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Best Romances Novels to Keep You Warm

By: Hidden Gems on December 26, 2023

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on December 26, 2023


Are you looking for the best romance novels to keep you warm as the weather chills? We’ve got you covered. Today we’ve brought a variety of recent romance novels to tickle the fancy of whatever it is you’re into, from age-gap to dark mafia romances. These books were popular with our ARC readers, which means you’ll probably love them as well.

Ruthless Possession

Ruthless Possession by Zoe Delaney

Despite Bianca Carlotti’s disdain, Gregorio is bound to marry her to fuel his vengeance against those who threaten him. Kidnapping her is simple, and as his wife, he’ll tame Bianca, introducing her to the luxuries she missed and molding her into a woman suited for his world. Whether she approves or not…

Ruthless Possession was my first foray into mafia romance, and wow. Just WOW. I devoured the book in a day and my head is still spinning from the suspense. I never thought I could believe in a romance stemming from kidnapping, but the author made Bree/Bianca’s conflict so real, so alive, I could feel it. Her passion, her desire, her revulsion, her hate. All melded in one hot, riveting mess,” wrote Angela S. in their 5-star review. “This book will see you so invested in this steamy, dark romance that you’ll be turning pages late into the night. If I could give it more than five stars, I would. I can’t wait for the next installment.”

“Wow, I was absolutely astounded reading this book it was fantastic, the story was exhilarating and the characters were really captivating,” wrote Anonymous in their 5-star review.

Reckless Fate

Reckless Fate by Maxine Henri

Massimo Cassinetti, a billionaire chef with a reputation for passion and determination, reenters the life of his first love after seventeen years. As a successful and infamous figure, Massimo is both infuriating and irresistible. Despite their tumultuous past, work forces them back together, reigniting the same intense clashes between love and hate. In this enemies-to-lovers romance, embark on a journey where desire, ambition, and the lingering echoes of a first love converge, leaving readers breathless and eager to discover whether this chef and the woman who once got away can find a second chance at love.

“Kept me so interested I found myself all off schedule. A great read by an author who is my first but I’m sure won’t be my last,” wrote Anonymous. “Loved this book!”

Anonymous explained in their 5-star review, “A story that unfolds with flashbacks from the present to their passionate relationship 17 years before. Very good read, lots of angst and misunderstanding which I normally wouldn’t enjoy but this is beautifully written. Great characters.”

Wrecked Love

Wrecked Love by Kate Crew

As Ashton strives for a fresh start, leaving her shattered life behind after a racing accident, a chance encounter with Fox pulls her back into the world of racing. Forced to work together, Ash is determined to mend the damage she caused Fox, but he wants nothing to do with the source of his scars. Once a charismatic golden hero, Fox’s life revolved around cars, women, and his crew until he played the hero too hard one night, leaving him scarred for life. Now, as they join forces for the next race, Fox must confront his changed appearance and contend with the girl who inadvertently altered his life.

“I seriously think this series is just sooo good!!!! Just like the first book; I couldn’t put it down. I soon became addicted to the interactions between Ash and Fox. I could feel the frustration on several occasions. Which, to be honest, led to almost throwing my phone,” wrote Tamara in their 5-star review. “Seriously though, such a good book. Loved the story development and the interactions between characters. The suspense and drama kept me on the edge of my seat. Salivating for the next book!!!!”

“Kate Crew has done it again! I loved Fox and Ash’s story!” Anonymous raved in their 5-star review. “So well written, characters you really root for and I love the rest of the crew, full of angst and Alllll the feels. Impatiently waiting for book 3 now.”

Rogue Mission

Rogue Mission by Kendall Talbot

After walking away from his military career, Xander Devlin is drawn back into action when his ex-army team requires his expertise for a mission in Kyrgyzstan. Despite the heartbreak caused by Aria, the woman who crushed him, Xander can’t refuse the call.

Aria Morgan holds a high position at the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation but finds herself compelled to keep a secret that jeopardizes her ex-army team. As they face a return mission and a dangerous enemy, Hawk’s worst fear is confirmed—a threat from someone very close to her.

In a deadly attack in the frigid mountains, Hawk and Razor must confront their past to save each other and their elite soldier team. Will they bury their history, or will the nemesis that has hunted them for years prevail, leading to their demise? The stakes are high in this gripping tale of loyalty, betrayal, and the battle against a relentless enemy.

Rogue Mission is part of a pulse-pounding action series with spicy and exciting romances to meld with the suspense,” wrote Sophia R. in her 5-star review. “Romantic Suspense fans who like exotic action-packed storytelling should jump on this sensational series.”

“Loved this series, the characters and exciting action,” wrote Sheila E. in her 5-star review. “I could actually picture the places and dangers they had to face.”

Here With Me

Here With Me by Brooke Montgomery

Fisher and Noah’s fateful meeting at the rodeo leads to an unforgettable night, but the morning after reveals the shocking truth—he’s twice her age and the father of her ex. Determined to maintain distance, she’s proven wrong when he appears as the new farrier on her family’s ranch.

As they navigate workplace restrictions, age gaps, and past relationships, the connection between them deepens. However, his traumatic history and doubts about a second chance threaten to pull them apart. With a rival targeting her and an ex vying for her affections, their struggle between right and wrong intensifies.

“Noah and Fisher’s story is simply beautiful. A forbidden romance, big age gap and family views all made for a drama filled story but also one of the best I’ve read. Noah and Fisher are a lovely couple who despite circumstances find a way to make it work and do it well, it s a love story for the ages. The Hollis family are a real joy to read about and there’s always gonna be some teasing between siblings. But it’s their family unit that makes them so lovable,” wrote Abigail in their 5-star review. “I can’t wait to read more about this family if this is only the first of a series.”

“I want to start off by saying this is one of my absolute favourite books and one I’ll definitely read multiple times,” wrote Katie M. in their 5-star review. “The spice in this book y’all. Let me just say I can’t look at food trucks and showers the same anymore. This book had me feeling a lot of feels, it will not disappoint!”

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