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Romances to add to your 2024 TBR list

By: Hidden Gems on March 5, 2024

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By: Hidden Gems on March 5, 2024


If you’re a regular on the Hidden Gems blog, you’ll know that romance is the most popular genre in our popular ARC program. Whether you enjoy paranormal romance, mafia romance or sweet contemporary romance, there’s a love story out there for you. So if you’re looking for a new read to sink into this month, or just add to your TBR, check out this collection of recent faves from our Hidden Gems ARC readers!

Rough Score

Rough Score by Kenna King

With over 375+ ratings and a 4.2 star average on Amazon, Rough Score is a marriage of convenience hockey romance with all the instalove vibes. 

South African Romance Junkie raves in their five star Amazon review, “I think Ryker is my new favourite! I loved the way they met and everything that follows. Juliet is really sweet but no pushover and together they are magic. Ryker’s family is the best and I think Juliet has a whole new support structure. After the series ends, I hope there will be a ‘where are they now’ with all the characters.”

“I loved Ryker and Juliet,” Sherri concurs in her five star Amazon review. “They are strangers who cross paths at just the right time in their lives. They both need the other for something. They agree to a mutual beneficial relationship that turns into something that neither one of them could have predicted. I absolutely loved it.”

Wicked Truths

Wicked Truths by Barbara Nolan

With an impressive 4.7 average star rating on Amazon and nearly 30 reviews, Wicked Truths is a must read for mafia romance and second chance lovers alike!

Wicked Truths picks up where Nick’s and Cheryl’s story left off in Wicked Lies in the Club Wicked series,” explains Sammye in their five star Amazon review. “It’s ten years later and they unexpectedly meet up again. Nothing is easy in this relationship. There is so much danger and deception. So many lies. And the spice was earth shattering. It’s an exciting, dark, second chance romance that kept me on the edge of my seat. A page turner all the way through. I loved the HEA for Nick, Cheryl and Portia.”

Shirley’s Bookshelf raves in their five star Amazon review, “…the story takes the reader on one H*LL of a ride!! With a little help from friends, AND also someone unexpected, Cheryl and Nick will get their HEA. I know that this is all fiction, but there is so much to this series that definitely imitates what really goes on in the mob world, and that’s what keeps a reader engrossed ~ how much of the story imitates real life situations/circumstances. It’s also a fabulous escape into a different world. Barbara’s stories suck me in every time, as though I’m experiencing everything with the characters. What can I say . . . Wicked Truths is another AMAZING story. Such a great read and one that was unputdownable!!! I love these characters and certainly hope to hear from them again, though I know it’s up to them if they keep talking to Barbara and want to have more of their stories told.”


Brazen by Avery Samson

With a 4.5 average star rating on Amazon, Brazen is the third book in the Dansboro Crossing series but can be enjoyed as a standalone. Prepare to laugh out loud as you read this small town romance!

“Ms. Samson can write some of the funniest lines; snappy and snarky dialogue,” exclaims Linda Reads in her five star Amazon review. “The reader really gets to know the characters like they are your friends from school. Interesting and entertaining secondary characters, some of whom have had their own books. After all, Eliot is the third sister; Brontë and Austen came before. Catchy names, right? The blurb explains why Eliot is doing all the crazy, outlandish things she is doing. Her 30th birthday is fast approaching and up til now she has been the perfect daughter, sister, friend. She needs to cut loose before the dreaded three-oh! The new deputy in town finds her quite amusing after the first firecracker incident. Owen Steele is 34yo, buff and beautiful or so all the unattached ladies in Dansboro think…even some of the very attached. Wink! He has a story to tell too which only adds to a very good book. If you like to laugh and experience touching moments during a romance, you will want to read this book.”

Stephanie agrees in her five star Amazon review, “This book is hilarious and witty. I couldn’t put the book down. Get ready to laugh of out loud at all things Elliot gets herself into.”

For You, Anything

For You, Anything by Elizabeth SaFleur

With over 60 ratings and a 4.4 star average on Amazon, For You, Anything is a steamy romantic comedy that packs in popular tropes such as opposites attract and fish out of water.

“This opposites attract rom-com is perfect!” Valeen raves in their five star Amazon review. “Rayen is the kind of FMC I love most – she’s so strong with a backbone of steel and a heart of gold. Knox is knocked off kilter from their very first meeting and I was so here for it. He really did not know how to handle just how much she brought him to his knees. He acted all confident and bachelor-ish, but he was a hot mess inside, and Rayen could sense it. He’s just lucky she had that heart of gold because a lesser woman might have taken advantage of his cluelessness. They are absolutely yummy together, as they’re fighting their feelings and falling in love, and the end when he rights his very big mess-up, he’s absolutely swoony! I love this couple and their delicious and heartfelt romance.”

Cheryl Joy concurs in her five star Amazon review, “A delicious romcom – the repartee between Rayne and Knox had me laughing out loud and all the while fingers crossed for them to see how special they were together. The framing for the story with the Native American heritage was really interesting and a good insight into the decisions made by the main characters. Elizabeth SaFleur always writes a great story and this one did not disappoint.”

Eternal Legacy

Eternal Legacy by L.A. McGinnis

With nearly a hundred ratings and an impressive 4.7 star average on Amazon, Eternal Legacy is a steamy vampire romance with morally gray men and a heroine who fights for her fate.

“The characters, their depth was incredibly well written, and I became deeply invested in what became of them! Even the side characters caught my interest and had me wanting more!! This was definitely a character driven series, but so much more!! If you love Vampire concepts and Vampire relationships, RH Paranormal romance, magic, action and suspense, and much more, you will also love this series!!” BookDragonGirl shares in her five star Amazon review.

LPorter explains further in their five star review, “This book will absolutely blow your mind! All the twists and turns, all the interconnected characters. Surprises at every turn and my favorite, a deepening connection between the main characters. All throughout this book I never failed to be amazed at how original and far reaching this author’s creativity is. She writes such a beautifully interwoven tale that I’m in awe of her. There are no plot holes, no parts that make you go, huh? Nothing that interrupts the smooth flow of fantasy, paranormal and romance she weaves into her amazing books. I really had no idea how she would end this book but I absolutely loved how she did. It’s was so satisfying! Read everything of L.A. McGinnis that you can get your hands on, you will never regret it!”

Hidden Gems readers got to read these heart pounding romances first, so if you want more happily ever afters to read poolside, sign up today! Subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of up to 15 other genres – for free. Authors send these out in the hopes that the readers will write an honest review once they’re done.

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