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Christmas Romance Novels You Won’t Want to Miss

By: Hidden Gems on November 16, 2021

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on November 16, 2021


Romance is the most popular genre in the Hidden Gems ARC program and our readers know that no two love stories are the same, so they scoop up new books every chance they get. With the holidays upon us we’ve recently been sending out some Christmas romance novels and have rounded up the top rated ones for you to enjoy this holiday season. ‘Tis the season for romance!


Sweet Like Christmas

Sweet Like Christmas by Liza Jonathan

If you like a little Southern-spiked humor, sweet angst, delicious tension and all the Christmas feels then you’re going to love this book! It’s perfect for fans of Laura Kaye, Kristen Ashley, Roni Loren, Jill Shalvis, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Sweet Like Christmas is set in Lewisburg, WV, and features many real shops, landmarks, and the historic Greenbrier Resort, which all enthusiastically signed on to be mentioned in this award-winning series.

“This friends to lovers romance is written with so much fun,” writes JMcG in their 5-star review. “Filled with a variety of characters and humor, this book is quick to get through. Ross and Lita have been friends for years and you can immediately tell how important they are to one another. Both secretly with feelings for each other. Lita sees Ross as a player, which he is, only because the person he wants to be serious with is her. But Lita has baggage and is afraid to let anyone get close to her heart. Since Ross does not want to settle with anyone, she has kept him firmly in the friend zone. One day they get a bit of magic in their lives and set them on a new course. For the first time Lifts is noticed by every man in town and Ross is forced to face his feelings. Lita is forced to take a chance and open her heart. Super fun to read with some laugh out loud moments. You will instantly fall for these two.”

“This was a cute and sweet best friends to lovers story,” explains Jennifer in her 5-star review. “I loved the element of the magic cookies that changed everything. I really liked that the author had both main characters return to their true selves (hair color and clothing style) and not be the person they thought everyone expected. It pulled me in from beginning to end and held my attention. The world building is detailed and imaginative. This book has strong, well-developed characters and an interesting story line that keeps you turning the pages.”

Seal's Christmas Protection

SEAL’s Christmas Protection by Katie Knight and Leslie North

Who wouldn’t want a smoking hot Navy SEAL for Christmas? Grab a cozy comforter and curl up with three sexy SEALs who find love—and instant families—in Katie Knight’s heartwarming Christmas boxset featuring 3 brand new Christmas SEAL stories!

Charleann Davis, Vine Voice writes in her 5-star review, “This set of military romance stories will have you on the edge of your seats and the characters will captivate you. From broken men injured and losing their military jobs to women in danger. We will follow the characters as their stories will be a part of your heart. Each story is unique and will grab you and you will begin to feel like you know the characters personally. Watch as they fight to keep the women they love from danger. There are so many twists and turns to each story you will be captivated until the very last page and leave you begging for more. I love the way these amazing authors bring the story to life before your eyes and you can feel the characters’ emotions and their pain. I can hardly wait to see what’s next by these multi-talented authors.”

“Each book provides the feels and will put you in the spirit,” explains Elsie Pitt in her 5-star review. “It will have you curling up with a nice hot beverage of your choosing and settle in. You will not want to leave this world and will absolutely fall in love with these Seals and the women who love them. Each book is written wonderfully and the plots are engaging. I loved this set.”

Cowboy's Christmas Past

Cowboy’s Christmas Past by Mary Sue Jackson

With over 100 ratings on Amazon, Mary Sue Jackson brings readers a delightful second chance holiday romance. Christmas with her cowboy ex. What could possibly go wrong?

Cowboy’s Christmas Past will help get you in the mood for a sweet and romantic Christmas,” writes LF in their 5-star review. “This second chance at romance story is about Amelia Crawford and Beau Taylor. This is a charming, sweet, sexy, and entertaining story with a wonderfully written story-line that has it all…drama, love, romance, a lost love, family, friends, careers, expectations, and a lot of emotion. I enjoyed this story quite a lot and loved the characters, including the many supporting.”

KSD raves in their 5-star review, “Cowboy’s Christmas Past by Mary Sue Jackson is a poignant second chance romance as Hollywood actress, Amelia finds herself in a small town for the role of a lifetime and also face to face with the love of her life that she lost. Beau thought his Ami was lost to him forever, but 10 years later, she is at his ranch, riding his horses and invading his heart. I really enjoyed these characters. Despite her upbringing, connections and success, Amelia is down to earth sweet heart with tons of talent that has yet to be tapped. Beau is selfless and completely devoted and dedicated to his family, but happy in his life despite having to leave his first loves, Amelia and cinematography. He found his own way and has new dreams. The second chance plot, from the characters perspective is only temporary until each of them are confronted with their misery. Separation seems to be the only answer, but thank goodness they each have people in their corner to help them see real reason. Overall, this sweet and steamy second chance romance has a beautiful ranch setting and hunky cowboy, an interesting Hollywood storyline and sweet starlet that gets swept up in romance and ultimately a Hollywood worthy HEA.”

Never Fall for Your Enemy

Never Fall for Your Enemy (especially not at Christmas) by Kate O’Keeffe

A new release with over 150 Amazon reviews and flagged as the #1 New Release in British Humor and Satire, Never Fall for Your Enemy (especially not at Christmas) is a clean, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with a smart and sassy American heroine and a swoon-worthy British hero. It’s the second book in the It’s Complicated series and can easily be read as a standalone novel.

“I loved the light, often whimsical, tone to this book,” explains Avid Reader in their 5-star review. “A bit of humor infects the story from the opening scene. The writing is smooth, easy and fast moving. The London holiday season setting added a bit of sparkle. The romance is slow build and sweet and, though the heroine and some of the secondary characters have appeared in some of Kate O’Keeffe’s other recent romances, this is a standalone. Kennedy, the female lead who’s living her dream working as a journalist for a London magazine, is warm and easily lovable. And she has so many great supporting characters, including a group of elderly ladies who want to help her find a man, an energetic Boston terrier and its flaky influencer owner, a gaggle of gal pals and her neighbor/’enemy’ Charlie Cavendish.”

“I laughed out loud so much reading this book,” raves Marie B. in her 5-star review. “From her back and forth banter with Charlie, the wacky dates that Kennedy was forced to go on as research for her job, to the busybody “Ducks” in the place where she’s flat and dog sitting, and Lady Moo’s obsession and need to destroy a certain stuffed animal and being banned from the pet shops. Kennedy loved her job, but then management changed and I wondered other than the work visa that allowed her to remain in England why she would stay. She finds out that Charlie who reminds her of her entitled ex not only lives in the building she’s staying in but his family owns the magazine she works for. Talk about being in a tough situation. But with a little matchmaking from the Ducks and a stuck elevator Kennedy just might fall for her enemy.”

Rancher's Family Christmas

Rancher’s Family Christmas by Leslie North

With over 100 Amazon reviews, this first in series is one of those Christmas romance novels that is sure to warm your heart and leave a smile on your face for the holidays.

“Nobody writes a romance quite like Leslie North, and this is no exception,” declares Amy Reads Romance in her 5-star review. “Seven-year-old Thora asks Santa for a perfect Christmas just like before her Mother and Grandmother died. Alex calls his brothers home, and then finds a class to take his three girls to for a little Christmas spirit. There he meets Juniper again. She’s the girl next door, and as their relationship develops, she feels comfortable and new at the same time. When things get serious fast, and the girls look like they are becoming attached to Juniper, Alex gets scared, and breaks things off. Luckily, they get their HEA in the end, because there is nothing like the Spirit of Christmas for a romance novel. This is a wonderful story about the oldest of three brothers still grieving his recent losses, and leaving no time for himself outside of his responsibilities. Even his curmudgeon father eventually sees it, and the positive effect Juniper has on the whole family. The book manages to be happy without being sappy, and I’m giving it five stars. It is well worth the one click.”

Crazy Book Lover explains in their 5-star review, “This is the first book in the Harvey Brothers Christmas series. Alex and Juniper’s story is a great holiday read. It’s steamy, witty, and will make you laugh and cry. Alex is a widower with three daughters, the responsibility of running the family ranch and taking care of his father who is wheelchair bound. Juniper is on her own for Christmas but she’s used to it since her aunt and uncle have treated her indifferently since they took her in when she was a child. Juniper has had a crush on Alex most of her life but he’s never really noticed her other than she’s his younger brother’s friend. The attraction is there and strong but will anything come of it? Will Juniper finally find a family to fit in to or will fear win out? Can’t wait to read book two.”

Hidden Gems readers got to read these romances filled with all of the holiday feels first, so if you want more happily ever afters to curl up with, sign up today! Subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of up to 15 other genres – for free. Authors send these out in the hopes that the readers will write an honest review on Amazon once they’re done.

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