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Sizzling Hot Romance Novels to make your summer even sweatier

By: Hidden Gems on May 28, 2024

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on May 28, 2024


Our readers know that no two love stories are the same, so they scoop up new books every chance they get. – and sizzling hot romance books are by far the most popular! From mafia romance to light hearted rom coms, if you are looking for a new read to make your summer sweaty, there’s something for everyone on this list!

Ruby Tears

Ruby Tears by Pepper Winters

With over 450 ratings and a 4.5 star average on Amazon, Ruby Tears is the first installment of The Jewelry Box series, a dark romance. The blurb notes that this book is dark, explicit and pushes boundaries so readers wishing to avoid triggers should take that into consideration.

“I knew going into this book that it was going to be rough. If the actual author hints that this is going to be a bumpy ride, then heed those hints. I thought I was prepared. I was, most definitely, not. The tension and angst that kept building throughout this first book was even more intense than even the Indebted and Goddess Isles series. That says something because I was on the edge of my seat the entire time with those, but this book? I felt like I was in an emotional pinball machine being flipped all over the place. If there was an emotion to be had, I felt it—everything from rage, anger, sadness, shock, disbelief, empathy, and even revenge…” Maria H. raves in her five-star Amazon review.

Danielle M. concurs in her five-star Amazon review, “…This book is a sensational start to a series that’s going to be epic as only Pepper Winters books can be. You must read this , I promise it will not disappoint. It’s a masterpiece!!”

Dirty Score

Dirty Score by Kenna King

With 850+ ratings and a 4.4 star average, Dirty Score is an enemies-to-lovers, steamy, hockey romance, and is book five of The Hawkeyes Hockey series. Each book in the series is also available in Kindle Unlimited and can be read as standalones.

“…I absolutely loved reading Penelope and Slade’s story, their heartbreak, hate-to-love steamy story was so brilliantly told I was on the edge of my seat waiting for it to unravel…” Narci raves in her five-star Amazon review.

Kelly R. concurs in her five star Amazon review, “If you love a second chance romance, don’t miss this one. Add in a hunky ice hockey player with the patients of a saint and a heroine with dreams of ice skating and you’ve got it made.”

Under Pressure

Under Pressure by Ellie Thornton

With over 70 ratings and an impressive 4.7 star average, Under Pressure is a sweet romance with a Navy SEAL, a second chance, and a beachy setting for this love story. This book is part of the Diamond Cove romantic comedy series, all of which are also available in Kindle Unlimited.

Natalie writes in her five-star Amazon review “…This one had me glued from beginning to end- there’s just so much action, with amusing bits interspersed. There are also poignant moments dealing with the topics of loss and tough love. A good mix of exciting, light and thoughtful moments…”

“From the prequel to the last chapter, this story compelled me to keep reading until I finished it in one day. Intense, dramatic, and at times humorous, the story is much more than a Rom/Com. It is easy to see why Ellie Thornton is a best-selling author. She creates strong, authentic characters and develops intriguing plots with unexpected twists and satisfying endings.” Diane H. writes in her five-star Amazon review.

The Professor

The Professor by Skye Warren

With over 550 ratings on Amazon and a 4.3 star average, The Professor is the first installment of the Tanglewood University series. This installment is a student/professor, steamy novel which starts this series off with a bang.

“…The chemistry between this hot professor and his younger student is so palpable; all the Shakespeare analogies are perfect, and the mystery of the Shakespeare Club kept me riveted to the pages! I couldn’t put it down! Her roommate Daisy is such a delight and even Lorelei turned into a sweetheart. The cliffhanger really got me, I was in total shock! I need The Student NOW!!” Janet B. raves in her five-star Amazon review.

Debbie B. explains in her five-star Amazon review, “Loved reading the engaging and amazing story. When Anne’s one night of unforgettable passion ends, she doesn’t expect to see him again and to be teaching one of her classes, Professor Stratford. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written, and riveting story. Can’t wait to read the next story in the Tanglewood University series by the fabulous and fantastic author, Skye Warren!”

Only Isla

Only Isla by Bronnie Thomas

With 15+ ratings and an outstanding 4.7 star average, Only Isla is a hidden gem for romance fans who want to go on an emotional rollercoaster, as Isla discovers she has a whole side of her family she never knew about. Readers will discover what relationships will blossom as she gets to know this new branch of her family tree.

“Absolutely loved this book. It…had me gripped from the first chapter. A perfect romance story that takes you on a journey of everything that life can throw at you – I laughed, cried and was heartwarmed the whole way through.” Kirsty raves in her five-star Goodreads review.

Sharianne C. explains in their five-star review, “…Bronnie Thomas writes in such an easy and fulfilling way. I was expecting the twists and turns the story took, but that just made it even more enjoyable. Each character has its own story which the author explores with ease and makes you feel you are part of the story…I loved everything about this novel. It was well written and believable…If you do nothing else this summer read this book. You won’t be disappointed…”

Hidden Gems readers got to read these heart thumping romances first, so if you want more happily ever afters to read poolside, sign up today! Subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of up to 15 other genres – for free. Authors send these out in the hopes that the readers will write an honest review once they’re done.

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