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Romance Novels to Spend Fall Nights With

By: Hidden Gems on September 20, 2022

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on September 20, 2022


If you’re a regular on the Hidden Gems blog, you’ll know that romance is the most popular genre in the Hidden Gems ARC program. Our readers know that no two love stories are the same, so they scoop up new books every chance they get. We’ve got one for everybody on this round-up of top rated love stories from recent months.

Villainous Kingpin

Villainous Kingpin by Eva Winners

With 360+ ratings and a 4.7 star average, Villainous Kingpin is the first book in the two book Kingpins of the Syndicate series. If you have read other books by Winners before, you’ll be familiar with the characters who are spotlighted in this series, but you don’t need to have read her other books to enjoy this one. When Basilio meets Wynter, worlds collide with intoxicating, and potentially dangerous, results.

Reviewers warn that this tale has a dark side with some violent moments, but for those who do not mind, reviewers highly recommend Villainous Kingpin. Nicole P. writes in her five star Amazon review, “Villainous Kinpin is book one in the Kingpins of the Syndicate series. A lovers-enemies-lovers story, a forced marriage mafia romance, forbidden romance, insta-love, violence, lie, greed, lust, secrets, deception, drama, danger, angst, action packed, passion, betrayal, revenge, unexpected twists and turns, family loyalty, revelations, rivalry, heartbreak, friendship, suspense, and love. This is Basilio DiLustro and Wynter Star’s story. It’s raw, thrilling, riveting, and compelling. This story keeps you on the edge of your seat with its twists and turns and mind-blowing action. It drew me in from the first chapter and kept me invested until the end. The story was engaging, unputdownable and fast paced. The story was beautifully written with world building characters.”

JH writes in their five star Amazon review, “…Throughout the course of this book, so much happens that I’m loath to call this series a series as it strikes me as more of a saga. Especially if you’ve read the Belles and Mobsters series, you’ll understand what I mean when I say this story is complex. It has so many moving parts, and they all work together to create this masterfully done tale about love, sacrifice, betrayal, and redemption. I highly recommend this romance for anyone that likes dark/mafia romance. It’s steamy and intricately dramatic, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series has in store for this cast of characters.”

Sheikh's Pregnant Fiancée

Sheikh’s Pregnant Fiancée by Leslie North

With 100+ ratings and a 4.6 star average, Sheikh’s Pregnant Fiancée is the story of what happens when a one-night night of passion, turns into something more. After an unexpected pregnancy and a denied marriage proposal, Crown Prince Jarah Ramzi finds himself negotiating with Aubrey Bennet for a successful marriage proposal. Audrey finds it difficult to say no as he ups the ante.

“…Once I started it I couldn’t put it down, it was that interesting to read,” Fran B. raves in her five star Amazon review. “It hooked you from the first page to the last…This is a fast paced, steamy read with great character development and very well written.”

Furry Mom writes in her five star Amazon review, “…This is a fast-paced romance story with a handsome prince and the woman who falls for him, a lot of spice, no cheating and of course a HEA.”


Terminated by Lori Matthews

With 200+ ratings and a 4.6 star average, Terminated is the fifth and final book in the Coast Guard RECON series. Reviews say that these books can be read as a standalone, but this is a satisfying finale to the series, so perhaps it’s best to save the best for last.

Terminated is the story of Harlow, who decides to avenge her brother’s death on her own terms, and Cain, her brother’s best friend, who is recovering from the attack that took Harlow’s brother’s life. When Harlow finds herself in danger, can Cain save her life? Can they fight the feelings they have developed for each other?

“Lori Matthews has become one of my go-to authors for fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, romantic suspense,” PJ writes in their five star Amazon review. “ With intricately-woven plots, well-developed characters, emotional relationships, and snatched-from-the-headlines plots, these are books that keep me glued to the pages and reading late into the night…”

AngDia agrees wholeheartedly in their five star review, “Thrilling, exciting and bittersweet. Non-stop action suspense that I stayed up way to late finishing and was thrilled with how it ended. It is sad when a series ends but there is more on the horizon. I don’t want to let these guys go. They are charming, tough as nails and overall amazing. I really liked seeing how Harlow dealt with things in her life. No taking no for an answer. Yes, bad*ass to the core. The action is fantastic, the story is amazing and, honestly, I did not see the ending happening the way it did. Totally wicked…”

The Exception

The Exception by Eva Winners

With 180+ ratings and a 4.6 star average, Eva Winners has another story our readers loved with The Exception. Our readers fell in love with this sizzling tale of a billionaire boss, who has a special set of requirements for his assistant. Falling in love is not one of them.

Reviewers note that this story has been rewritten to include two points of view, rather than just one, as it was originally written.

BookMel writes in her five star Amazon review, “Eva Winners has once again captured my book heart. She’s laid out love, lust, fear, doubt, jealousy, and distrust. All wrapped up in her version of a love story…”

“Gahhh! The Exception by Eva Winners was one of the most romantic and exquisite books I have read this year,” Turker B. raves in their five star Amazon review. “Even though it was a longer book, I constantly worried about how many pages were left and if it would be enough to satisfy my Gemma and Kristoff craze. Firstly, I love the billionaire trope and secondly, I love the single mom with cute, grabby handed, funny talking kids trope. Combine them together and add a dash of personal past trauma to the mix, and finally, add in the spiciest and naughtiest intimacy with a god-like man, Voila! You get a brilliant 5-star romance!…”

Gemini Queen

Gemini Queen by Laura Navarre

With 180+ ratings and a 4.5 star average, Gemini Queen is a standalone paranormal romance which follows the last remaining Queen, Zara, who is being hunted, not only romantically, but also by a killer who is seeking to snuff out the Queens. According to our reviewers, its challenging to determine which party pursuing Zara demands more of her attention.

“…I fell in love from the start with this story,” Belinda writes in her five star Amazon review. “Zara comes out of the gate as a kick butt female who takes no prisoners. Then add in the first interactions with each of her newfound men and it just explodes. The steam in this book is so hot and spicy I was sweating…Aside from the steamy nature this was really a great story with characters that you just invest in. I was turning pages faster than I ever thought. I highly recommend this if you love not only the flames but an excellent story with plenty of group interaction. Everyone must read!!!!”

Arabella A. raves in her five star Amazon review, “…Seriously though, this book is incredibly well written and the characters are so complete there’s no doubt in their authenticity and the way each character interacts with the others is realistic and believable…”

Hidden Gems readers got to read these hot romances first, so if you want more happily-ever-afters to cozy up with, sign up today! Subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of up to 15 other genres – for free. Each morning we send out offers for books from any of the genres you’ve chosen to hear about and selected readers will be sent those eBooks to read and review on Amazon.

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