time you’ve figured out who is who and how much you hate and wish for harm on others or just a wake up call, you’re already hooked, and you may as well give up the fight and prepare yourself for an all-nighter! You will start it and you will not put it down until the last page has been turned. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Ruthless Prince

Ruthless Prince by Faith Summers

Regularly in the Top 10 Multicultural Romance and Top 10 Vigilante Justice categories on Amazon, with nearly 300 reviews, Ruthless Prince is the first book in the Dark Syndicate series. It is a stand-alone Dark Mafia Enemies to Lovers Arranged Marriage Romance, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers.

“This is the first book that I have read from this author and WOW!!!” writes Edna Hill in her 5-star review. “This is definitely not the usual dark mafia romance novels that I have read in the past. This one had me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole time reading about the connection between Emelia & Massimo. WOW. And there are tons of shocking developments throughout this book that will grab you and hold you until the next revelation. Highly, Highly recommend this book for your library. I can not wait to read the next book in this series.”

Ksd, Vine Voice writes in their 5-star review, “This book hooked me immediately with tons of fantastic characters that promise more Dark Syndicate to come, but especially Massimo and Emelia. Their chemistry is palpable, Emelia’s innocence is endearing, Massimo’s attempts to keep his distance are fruitless and the danger is so much closer than one would think.

This dark romance has some truly dark and dastardly elements. Twists as the story progresses, as expected, causes much agony and emotional stress which sets the tone for any and probably all upcoming books in this series. The D’Agonstino family are intriguing and I’m sure their books will be equally dark, twisted, full of danger and suspense, not to mention the emotional trauma and knee weakening attraction that leads to love at exactly the right, wrong time as something bigger and badder lurks around the corner for these brothers.

Overall, an amazing beginning for this author’s new dark romance series where love saves despite all efforts of denial. A perfect HEA for Massimo and Emelia begins as more Dark Syndicate begins to take shape.”

What a Wolf's Heart Decides

What a Wolf’s Heart Decides by Amy Pennza

An average 4.6 star rating on Amazon, and an absolute hit amongst Hidden Gems ARC readers, What a Wolf’s Heart Decides is a steamy shifter romance with a fairytale retelling vibe.  This book is the fourth in the Lux Catena series, and can be read as a standalone, but once you’re finished you’ll want to grab the whole satisfying series and devour it in order.

“Oh my, oh my, oh my. This book is absolutely amazing and I was riveted from start to finish,” writes Annie555 in her 5-star review. “The book is fascinating with secrets, magic, passion and a beautiful love story that will make your heart sing. Will Haley ever discover a gift and can Bard make right the sins of the past? Read the book and find out.”

“A very well written paranormal shifter romance. Awesome characters in this book maintain the enjoyment, entertainment and interest of this series,” says Ksd, Vine Voice in their 5-star review. “Bard is ALL ALPHA, but in such a tragic way and truly Beast-like. Haley is adorable, but not a pushover despite her young age and seeming naïveté. While she is innocent in so many ways because she is so young, she is by no means an idiot as she surprises Bard time after time with her bravery.

The plot of this book is both obvious and a mystery. It becomes clear that Bard and Haley are meant to be, but other forces are at work and create a challenge that seems insurmountable. Clearly, Haley has never backed down from challenges before and she’s not about to start now with the love of her life’s life in the balance.

Overall, a very exciting and steamy paranormal romance that captivated me with the characters as much as their story itself. As this HEA demonstrates, love really can conquer all, even a curse.”


Blitz by Sabrina Stark

Blitz is a fun, new release, full-length billionaire romance with a guaranteed happily-ever-after and already over 120 reviews with an average 4.7 star rating on Amazon. USA Today Bestselling Author Sabrina Stark has once again delighted Hidden Gems ARC readers in this enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy.

“This novel sucked me in from the very first page and did not let go until the very last,” says Robin McKenzie in her 5-star review. I did not want this novel to end. I loved Mina and Chase. Their chemistry was so good. I loved the dialogue and banter. I love a novel that can make me laugh out loud in public. This novel checked all of my boxes, and left me with a smile on my face and a happy heart. I can’t wait to see what this author writes next.”

LSE587 writes in their 5-star review, “I can’t say enough about Blitz and the whole Blast series. A standalone story that is yet another example of Ms. Stark’s terrific ability to weave a very unique, well written tale that will have you ignoring anything that will have you stop reading!

Why 5 stars from me? When I got to the end of the book, I started an immediate reread of my favorite parts … and there were quite a few. This is a character driven book featuring Mina and Chase. The chemistry between them comes out in the witty dialogue and the romance really sizzles!”


Faked by Vanessa Waltz

A #1 New Release in Amazon’s Heist Thrillers category, Faked is a steamy dark mafia romance with over 220 reviews. In the third and final book of the Sinners of Boston series, Vanessa Waltz brings us an age gap, fake fiancé romance between a jealous/possessive hero and his best friend’s sister. All books in this series are standalones and can be read in any order.

“I loved reading the marvelous and sensational dark mafia romance and was riveted to the storyline from the beginning of the story until the last page,” writes Debbie Ballard in her 5-star review. “Vinn Costa, a lead man in the mafia, feels the need to protect Liana from an arranged marriage and becomes Liana’s pretend fiance’. Liana has tried everything she can think of to get over her feelings for Vinn, but when stuck with Vinn in a relationship, Liana’s feelings for Vinn grow deeper and deeper. Vinn, who has only looked at Liana as Michael’s little sister, is now seeing her as a beautiful, attractive, alluring young woman who he wants for now. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written, engaging storyline, and a must read love story.”

CS writes in their 5-star review, “The emotional heat was over the top and I especially liked Vinn’s POV and the way he unexpectedly realized how much he was into Liana.I loved all the scenes where Vincent alpha maled it while battling uncharacteristic jealousy over any man showing interest in Liana. Super hot scenes that showed their passionate chemistry and love for each other. Lots of graphic, violent mob like action with bloodthirsty retribution that was satisfying as it totally fit in with this genre. Well done and entertaining from start to finish!”

If you can’t get enough of these hot romances, check out more books by these authors and remember that subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of 15 other genres – for free. All we ask is that you consider leaving an honest review of them on Amazon when you’re done reading! Sign up today!

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