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ARC Review Podcast

By: Hidden Gems on October 31, 2017

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on October 31, 2017


Wondering what all the fuss about reviews and ARC teams are?  Got some time to listen to a podcast that breaks it all down for you?

I was a recent guest on Jonny Andrews’ Author Platform Rocket podcast to talk about reviews, ARC teams, what reviews can and can’t do for your book and what Amazon does or doesn’t allow.  It was a lot of fun, and if you’re an author trying to get a handle on what all this ARC review stuff is, I encourage you to give it a listen.   Whether you’re building your own team or looking to hire someone like Hidden Gems to run it for you, we probably talk about something of interest.

And for those of you that do run your own ARC team, there’s something of special interest you might want to hear about.  A little sneak preview of an upcoming service we’re just about ready to roll out that will make even your life a little easier.

Unfamiliar with Author Platform Rocket?  APR is an author marketing company that reaches up to 3 million readers per week while working with over 16,000 authors sell more books and grow their platforms. It’s something every author should at least look into.

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