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Top Mysteries to Read This Spring

By: Hidden Gems on February 22, 2022

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By: Hidden Gems on February 22, 2022


Each and every week, subscribers to Hidden Gems are offered FREE books to download, read, and review – from any or all of over 15 different genres. Today we’re going to highlight five of the top mysteries that have left our readers raving and begging for more. If you’re looking for the perfect escape from reality you’ll love getting to the bottom of these page-turning mysteries.


Boys and Ghouls

Boys and Ghouls by Sarina Dorie

Clean, cozy, no sex or swearing, PG 13— this book is perfectly fine for teens or grandmas who like mysteries with magic. Boys and Ghouls is the 14th book in the Vega Bloodmire Wicked Witch Mystery Series. The book takes place at a magical academy, but these whodunnits are fine to be read in any order.

“Another great installment of Vega Bloodmire,” raves Robin M. BG in their 5-star review. “The hospital bill that Vega put Malisha Bane down as main payer comes back to bite her. The accounts payable drains her bank account and starts her on monthly payments. She becomes a recruiter to earn extra money. Malisha has also started as a recruiter. Oh my! Teenagers with magic are going missing in the Morty Realm. Hijinks, traps and snares, and “shadow people” are the order of the day. Exciting, fast-paced action and little tidbits of Vega’s past make this a terrific read.”

“What a great book!” writes Purplequilter in their 5-star review. “It’s my new favorite Vega Bloodmire novel. The interaction between Vega and her frenemy was great. The climax was fantastic. I love Mr. Reade’s family. I’m so glad Ms. Dorie never seems to run out of new ideas. I’m getting more and more invested in the characters and the world they inhabit.”

The Girl in the Tiny House

The Girl in the Tiny House by Patrick Kelly

Tori Canada’s ideas for how to solve climate change are a threat to the global economy. Her millions of social media followers think she’s a hero. But others wish she would just shut up. The far right. The corporate elite. Maybe even her secret celebrity lover. With an average 4.8 star rating on Amazon, the final installment of The Joe Robbins Series is absolutely gripping.

“What a great final book in the Joe Robbins series!” says TMB in their 5-star review. “The author cleverly mixes thrills with insight on current social issues such as climate change and gun control. And being an Austinite, all of the local references just add to the enjoyment! I’m looking forward to Pat Kelly’s next book but will miss Joe Robbins…”

Carolyn raves in her 5-star review, “I literally couldn’t put down book 5 of the Joe Robbins series. I’ve read them all and love them all. Patrick Kelly put together a great mix of environmental issues, interesting characters and intrigue. It was just a fun read!”

The Concrete Vineyard

The Concrete Vineyard by Cam Lang

The Concrete Vineyard is an intriguing and unique whodunit. Packing an intellectual punch, this smart murder/mystery will have you guessing and gripped! If you like great characters, clever plots and intelligent storytelling, then you’ll love this creative and thought-provoking novel.

Olivia W. explains in her 5-star review, “The Concrete Vineyard is a fast paced, edge of your seat thriller that incorporates the history of the War of 1812, vineyard economics and urban planning into a surprisingly compelling story. The writing is really spectacular. Even the incidental characters have a deep and compelling back story, and like most small towns, everyone is connected. Besides being an excellent mystery/thriller, the author, Cam Lang, combines a deep love history and his apparent passion, urban planning, to create a rich and wonderful world. The characters are endearing and flawed, in one chapter a character will be a hero and the other a foil or even a villain, it is refreshing and really fun. I loved this book. The world was obviously close to the author’s heart; the book is packed with historical, economic, and urban planning information. I feel like I could now easily go into one of my city council meetings and give a fairly educated lesson on sustainable communities. That said, the facts are not heavy handed, the information drives the story and enhances the reader’s investment in the story. I highly recommend this book to lovers of early American/Canadian history, particularly the battles between American and Canadian land owners. The Concrete Vineyard is a satisfying and edifying thriller that anyone can enjoy.”

“The Concrete Vineyard is a thrilling and engaging mystery novel that’s full of plot twists, nail biting moments, and nonstop action,” raves Jessica in her 5-star review. “Follow several characters throughout their search for the truth. The book does switch character narration as well as point of view (first to third person and back) often throughout the book, and even within the same chapters, without any warning or build up, which can be a little confusing, but it didn’t pull me away from the story.”

Dangers & Empty Mangers

Dangers & Empty Mangers by Trixie Silvertale

Dangers and Empty Mangers is the seventeenth book in the hilarious paranormal cozy mystery series, Mitzy Moon Mysteries. If you like snarky heroines, supernatural misfits, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s heartfelt whodunits.

Nadine V. raves in her 5-star review, “Another good instalment. What am I saying? I mean great! What a clever case, and what a wonderful book! Mitzy is on another case, well, two actually, and I loved it! The banter between Mitzy and Ghost-ma is so funny and at times heartwarming. An underlying theme of Mitzy’s trust-issues make this a multi-layered story, with lots of humor, but also all the feels. Silvertale crafts such beautiful sentences full of sarcasm and a wicked sense of humor. It makes this story come alive with fun and mystery. It ensures a great flow with never a dull moment. Many giggle-moments though! I smiled my way through this book, with the occasional aww-moment and of course, at times, on the edge of my seat! I bow to the master.”

“It’s quite exceptional to find any series you can be as excited to read book 17 as you were to read the first,” explains Saundra W, Top 500 reviewer and Vine Voice. “Mitzy Moon is that series. Just as fresh, funny and full of adventure in each and every volume! Mitzy’s life is full of family and love but when a local church has its baby stolen from the manger she finds herself involved with a whole new group. Add a corpse in an ice fishing hut and you get a perfect Mitzy Moon mystery, with Mitzy in over her head and still miles beyond everyone else. Will she ever trust Sheriff Erick enough to spill her secret crime solving methods?”

The Troubled Man

The Troubled Man by Lisa M. Lilly

The Troubled Man is the fourth book in the Q.C. Davis Mystery series, and it also stands alone. If you enjoy clever woman detectives, unraveling mysteries, and life-and-death stakes, then you’ll love Lisa M. Lilly’s exciting new addition to the series.

“I loved this novel,” says Kindle Customer in their 5-star review. “Lisa Lilly is now on top of my favorite authors list. I love how she develops characters, develops her story plot, and sort of lets the characters write the story for her. This novel is no exception. As an attorney myself, I appreciate how she weaves into the story how the working of the legal system affects her decisions.”

EvilWoman13 writes in her 5-star review, “This is the 4th book in the series and I love them all. A great mystery series that always has me guessing, second guessing and even third guessing. I’m pretty good at figuring out how a story goes and who does it but I am ALWAYS surprised by the guilty party in the Q.C. Davis Mysteries and The Troubled Man doesn’t disappoint! I’m not one for giving the book away-that’s like telling someone the present in the package but I will say that if you like a good mystery then you won’t be disappointed. You did it again Lisa.”

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