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Children’s Books To Read For a Summer Reading Program

By: Hidden Gems on June 27, 2023

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on June 27, 2023


Do you have a young reader in your life? Or maybe you’re looking for a great bedtime story to enjoy with your youngest book lovers. With summer reading programs coming up, we have a handful of children’s books to read or add to your TBR! Our Hidden Gems ARC readers loved the following titles, and we bet your young bookworm will, as well.

How Lucky Am I?

How Lucky Am I? by Brittney Spencer

With 25 ratings and a 4.7 average star rating, How Lucky Am I? is recommended for children 5 years and younger. How Lucky Am I? is the story of an expecting parent dreaming of the future with her child.

“A sweet, sweet heartfelt story to share with your children,” Whitney writes in her five star Amazon review. “You can feel the love flowing from page to page from the author’s words to her daughter. The illustrations are precious and warm I found myself lingering on a page to fully take in the beautiful images. Not only did I really enjoy How Lucky Am I?, but my children also loved it as well…”

Bethany C. writes in her five star Amazon review, “Heartwarming and adorable, How Lucky Am I? is a precious glimpse into the love between a parent and their child. Each page is beautifully illustrated, with vibrant and colourful images to accompany each line. The narration is written in rhyming verse, which is always adds a special rhythm and cadence to the story. It is a beautiful tribute to love and family; a promise of loyalty and support through whatever life may bring.”

Doggie Adventures

Doggie Adventures by Papa Paws

With a 4.6 average star rating and 10 ratings, Doggie Adventures is book eight in The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws series. This tale is recommended for children aged 5 and younger.  Young readers will help Molly Paws find her missing dog toys.

Jamie B. writes in her five star Amazon review, “I’ve read and reviewed several books by this publisher that feature a charming family of dogs who live with Papa and Mama Paws, their human caretakers. In this particular tale, the dogs are disturbed to discover that every single dog toy has disappeared. So, they decide to become doggie detectives…This fun little book teaches a good lesson on sharing and friendship but isn’t overly preachy and is actually quite humorous…”

“This is a cute little book for story time with younger children…Through great illustrations and engaging storytelling, the book leads readers, and listeners to where the missing toys are and who is the culprit,” mama2lilmonkeys concurs in her five star Amazon review. “I even smiled at the end of the book because the little Yorkie said what I had been thinking. This book would make a great addition to a home library of pre-readers that enjoy story time with a loved one.”

Unique Adaptations of Nighttime Animals

Unique Adaptations of Nighttime Animals by Tracey Hecht

With 10+ ratings and a 4.9 average star rating, Unique Adaptation of Nighttime Animals is recommended for readers aged 9-12 who are interested in learning more about nocturnal animals and their habitats.

MG writes in their five star Amazon review, “First of all, I’d just like to say: quality, quality, quality: the latest addition to the Nocturnals non-fiction lineup is quality in every way. This book has some stellar nature photography, and even the glossy paper feels nice!! This non-fiction for middle-grade readers dives into nocturnal animal knowledge and introduces science concepts for upper elementary kids that are becoming more familiar with earth science and biology…”

“This easily accessible, quality chapter book about unique nighttime animals is a wonderful addition to The Nocturnals series,” readerwriter added in their five star Amazon review. “Middle-grade readers will find over 150 color photos, short text, and fun facts packed inside the covers. This book is for anyone that loves animals and would like to learn about some lesser-known creatures. The narrative of the Nocturnal characters adds an entertaining element to the text. This descriptive, detailed chapter book with added glossary and science resources would be a great addition to any library or home shelf.”

Fly Little Bird

Fly Little Bird by Ingo Blum

With an impressive 4.4 average star rating, Fly Little Bird is recommended for readers aged 7 and under. This bilingual book will help your reader learn their first words/phrases in English and Vietnamese.

Bethany C. writes in her five star Amazon review, “I absolutely adore this story! Fly, Little Bird is perfect for young readers, with a beautiful message about bravery, and some of the most exquisite illustrations I have ever seen in a book. The little bird must conquer his fears if he is to help an animal in need. He encounters many interesting creatures along the way, and overcomes his worries in order to save the day. The English and Vietnamese bi-lingual aspect of this book is brilliant, enriching the overall reading experience whether both languages are used immediately or not.”

mwinningkoff writes in their five star Amazon review, “This book is very cute! The illustrations are colorful, and the story about a bird being afraid to fly is interesting…Overall, a wonderful book!…”

A World in One

A World in One by Nomi Lifowe

A World in One is the story of Ava as she explores the universe on a journey to learn about love, and is written for younger readers. Reviewers suggested this book would be a hit with readers aged 3-8. With an average 4.5 star rating, this book is a must read for your adventurous readers.

“This is such a gorgeous book!” Bethany C writes in her five star Amazon review. “From the whimsical, colourful illustrations to some of the most poetic writing I have ever seen in a children’s story, A World In One was a delight from start to finish. It honours love and the bonds that love creates, and it is a beautiful book to add to any family’s collection.”

Chris S. writes in their five star Amazon review, “A World in One‘ is a cute story of a little girl who is told throughout the book by her mother how much she is loved. The book is filled with beautiful and imaginative illustrations of fantasy worlds and animals that will appeal to any child and parent. This book is great for boys and girls ages 3-8. It has an engaging storyline that is easy to read, and should help empower and build confidence in any parent/child relationship…This story would benefit any children dealing with confidence issues, or just needing some extra love. A World in the One makes for a quick and easy bedtime story that any child and parent would enjoy.”

Hidden Gems readers got to read these promising stories first, so if you want more free children’s books to read as well, sign up today! Subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of up to 15 other genres – for free. All authors want is for you to consider leaving an honest review of them on Amazon when you’re done reading!

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