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Author Interviews

Author Spotlight Interview: Sheri Lynn Fishbach

By: Hidden Gems on September 1, 2020

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on September 1, 2020


Today, we continue our series of Author Spotlight Interviews by chatting with two time author Sheri Lynn Fishbach [Langer]. Sheri is a multi-genre author who writes from the heart and pens screenplays in addition to novels. We were extremely grateful for the opportunity to discuss her inspirations, motivations, and how she balances all of her projects.

HG: How would you describe yourself to somebody who isn’t familiar with your writing yet?

Sheri: I think I lean toward Nora Ephron, with a dash of Woody Allen, and a generous splash of Jennifer Weiner.

My work is funny, but it’s layered.

HG: Oooh, what a fabulous combination! So where does your inspiration come from?

Sheri: I’m inspired by so many thingslike the kitchenDEX, my first book is about a kid chef. As a heavy kid, the kitchen was never a fun place for me. And then my 4 kids cameand 3 of them had weight problemsand the kitchen remained a not-so-fun place. But, we all forged ahead, lost weight, made better choices. My kids truly transformed. I wanted the kitchen to be a fun room to be in and created DEX, a skinny kid who could cook and eat anything and everything!

Love-Lines was my gift to myself after my divorce. I love happily-ever-after romances and wanted to write a movie that I would want to see over and over again. So, I did. I novelized my screenplay and now it’s exactly the inspiring, ever hopeful story I wanted it to be.

HG: I love that! What an inspirational “why”! What is DEX’s favorite recipe/meal?

Sheri: DEX enjoys everything, but I think he has a penchant for everything meringue cookies.

HG: On to Love-Lines… happily-ever-afters are good for the soul. And a screenplay, wow! How does the process of putting together a screenplay differ from that of writing a novel?

Sheri: I love dialogue. Being able to put my words in everyone’s mouth suits me, which is why I enjoy writing scripts/screenplays. Writing novels involves writing a lot of description, which isn’t as exciting to me. But, the novels give greater insight into my characters that my screenplays can’t. I wear my heart on my sleeve in Love-Lines and anyone who wants to get to know me will find me in there.

HG: Tell us a little bit about your writing process. Has it changed since the pandemic? Where and when do you write?

Sheri: I have a great house and an office all my own that I enjoy. I write from there, chat from there, complain from thereit’s my space.

HG: Sounds like the perfect set up. Are snacks allowed?  Any pets?

Sheri: Snacks are most definitely not just allowed, but encouraged! Especially anything involving chocolate and nuts and cereal and chips and seeds andwell, you get the idea…You will often find my cat, Zoe hanging out with me.

HG: That’s fantastic. So with Love-Lines, you want to leave readers with a satisfying happily-ever-after. What feeling do you hope to leave people with when they finish DEX?

Sheri: The same. The idea that if you’re true to yourself and follow your passion, everything will fall into place as it should. Of course, at the end of DEX the reader will also most definitely want to head to the kitchen to create a masterful dish. There are many ideas for recipes in the book and readers will find the food references as inspiring as the story.

HG: A great message, and delicious recipes? Count me in!

Sheri: There are no actual recipes in DEX, just inspiration. DEX is a brand. There’s a screenplay, a TV pilot with a season summary, a song and many possibilities for productswe’re working on getting it all together.

HG: I love that you’ve created a brand. Exciting possibilities!

Sheri: Love-Lines is also a screenplay and has a title track song. It also has a book within a book idea that could spin-off into a non-fiction series…

HG: I understand that you have some very exciting projects in the works, what can you tell us about those?

Sheri: Currently, I am working with a highly-rated, exceptional producer and have two screenplays in the Hallmark system. We’re also developing two other scripts. I also have a project about Hatshepsut in the works and I’m busy getting my third novel, The Plane Truth, in shape for submission.

HG: You’re multi-talented and a true content creator. How do you switch gears between projects and genres?

Sheri: Thank you! Sweet of you to say! I’m actually not sure how I switch gears! LOL.

I think I just go with the idea that people are people (characters are characters) and everyone is just another guest at the party.

HG: What a great analogy. So, when did you make the plunge into being an author? Was this your “dream job”?

Sheri: I started at three, dancing in the aisles at movies. I knew I wanted to be in the industry in some capacity. I initially thought about acting and I do have extensive training, but the written word has always beckoned.

HG: You’ve been inspired by the arts since the beginning. How cool! With that being said, if you could ask your author idol one question about their writing, writing process, or books, what would it be?

Sheri: How do you write effective, seamless descriptions and action? I still find that the hardest aspect of novel-writing.

I know it helps to go to places. My late mentor, Beverly Swerling always pushed verisimilitudethe reality of place

So for Love-Lines, my husband and I went pretty much everywhere that’s mentioned.

We went to the city and found office spaces, coffee shops, restaurants…we checked out hotels in and around the city. They’re all in the book.

HG: Travel for research – yes! It’s always so interesting to get into the minds of creators. Thanks for letting us get a peek into yours today as well! For readers that want to find out more about your stories and future projects, where should they go to connect or learn more?

I’m a Facebook kind of girl and am happy to connect either through my personal page or two author pages, Sheri Lynn Fishbach and Sheri Langer and at my website.

Thanks so much to Sheri for taking the time to speak to us – and remember, if you like her books, remember that you can receive FREE copies of them to read and review, plus others from over 15 different genres, when you sign up to Hidden Gems.

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