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Some Good Mystery Novels to Add to your TBR List

By: Hidden Gems on April 21, 2024

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By: Hidden Gems on April 21, 2024


One of the most amazing things about the mystery genre is that there truly is something for everyone. No matter which side of the spectrum you prefer, we can all agree that page-turning intrigue is a must. If you’re looking for some good mystery novels to read, this list of books enjoyed by our Hidden Gems ARC readers is for you.

Murder at Dawn

Murder at Dawn by Patrick Kelly

With 60+ ratings and a 4.7 star average, Murder at Dawn by Patrick Kelly is the final installment in the Wintergreen Mystery series. This series follows retired detective Bill O’Shea, after a murder takes place in Wintergreen, Virginia.

JACW describes in their five star Amazon review why you should add this to your TBR list, “…I love Patrick Kelly’s writing style – I read the first two paragraphs of the book twice just because of the way he described a summer storm! His description of Wintergreen places the reader in the heart of the story before it really has begun…Even though this is the fourth in the series, it can be read as a standalone, but the prior three provide some character development you may miss by diving into book 4. I highly recommend Murder at Dawn, but if you start here, you will want to go back and experience the series from the start.”

“…Did you ever read a series and at the end of the current book exclaimed, ‘This is my favorite!’ Then the next book in the series is released, and ‘”‘WoW! This is my favorite!’ A Wintergreen Mystery is that series! The investigation kept me guessing, and although I was suspicious of red herrings that didn’t merely seem like detours but roadblocks, the final reveal was astonishing! I loved it!” Enthusiastic Reader concurs in their five star Amazon review.

You've Been Summoned

You’ve Been Summoned by Lindsey Lamar

With 70 ratings and a 4.3 star average, You’ve Been Summoned casts you in the role of detective at a swanky, overnight cocktail party.

“This was such a cool book. I loved the premise…Throughout the book, we, the readers, are the detectives and are provided with case files and clues to review. At the end of the book we are expected to have solved the mystery. There are a unique set of characters throughout both storylines. Much of what we learn is in diary format, which I happen to love. We also learn a lot through interviews with the main detective and news articles. I really loved how this story was set up. I flew through it, wanting more of the girls’ stories. I hope there are more like this. It was a unique setup, but it worked really well!” Caitlin C raves in her five star Amazon review.

Sue concurs in her five star Amazon review, “Really enjoyed the style of this book. I was able to deduce the ‘whodunit’ and the relationships, but it was more intuitive than actual detective work. I really liked the way the author managed to mesh the past and present using diary entries, detective interviews and Jane’s accounts of the incident…”

Lady Avely's Guide to Truth and Magic

Lady Avely’s Guide to Truth and Magic by Rosalie Oaks

With 220+ ratings and a 4.5 star average, Lady Avely’s Guide to Truth and Magic, is the first book in the Matronly Misadventures series by Rosalie Oaks.

“This book was wonderful! It has everything I love – Regency era romance, interesting magic, murder mystery, humor, and lovely writing. Judith was a wonderful protagonist, I love that she’s older and trying to be matronly. She is flawed but in such a believable and sympathetic way that you can’t help but feel bad for her even as you know she’s screwing things up. The mystery was very well done, and I absolutely love the magic system and magical creatures – bemusement is a hilarious limitation, and the vampiri are adorable. I can’t wait for the next one to come out!” Anon explains in their five star Amazon review.

Joyfulgirl concurs in her five star Amazon review, “…Oaks seamlessly creates a world in which reality exists along with a secret society of mostly aristocrats who possess Gifts. The information is provided along the way — so as not overwhelm or bore the reader. I loved that.It’s refreshing for a regency novel to be about a midlife heroine — who has her own desires and sense of purpose — as well as still be considered attractive and not silly or insignificant…My only annoyance was the cliffhanger ending! I can’t wait for the second novel in this series.”

Murder in Yellowstone

Murder in Yellowstone by Sue Denver

With 45+ ratings and a 4.8 star average, Murder in Yellowstone is the final book in the Sara Flores, Werewolf P.I. series, a paranormal romance, by Sue Denver.

cdbest writes in their five star Amazon review, “I listened to the audiobook version of this fascinating, well written, action/PNR mystery. It was quite the adventure! This is a continuation of the Sara Flores werewolf series – though could be read/listened to as a standalone story. It was very intense and realistic (well, as realistic as a werewolf story can be!)- I still can feel the freezing cold of the Montana winter that is the setting of the story! Brrrr! The characters are intense, deep and interesting! The storyline was non- stop! This is another 5 star from Sue Denver and thoroughly enjoyable!!”

“This series is fun! Action-packed and suspenseful, with paranormal elements and vigilante justice. Sara and her colleagues go after bad guys that seem too big and well-monied to take down. Sara’s investigative team is really hitting their stride in this book now that they have successfully worked on a few big cases together. Told in multiple POVs of the ensemble cast, Denver handles these transitions well, and it is clear who is who. Each POV has a compelling storyline: Sara in both human and wolf forms, Connor, who faced significant danger, and I enjoyed seeing a different side to tech wizard Mason in this one. Mason is usually wisecracking and super competent, but his softer side comes out when faced with a family issue. I loved the Yellowstone setting, which was very atmospheric, with the blizzard bearing down on them. Quick-reading and entertaining, I enjoy seeing this werewolf and her friends restoring justice one takedown at a time,” readthisandsteep says in their five star Amazon review.

Ophelia P.I.

Ophelia P.I. by T. Lockhaven and Catherine LaCroix

With 30+ ratings and a 4.5 star average, Ophelia P.I. by T. Lockhaven and Catherine LaCroix is a paranormal cozy mystery set in 1950s Illinois.

Doug W explains in his five star Amazon review, “Our heroine leads a double life as a detective and a witch, but both require delicacy and discretion. Her latest case required both of these in abundance and her skills are going to be sorely tested. This is book one of a potential series, so a perfect place to start. This is a cozy witch mystery story, one of my favorite genres. The story is well written and easy to read with a well developed setting that is very period yet not quite normal once you peak beneath the surface. The characters are also very well done and provide both mystery and humor for the story. I like our heroine a lot and it was fun watching her pursue the mystery. The plot moves at a good pace throughout and provides plenty of twists and turns to keep things interesting. Overall, a highly enjoyable story and I look forward to visiting our heroine again.”

“A captivating book. Drew me in quickly and moved along at a good pace. A nice blend of mystery and paranormal,” Andrew writes in his five star Amazon review.

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