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5 Fabulous Mysteries for the Fall

By: Hidden Gems on October 8, 2019

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By: Hidden Gems on October 8, 2019


Everybody loves a good whodunnit, and subscribers to Hidden Gems get to pick and choose from new titles offered to them each and every day, for FREE. We looked back over the past two months and selected some of the top-ranked mysteries, as picked by our readers.

Adam's Witness by J.C. PaulsonAdam’s Witness by J.C. Paulson

Former journalist J.C. Paulson turned bad news into hopeful optimism when she shifted careers and moved into the world of fiction. With a writing style in the tone of Dorothy Sayers, P.D. James and Louise Penny, Paulson’s taut prose breathes life into the Adam and Grace series, which follows the investigations of sassy reporter Grace Rampling and brilliant detective Adam Davis as they uncover murder most foul – and find unlikely love along the way.

“I read it in one long sitting,” writes Gloria Antypowich in her 5-star review. “The plot has many twists and turns—the romance fraught with tension because Grace and Adam had to fight their attraction. I love it when both male and female characters openly express deep emotions toward their family, their friends and the ones they love intimately. There is plenty of real emotion among these characters. This book is woven around socially sensitive subjects: one that sadly still exists today, even though most of us want to believe it is not an issue. Another that is rejected by all normal people, but is more prevalent than we want to admit.”

“A brilliant, heartwarming, adventurous crime thriller!” Uma Iyer Van Roosenbeek writes in another 5-star review. “It is full of human feelings, emotions, thoughts and descriptions of a family coming together in times of distress makes this book and the characters it depicts very endearing and enchanting. The way deductive reasoning leads from one result to the next paving the way to the solution of multiple murders, one attempted murder and other crimes as described in the book makes this book one that cannot be put down until the reader has read the last word of the last page.”

The Scott Drayco Series Box Set by BV LawsonThe Scott Drayco Series Box Set by BV Lawson

Together, the first three books in the Scott Drayco series have earned over 800 5-star reviews, and subscribers to Hidden Gems were lucky enough to get their hands on all three novels at once with this brand-new boxed set. The stories revolve around the adventures of a brilliant freelance crime consultant, tormented by a case that ended tragically. These three novels see him find some redemption as he uncovers devious plots and foils murderous schemes.

In a 5-star review, Christina McCormick writes: “I was hooked after just a few pages. The way the author writes is phenomenal, the sentence structures, the wording is just captivating and so descriptive. It pulls you in and reminds me of some of the most legendary books I have read in the past. I couldn’t stop reading!! I completed book one and half of book two in the course of three days even when working (I stayed up quite late, unable to put it down).”

Reviewer John L was similarly impressed, writing: “These three mystery stories contained a truly different and unique type of detective for sure, and the turn of phrases she uses in her writing simply blew me away. Put simply, I LOVED her writing, and I must also say that the author manages to keep the reader guessing almost up to the last minute as to whodunnit and why.”

Shadow of Doubt by SL Beaumont Shadow of Doubt by SL Beaumont 

The thorny topic of Brexit is the theme behind this thrilling mystery by New Zealand author SL Beaumont, which sees the tale begin with a devastating terrorist attack in London, which throws London banker Jessica McDonald into the midst of a terrifying conspiracy.

In her 5-star review, Shannon writes “Shadow of Doubt is a taut, fast paced thriller that draws you in from the start.”

Tabatha Shipley describes the book as “a mystery you’ll be unraveling for awhile,” and admits: “I’m going to HIGHLY recommend any mystery/thriller fans go get this one immediately. It wraps so many layers to the mystery that it will leave you happily unraveling for awhile.”

Jamie praises the characterization, writing: “The main character, Jess, is complex. She is likable, but also flawed, making her relatable to the reader. Through her struggles and relationships, the author is able to explore larger themes about society in a way that is, at times, a little heavy-handed – but always interesting.”

Prussian Counterpoint by Nupur Tustin Prussian Counterpoint by Nupur Tustin 

Ah, Franz Joseph Haydn – the classical Austrian composer, inventor of chamber music, known as “Father of the String Quartet” and also… amateur detective? Well, that’s the concept behind the Joseph Haydn Mystery Series by Napur Tustin – a passionate musician with a background in journalism, who pens a truly unique set of stories reinventing the famous musician as a 19th century sleuth in and around the courts of Europe.

“Set in Austria and Prussia in the 1700’s, it is full of pomp and pageantry, extreme class differences, snobbery among the well-born, gossip among the kitchen maids, with a touch of occasional humor,” writes reviewer Jackie Houchin. “Who knew that the classical musician, Joseph Hayden, could also be called on to solve murders?  An intellectual, he is able to piece out the complicated aspects of the mysteries, but it takes his forthright brother Johann to voice what he thinks. This able duo eventually discovers ONE impossible villain responsible for theft, murder, blackmail, and debauchery.  But can they prove it in time? I enjoyed the exceptional attention to setting details, and found myself cheering on Hayden as he untangled the complicated overlapping mysteries, all while his own future was at stake.”

History buff Doward Wilson writes: “I found this to be a rousing historical cozy that grabbed my attention with the first page. The historical characters are well portrayed in this cozy mystery and quite likeable. The background is very accurate and the descriptions of the characters and settings are very well drawn. Cozy fans and history buffs will both find lots of enjoyment in this well done book.”

An Imperfect Crime by Fred G. BakerAn Imperfect Crime by Fred G. Baker

In the first book in the Detective Sanchez/Father Montero Mystery series, you’ll meet tough and smart Phoenix detective Lori Sanchez and principled man of God Father Montero – who, together, become a very unlikely yet highly effective pair of crime fighters. An Imperfect Crime is the first book in the series, and begins with Lori suspecting that an open-and-shut case might just be too ‘open and shut’ for it to be really what happened.

“An Imperfect Crime is an edge of your seat book and I honestly couldn’t put it down,” writers Tessa, in her 5-star review. “If you think this is just another crime thriller book, think again.  This book is full of twists, turns, action, and the ever-present corrupt politicians.  I would recommend this book to anyone and it receives high marks from this reader!”

“An extremely exciting read, had me on the edge throughout!” Amanda writes in her own 5-star review. “I usually don’t read crime thrillers but this book has me changing my mind. Even if you believe you think you know where the story will go, you are sorely mistaken! An Imperfect Crime is filled with surprises and twists I was not expecting at all.”

“A delightfully twisty murder mystery,” writers Ellen Dowdell in her 5-star review. “Baker really blew me away with the first in this series, and quite an exciting debut! It’s a thrilling murder mystery with twists that start right at the beginning. It’s dashing and dramatic, like an amped-up Law and Order episode. A fun, fast-paced mystery with engaging dialogue, a diverse crew, and lively action.”

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