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Love Stories To Spend the Weekend With

By: Hidden Gems on November 7, 2023

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on November 7, 2023


If you’re a regular on the Hidden Gems blog, you’ll know that romance is the most popular genre in the Hidden Gems ARC program. Our readers know that no two love stories are the same, so they scoop up new books every chance they get. There’s a love story for everyone on this list of titles recently loved by ARC readers.

Princes & Wolves

Princes & Wolves by E.J. Knox

Harlow has been promised to Apollo since high school. He isn’t a man, but a god, the god of school and she is supposed to be his princess. But Harlow wants to find her own place in the world, and that means rebelling against what her destiny is.

“I love this series! The plot is intriguing. Who will Harlow pick? Valen or Apollo? That was a tough decision for me at first,” writes Diane V. in their five-star review. “As the story progressed, it became an easy decision. I was glad Harlow finally spoke up and stood up for herself. I loved watching her grow and transform as the story unfolded.”

“A favorite!” writes Anonymous in their 5-star review. “This book was so good that I had to read it all in one sitting! The characters, the plot, the female heroine; phenomenal!”

Snowed In at the Concert Hall

Snowed In at the Concert Hall by Ellie Thornton

Candy is reinventing herself in Granite Springs, Colorado. Jack Hoffman broke up with her over a year ago, realizing he can not take the drama, lies and disappearances anymore. When he runs into her at a Christmas concert, she is unrecognizable. Her red hair is now blonde, and she is on the arm of an alleged criminal.

“Another great installment to the series,” writes Karen B. in their 5-star review. “Candy had lived a life as a con artist but paid her dues to society. Now all she wants is to finish her degree and never run another con. She and Jack had been together a year when her mother called needing her help to stay out of trouble yet again so she leaves and loses Jack in the process. A year later they are thrown together in a situation they may not survive.”

“I have read a lot of the snowed in for Christmas books and I believe this one is not only the best one I have ever read but also my new favorite!” writes Nicole in their 5-star review. “Definitely clear your schedule for this one you will want to read it in one day or night.”


Bomber: A Romantic Suspense MC Novel by Bianca Lee Ward

Ten years after Knox was forced to let Zara go, she is back in Crown Village. Even after joining the military and fighting hard to forget about her, he can’t stay away. When new information linked to her family tragedy surfaces, Knox is determined to help solve the mystery and help Zara find the answer she needs.

Heather Z. raves in their 5-star review, “This one is fantastic. It’s heartbreaking, but fantabulous all in one.”

“Good book!” writes Poppet in their 5-star review. “The story is really good. Fair warning, Zara may grate on your nerves. A bit of a spoiled princess and most things out of her mouth revolve around her. The ending is worth putting up with her though.”

Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity by C.S. Smith

Ryder had his heart broken by Nathalie, but eight years later he is a transformed man. He is the leader of a Security Agency, and is taking on a new client, Nathalie. When old emotions resurface, the two might have a second chance. But her stalker goes after Ryder, and they now have to work together to stay alive.

“A great second chance romantic suspense. Forced proximity – bodyguard – stalker – and plenty of steam,” writes Anonymous in their 5-star review. “Nathalie is shocked when she finds out her new bodyguard, Ryder Montague, is the charming boy she fell in love with back in college. But now, he’s a dangerous, tempting man. If they want a second chance at happiness together (and stay alive), she’s going to have to reveal the real reason she walked away, especially when a stalker turns his attention from her to Ryder. Great story!”

“I loved this second-chance love story! I am a sucker for a hot bodyguard and the suspense and romance kept me turning pages,” writes Anonymous in their 5-star review. “I loved Ryder and Nathalie’s story, especially his transformation from the boy she knew to the hot man he became. It’s a great read!”

Doctor of Beauty

Doctor of Beauty by Grace Maxwell

Laine’s newspaper closes its doors after she exposed a grave injustice that turned into a false accusation against Dr. Jack Drake. But she needs to revive her career, and fate brings her back to Jack who is at the center of a heartwarming tale that Laine wants to capture. But Dr. Drake isn’t too quick to forget about their past.

Patti S. raves in their 5-star review, “I just love this series. This book was just wonderful. I found I couldn’t put it down. I just love Jack is a hard head and a sweetheart underneath. And Lane is so sweet. Together they make it so interesting. It’s steamy. So good steamy…”.

“A huge misunderstanding leads to a painful separation but tragedy reunites them. A heroic good deed leads to understanding and the boy has to win the girl back,” writes Sara D. in their 5-star review. “Great story to read to relax or yell at your kindle for the characters to pull their heads out of their bums.”

Hidden Gems readers got to read these charming romances first, so if you want more happily-ever-afters to cozy up with, sign up today! Subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of up to 15 other genres – for free. Sign up for as many or as few as you have time and interest for, we’ll keep the eBooks flowing as long as you want to keep on reading and reviewing!

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