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Spicy Romance Novels for your Summer TBR

By: Hidden Gems on April 30, 2024

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By: Hidden Gems on April 30, 2024


If you’re a regular on the Hidden Gems blog, you’ll know that spicy romance is the most popular genre in the Hidden Gems ARC program. Our readers know that no two love stories are the same, so they scoop up new books every chance they get. From mafia romance to light hearted rom coms, if you are looking for a new novel to add to your summer reading TBR list, there’s something for every romance reader on this list!

Savage Betrayal

Savage Betrayal by Ivy Thorn

With over 80+ ratings and a 4.6 star average, Savage Betrayal is the first installment of the Dark Redemption series, a mafia romance duet. Fans of age gap romance will love this novel and will want to dive right into book 2, Vicious Redemption, for the HEA you’ll surely be thirsting for.

“Way better than five stars, this suspense filled story was full of secrets and suspense. Main characters were multi layered and relatable. Their chemistry and passion burned up the pages!! Story was intense and fast paced. Addictive book that was so good!!!,” Lisa P. raves in her five star Amazon review.

Judy B. concurs in her five star Amazon review, “Steamy romance with a lot of danger, family devotion, love and how sometimes you will risk it all. Lots of intrigue, dynamic characters…”

The Devil's Waltz

The Devil’s Waltz by Jessi Elliot

With over 35+ ratings and a 4.1 star average, The Devil’s Waltz is for those who are looking for a spicy spin on paranormal romance. Readers are taken on a ride as a young woman from a family of demon hunters falls in love with the prince of hell.

“A steamy, love romance between an Ex-Demon Hunter and a demon that will have you hooked from start to finish! Devilishly good and entertaining. A fun Romp through the supernatural world should put a smile on anyone’s face. I loved the Chemistry between Cami and Xander. The family drama was…, well, drama! A must read,” Alina H. explains in her five star Amazon review.

Bean raves in her five star Amazon review, “A fun and fast-paced Paranormal Romance filled with angst, spice, witty banter, and fated lovers, this is easily one of my favorite reads in a while. Absolutely enjoyed Elliott’s writing and characters and need book two asap.”

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart by Sara Furlong-Burr

With over 140+ ratings and a 4.5 star average, Heart to Heart is a fake dating, strangers to lovers romantic comedy that would make the perfect beach read to add to your TBR for fans of slow burn romance with fun pop culture references.

Elizabeth C. explains “…This was a great plot and a unique twist on the famous reality dating show that will not be named. This author built a wonderful world full of characters you wanted to know. The plot flowed smoothly, the dialogue enhanced the story, and it even had a sweet side romance thrown in for fun…”

“Sara Burr’s latest novel is a fun, easy read replete with pop culture references, full of memorable characters and relatable situations…Ms. Burr’s crafty rom-com storytelling makes this modern rendition of The Bachelor meets Cinderella even more appealing than getting that proverbial rose at the end of the night.” Brian S. writes in his five star Amazon review.

The Grumpy One

The Grumpy One by Leslie North

With 450+ ratings and a 4.5 star average, The Grumpy One is part of the Bossy Glenhaven Billionaires series. This installment follows CEO, James Branson, and Natalie, janitor at his company. Leslie North is a Hidden Gems ARC reader fan favorite, and her latest does not disappoint.      

“…This book has it all – fake relationship, romantic comedy, steam, heartbreak, redemption and a happily ever after ending. The characters were realistic and complex. Highly recommend! Must read!…” Debbie O. raves in her five star Amazon review.

Michelle R. explains in her five star Amazon review, “I enjoyed this story from the beginning. The grumpy boss and lighter janitor were oddly perfect. The story was well written, made me laugh and had a great HEA. I always enjoy stories by Leslie North and this one did not disappoint…”

Risky Attraction

Risky Attraction by Kendall Talbot

With 115+ ratings and a 4.6 star average, Risky Attraction is the first installment in the Wolf Security series. This one is for fans of slow burn, romantic thrillers and does come with trigger warnings about kidnapping and child sex trafficking themes.

“This book was addicting! The thrill and suspense combined with the action and love was the perfect mix! Piper and Ryder’s story was beautifully written, and how their lives intertwined made this book so hard to put down. Can’t wait to see where Piper and Ryder’s story goes next!” Krista B. raves in her five star Amazon review.

Ricin2 explains in their five star review, “Ryder is part of the coast guard. And Piper is on a trip around Australia with her teenaged daughter Scout. They somehow get caught up with the fall out of a drug and human trafficker’s empire crumbling and Ryder steps in to help Piper. But Piper is no damsel in distress either. She is capable and strong. They both have their past hurts to deal with. As well as Scout’s teenage turmoil plus some other things that I won’t share. Overall, it’s a great read with the right amount of nerve wracking thrilling action as well as emotions and chemistry. Since it’s a standalone, you get the satisfaction of a slow burn romance as well as an action adventure storyline that has a good ending. Get this book!!!”

Hidden Gems readers got to read these heart thumping spicy romances first, so if you want more happily ever afters to read poolside, sign up today! Subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of up to 15 other genres – for free. Authors send these out in the hopes that the readers will write an honest review once they’re done.

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