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10 Secret Babies and the Men That Love Them

By: Hidden Gems on March 22, 2017

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on March 22, 2017


What is it that makes the secret baby genre so popular? Is it an innate, biological need to propagate the species that drives us to want to read about sexy alpha men stepping up to care for our young? Or maybe it’s something about how the innocence of a child brings out the softer side of our normally rough-around-the-edges hero?

Whatever it is that allows this fantasy to have sparked a whole sub-genre of romance novels, we’ll be happy to have it stick around.  So here are 10 of the best secret baby romance novels around!

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Happily Ever All Star cover

Happily Ever All-Star –  Sosie Frost

Every new sub-genre has an origin story – a book that broke the mold by starting the trend and then becoming so popular that other authors felt compelled to follow suit. Sosie Frost may not have been the first to write a secret baby book, but Happily Ever All-Star topping the charts certainly helped get the genre noticed. And for good reason. Jude Owens is a sexy running back that comes to the rescue of Rory, a pregnant neurologist in need of a cover story. Will they get their happily ever after?

Burn Baby Byrne cover

Burn Baby Byrne – Holly Hart

Burn Baby Byrne is book 2 of the Byrne brothers series, but it’s completely stand-alone so you can save book 1 for when you fall in love with Holly Hart’s writing and feel compelled to read the rest of her books. The Byrne books have the mafia backdrop that is also very popular right now, and the dark and dangerous world of Sofia and Kieran will draw you in immediately.

Python cover

Python – Alexis Angel

Okay, if you’re looking for something scorching hot in this genre, then Python is one you don’t want to miss. This book brings a lot of heat, with both hero and heroine being former porn stars that now own their own strip clubs! With a premise like that, it’s hard to figure how the secret baby angle is going to come in… but just keep reading!

Dirty Jock cover

Dirty Jock – Sienna Valentine

This is Sienna’s first sports/secret baby book and it’s not one you’ll want to miss. Tanner gets the surprise of his life when Delaney shows up at his doorstep with a girl she claims is his daughter. But he’s never seen either woman before in his life, and he’s got a couple of naked cheerleaders in his bed to get back to… This novel is full of twists and turns, great characterization and plot, and of course plenty of steamy scenes!

Jacked cover

Jacked – Melinda Minx

Another new trend we’re following is the burly alpha lumberjack. Romance novels featuring woodsy men have been popping up a lot lately, and this one here is a great example that also includes the secret baby angle. Elisabeth is forced to seduce Jack in order to gain his trust and steal his family ring, but plans like that never go quite so simply in stories like these, and this one is no exception.

Rockstar Daddy cover

Rockstar Daddy – Taryn Quinn

Another great combination is adding the rock and roll angle. Taryn Quinn brings us an example of this here with Rockstar Daddy. Kellan is the rocker and Maggie is a girl from his past, one that was always the innocent good girl. Only she’s had a rough time lately and isn’t so innocent anymore, and Kellan is eager to show her even new ways to sin. But then her surprise pregnancy brings the bad boy rocker something he never even realized he wanted… a family.

Single Daddy cover

Single Daddy – Stephanie Brother

While there are multiple examples of Rockstars and babies going well together, Stephanie Brother’s novel brings us a twist on the concept by making the female lead the rocker.  Noah never claimed to be father material, but when his unknown child is left on his doorstep, his life is changed forever.  Enter Kylie, his famous stepsister who he hasn’t seen in years. She needs help and so does he. Do they find a way to help each other? And where else will that lead?

Seal's Bride cover

SEAL’s Bride – Vivian Wood

Sawyer is an ex-SEAL that never backs down from a challenge, and that includes getting back into the life of Remy, even though she seems like she wants nothing to do with him anymore. But the hot blond has a reason for keeping her distance. While Sawyer was off blowing things up, she was back at home, having his baby. He has no idea that her child is his, and she’s not sure how or if she can tell him – never mind if she should let him back into her life at all. If only she could resist his advances…

Second Draft cover

Second Draft – C. M. Seabrook

Second Draft is a love story that may bring you to tears, but if you’re okay with that, this is not a book you’ll want to miss.  Carter is always bailing out his brother, and when his brother gets Layla pregnant and then wants to bail, it’s Carter to the rescue once again. The love he and Layla find becomes so deep and meaningful you’ll feel like you are right there with them. But this story is not without its ups and downs, so you’ll want to keep those tissues handy!

Billionaire's Secret Babies cover

The Billionaire’s Secret Babies – Penny Wylder

Author Penny Wylder makes a smart move combining babies and billionaires.  Especially since it deals with twins, and everyone knows how expensive kids are! This book is a novella, which makes it a quick and fun read about a woman that brings her twins to work and finds a sexy boss that is willing to help, but with a secret of his own.

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