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Books for Young Adults on the Winter Break

By: Hidden Gems on December 19, 2023

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on December 19, 2023


Are your middle-grade or young readers looking for books to fill the winter break? Our Hidden Gems ARC readers recently loved the following titles, and we bet these books for young adults will satisfy the younger readers in your life, as well. Who knows – you may find yourself a fan of the following titles, too.


10 Minute Stories From Greek Mythology - Gods, Heroes, and Monsters

10 Minute Stories From Greek Mythology – Gods, Heroes, and Monsters by Joy Chester

With 35+ ratings and a 4.8 average star rating, 10 Minute Stories from Greek Mythology is just that – short stories to get your child excited about reading with quick, thrilling stories of Greek Mythology.

Todd A raves in his five star Amazon review, “…Perfect for modern, busy lifestyles, it offers an ideal balance of education and entertainment. The innovative format makes these legendary tales accessible for a quick bedtime story or as an educational tool. The thoughtful omission of more intense details makes it a safe and engaging read for kids, and the inclusion of adventure maps adds an interactive layer to the storytelling, turning reading into an adventure…”

bijimons agrees; they write in their five star Amazon review, “This book is filled with gods, heroes, and magical creatures that will captivate both young and old. This book introduces all the key characters of Greek mythology, saving readers from the arduous task of sifting through numerous books to collect tales. Perfect for a quick mythology fix, these bite-sized stories are ideal for relaxation or a thrilling pre-bedtime adventure. As a family, you can create wonderful memories together while fostering a love for mythology that is both thrilling and fear-free. It provides an express ticket to the extraordinary world of gods, heroes, and epic monsters, allowing readers to hang out with legendary figures like Herakles, Jason, and Perseus. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned myth enthusiast, this book caters to all. I highly recommend this book. It’s a great gift too!”


Uglier by Kelly Vincent

With 8 ratings and a 4.8 average star rating, Uglier is a hidden gem about a teen finding their way at a new school, and discovering their gender identity.

Vicky writes in her five star Amazon review, “I truly enjoyed this book. Nic’s journey is a rollercoaster of emotions. The friendships in the book feel real and relatable. The characters are like a mix of your own memories and the people you wish you’d known in school. If you’re into contemporary YA that’s as genuine as it is engaging, Uglier is the book for you.”

“I found myself deeply embedded in the lives of these characters. Such a well-written and angsty story about what it means to become one’s true beautiful self. I loved this story.” L. Temple raved in their five star Amazon review.


Control by Melissa Cassera

With 180+ ratings and a 4.1 average star rating, Control is the first book in The Lockwood Trilogy, and is recommended for ages 16-18 per the Amazon listing. The book is described as Gossip Girl meets paranormal thriller.

“The plot is well-crafted, with twists and turns that keep the reader engaged throughout the story.” Graham writes in his five star Amazon review.  “Overall, Control is an angsty, thrilling, and entertaining read perfect for paranormal romance and young adult fiction fans.”

Tiffany R explains in her five star Amazon review, “Control is about two teenagers from completely different worlds meeting at a private school where a dangerous plot seems to await. Natalie is destined to die and it’s up to Henry whether or not he acts on the visions that reveal this. But a murder plot isn’t the worst thing either teen is about to face. Not only was Control fast paced but it kept me glued to the book for my entire read through. I cannot wait for book two in the Lockwood series!”


Grudge by Doreen McMillan

With 15 ratings and a 4.3 average star rating, Grudge is recommended for readers aged 14 and up, per the Amazon listing. Grudge asks readers to contend with the depths they would go to get the grade – and the consequences which may follow their chosen path.

“…With an artfully crafted plot that keeps readers guessing until the very end, Grudge is an engaging page-turner that will keep readers hooked from the very first page.” KMB13 writes in their five star Amazon review. “The characters, both major and minor, are finely drawn and full of depth, while the narrative moves along at a perfect pace. Grudge is an exciting read that will leave readers satisfied and wanting more. Doreen McMillan has crafted a gripping story of self-discovery that captivates the reader throughout.”

Chelsey M writes in her five star Amazon review, “This book has a little something for everyone, which will make it a must-have for your TBR. The author really gets into the mind frame of a teenager for this book, which makes the story believable and a bit frustrating at times. The mystery is exciting to follow and can be a bit of a thrill in some areas. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who loves YA books.”

Girl on Trial

Girl on Trial by Kathleen Fine

With 60+ ratings and a 4.3 average star rating, this title is intended for readers ages 15 and up per the Amazon listing. Girl on Trial poses the question “Does doing one bad thing make you a bad person?”

Steve B raves in his five star Amazon review, “This book was well written and kept my attention the whole time. I was immediately curious about the plot line and kept reading quickly to see how the main character ended up on trial. Many heavy topics, but I felt like they were honest portrayals and thought provoking.

This author wrote clearly and the two different timelines were smooth and easy to follow. I have recommended this book to many friends and I have found myself reflecting back on some of the choices of my youth.”

“…This is a heartbreaking story of a 16 year old accused of killing a family of four and is now on trial for manslaughter and all that goes with it,” Lisa W explains in her five star Amazon review. “This is a fast paced story, the pages turn very quickly. The characters are well developed and real. It is told in dual timelines that keeps the story going. This is a very tough book to read that deals with very real and very unpleasant subjects. Sexual assault, self mutilation, alcoholism, drug abuse and peer pressure are just a few of them. It is a well written legal courtroom thriller that stays with you long after you finish the book…”

Hidden Gems readers got to read these books for young adults first, so if you want more stories to add to your winter reading list, sign up today! Subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of up to 15 other genres – for free. Authors send these out in the hopes that the readers will write an honest review on Amazon once they’re done.

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