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Fight the Heat of Summer with these Five Ice-Cold Thrillers

By: Hidden Gems on July 16, 2019

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on July 16, 2019


If you’re looking for a can’t-put-down summer thriller, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered five of the top-rated thrillers we’ve offered to subscribers this summer, each one full to the brim with red-hot action and ice-cold thrills.

Bringing Hell by Larry IgbonBringing Hell by Larry Igbon

British author Larry Igbon brings the gritty realism of London’s underworld to life in this tough-as-nails novella, featuring a Royal Marine out for revenge after the East End Mob murder his brother.

Reviewer clairbear gave the book 5-stars, writing: “This is my kind of revenge story. The protagonist is arrogant, strong, and capable. The bad guys? Love to hate them. It’s a well-paced story. A very satisfactory ending. I’m a big fan of revenge movies or books and this book was spot on., 

Dono writes: “Quite a bit of violence and fighting, but not over the top. Look forward to this starting a series. Although this was a quick read, it was riveting from start to end – and better then a lot of long winded novels I’ve read of the same genre.”

Monster by S. E. GreenMonster by S. E. Green

S. E. Green is one seriously imaginative and twisted thriller writer, and Monster lives up to the name by featuring a truly disturbing, yet incredibly compelling story about a tormented young woman who assists police in tracking down the most depraved and sickening serial killers. 

“Page turner!” Sylvia Maldonado writes, giving the book a 5-star review. “The moment I read the first page I was hooked. I couldn’t put the novel down and Green once again captivates the readers with intense detail. This is everything from the setting to character development. Bravo Green-you did it again!”

“Dark, gripping, haunting,” writes Jo Lynn Gosnell. “Monster is a unique book, between the subject matter – murder, cannibalism, and mental illness – and the style – first-person fraught with hallucinations and imagined events. It’s well-written and compelling from the start, with lots of twists and turns to keep you going. The dialogue is well-crafted, especially the main psychologist’s – his really shows off his educated and professionally aloof persona. The reveal at the end feels earned, and there are enough clues throughout for you to piece most things together on your own without feeling cheated.”

Formula: Another HELL Ranger Thriller by Gina FavaFormula: Another HELL Ranger Thriller by Gina Fava

The thrills of Formula One racing and the high-octane action of covert military adventure combine in the HELL Ranger series by Italophile author Gina Fava. The second in the series, this novel follows racing driver turned secret agent “Lucky” Lucchesi as he tracks down a high-profile poisoner in the beautiful Dolomite mountains.

“Couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!” Sluggo writes, in his 5-star review. “Gina’s characters leap off the page – especially when they’re in danger (which is rather frequently). The plot twists gave just enough clues so that I could guess what was going to happen next and where the story was headed (I even guessed right a couple times!). Her knowledge of subjects ranging from racing to chemistry to wine to Italy is extensive. The shout-outs to Gina’s Buffalo, NY roots were also very enjoyable for all of us from her hometown. As the book sped toward its conclusion, I found myself reading faster and faster, anxious to find out how everything was going to turn out. A familiarity with Gina’s earlier novels was a bonus; it was nice to be reacquainted with some of her characters/environments/story lines. These books should be turned into movies – the vivid descriptions and lifelike characters would translate very well to the big screen.

“This second book was definitely an enjoyable and suspense-filled, thrilling read,” writes reviewer John L. in his five-star review. “The characters were active and relatable. The story had several twists and turns, some were surprises, others weren’t if the reader tried to anticipate and figure it out before the author exposed the truth. The story took the reader on a whirlwind of experiences, from fear, murder, betrayal, lust, and maybe even a little love thrown in for good measure. ”

Yeager's Getaway by Scott BellYeager’s Getaway by Scott Bell

Abel Yeager is the star of Scott Bell’s fast-paced Abel Yeager series – about the down-on-his-luck former-Marine’s adventures, forced to use his military-honed skills in the most unlikely of circumstances. In this case, an idyllic vacation to Hawaii turns into a fight to the death when terrorists kidnap Abel’s new wife – and he teams up with three septuagenarian Vietnam vets to rescue her.

“A hard-hitting vacation,” writers reviewer W2, in his 5-star review. “A fast-paced read, I did not want to put it down and had to fight from flipping to the next page before finishing, just to find out what was going to happen next. Author Scott Bell stays true to continuing to explore his philosophy of: ‘What would John Wayne do?’”

“Yes, action-filled, but also a great shout-out to Vietnam Vets,” writes J. Sanders in his 5-star review. “This is my third Yeager novel. I burned through it in two days. The author has written another great read, filled with fascinating characters, a unique plot and setting, and of course, Abel Yeager. Abel does not play. Mess with him or those he loves, you will pay the price. Scott Bell really know his stuff. Whether it’s action, romance, or humor-all within these pages-he knows exactly how to convey it. He also knows how to write villains a reader wants killed.
I also enjoyed the Vietnam Vets in this novel: a seriously great addition to the men who did their duty in such a controversial war.”

A Beautiful Voice by Robert Lane A Beautiful Voice by Robert Lane 

As recommended by no less than Lee Child, book 6 of the Jake Travis series lets author Robert Lane weave the tale of his continuing main character Jake, who is thrown to the metaphorical wolves when the children of the man he was tasked with protecting are kidnapped by a murderous drug baron. 

“Thanks to Lee Child for his Robert Lane introduction. I’m hooked,” writes jessie schell in her 5-star review. “Travis is a wonderful character, as are his supporting players. Lane’s writing is compelling, and the worlds he creates are as physical and palpable as it’s possible to be. I admire his plots, which always surprise me in some way–nothing is ever predictable except for his ability to keep the curve balls coming. His west coast of Florida is as three-dimensional and filled with the scents and heat of the place as anyone could ever wish for. His dialogue is funny,touching, real, and I’d follow him anywhere. I wish I weren’t such a ‘piggy’ reader in his case so that I’d have another book waiting for me the minute I’ve finished the last one. Waiting impatiently for another, with much gratitude for the pleasures of his writing. He’s got the perfect touch, a deep heart for his characters, and the ability to draw you into his worlds so strongly that leaving them is always a sadness. MORE, please. and many thanks indeed for his splendid work!”

“Suspenstry and action from cover to cover with enough characters,” writes Top 50 and Vine Voice reviewer linda galella. “The central character has a great sense of humor. It’s not always appreciated by his fellow characters, but the readers will enjoy him. Author Robert Lane uses humor quite effectively to release tension in this high impact thriller. A Beautiful Voice is not just action, violence, blood and guts. In fact, those elements are well enough in control to be PG status. I’d classify this as a thinking persons suspense/mystery that has a decent amount of action.”

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