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Great Fantasy Novels to Escape Into

By: Hidden Gems on January 9, 2024

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on January 9, 2024


Is one of your New Year Resolutions to read more? If you’re looking to escape the winter cold, here is a list of some great fantasy novels loved by Hidden Gems ARC readers, sure to keep the pages turning.

The Cleaners

The Cleaners by L.L. Frost

With over 445+ ratings and a 4.5 star average, The Cleaners by L.L. Frost is book one of a six book series which follows a team of paranormal mercenaries.

JaToya L. describes in her five star Amazon review why you should add this to your TBR list, “There is nothing like smart, strong characters dealing with understandable conflicts. I love that effort went into giving these characters depth. That you can see how complex they are without being overloaded with all the details from the beginning. Frost is building a cast that readers will actually care about and cheer on. And I’m really looking forward to reading the next book in this series.”

“…The dialog is expertly written, and I found myself quickly becoming fond of the characters and their interactions, wanting to know more about them and their relationships. You are kind of placed mid-way, meaning things have happened between them in the past which are only hinted at at first,” Gregory H. writes in his five star Amazon review. “…It’s a well paced story and keeps the pages turning.”

Spark of Destiny

Spark of Destiny by Gail Z. Martin and Larry N. Martin

With 15+ ratings and a 4.4 star average, Spark of Destiny is the second great fantasy novel in the two book Jake Desmet Adventure series.

“…Wow, these well written and unique characters hit the ground running in their newest adventure. I love their fast-paced banter, and their sometimes-quirky personalities. The exciting action begins from the moment Jake, Nicki, Rick, and Adam leave their home in the north and continues non-stop when they reach Florida where they have to outwit foreign governments and magic users, as well as various witch dynasties that call the islands home,” Laure E. raves in her five star Amazon review. “Dark magic and supernatural creatures will make retrieving the sunken treasures even more difficult. Fantastic addition to the Jake Desmet Adventure series and I highly recommend this must-read, page turner to other readers…”

Melissa concurs in her five star Amazon review, “This book does not stop. The action starts right at the top and it flies from there. The cast of characters are excellent. Nicki and Lili are perfect together. Plus, I just love the mix of steampunk and magic. The Keys are a beautiful and scary location and all the food mentioned made me hungry. So much fun!…”


Vendetta by Gail Z. Martin

With a 4.7 star average on Amazon, Take Four is the second book in the Deadly Curiosities series by Gail Z. Martin.

“Back in this amazing world for the second in the series. Again lots of action, magic, ghosts and other creatures kept the pages turning until I finished the book. Looking forward to the next in the series.” Rani raves in their five star Amazon review.

Laure E. explains in her five star Amazon review, “Sorren is a vampire who has spent hundreds of years keeping the world safe from powerful immortals, dark witches, and any other supernatural beings who would destroy anything in their path…When an evil being that Sorren and some of his allies had contained many years ago begins to stir, it quickly becomes obvious that the being must be destroyed before he can eliminate Sorren and destroy the entire city.

Wow, just wow! This is a fantastic read that I highly recommend to other readers of exciting, action-packed urban fantasy. Magic, suspense, evil supernatural entities, and plenty of unexpected twists in the plot made it impossible to put this book down. The author’s characters are all well written and unique, the dialogue is fast paced and engaging…”

Leona & the Crown of Llangollen

Leona & the Crown of Llangollen by T N Traynor

With 20+ ratings and a 4.8 star average, Leona & the Crown of Llangollen is the final book in the Born to Be series by T N Traynor. This series is described as a YA epic fantasy for readers ages 13 and up.

Crystal writes in her five star Amazon review, “…Each character, whether main or side or even just barely makes an appearance, has their own distinct and vibrant personality that can really be felt. From the stern, stoic ‘would-be-king’ to the angry dragon-man, and every character in between, I can feel the force of their personalities. The author brings them to life. The descriptions in her world-building are dynamic. I love the imagery…”

“This book is an absolute gem in the world of young adult fantasy! I was completely captivated by the rich world-building, intricate magic, and the strong, compelling character of Leona. The introduction of the half-man, half-dragon creature and the hilarious ogres added a unique and delightful twist to the story,” Eetu concurs in their five star Amazon review. “The way the author weaves humor and adventure together is a testament to their storytelling skills. Even though this is the fourth book in a series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone, which made it easy to dive into this enchanting world. Definitely a must-read for anyone who loves a mix of magic, adventure, and a dash of romance. It deserves every one of its 5 stars!”

Death by Miss Adventure

Death by Miss Adventure by S.G. Tasz

With 30 ratings and a 4.4 star average, Death by Miss Adventure is the first installment in the Death by Miss Adventure series, which follows Adina Venture, a paranormal assassin.

Jola explains in their five star Amazon review, “If you like Las Vegas, great action, mystery, and urban fantasy this book is for you. Unsolved murder brings together two main characters: Adina, the suspect, and Levi Breitling – Chief Inquisitor. He thinks she did it, she has to prove her innocence. Their journey through the dark side of Sin City is full of unexpected twists and dramatic events…”

“Interesting, unique, mystery with our main character able to ‘walk’ silently with no one aware. To decide if the person she is checking out needs to die or live. Along with the action, there are family secrets that need to be uncovered. Oh, and a wonderful love interest. Undercover in an unknown agency. Highly recommend.” Della writes in their five star Amazon review.

Hidden Gems readers got to read these great fantasy novels first, so if you want more fantastic adventures or clues to seek, sign up today! Subscribers to Hidden Gems receive invitations to read books like these – plus other titles from any of up to 15 other genres – for free. Authors send these out in the hopes that the readers will write an honest review on Amazon once they’re done.

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