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Page-Turning Mysteries to Spend the Weekend With

By: Hidden Gems on January 16, 2024

Hidden Gems Books ARC service.

By: Hidden Gems on January 16, 2024


Are you looking for page-turning mysteries to keep your heart racing in the winter cold? Today we’ve rounded up a collection that includes a variety of mystery novels that have been popular and well-liked by Hidden Gems ARC readers. Spend your cold winter weekends curled up reading these and trying to guess whodunit?

Piña Colada Calamity

Piña Colada Calamity by Tanya Westlake

On a luxurious cruise vacation in Owhiro, two seasoned amateur sleuths, Kallie and Tess, are in for more than just sun and relaxation. When a fellow passenger’s death transforms their getaway into a crime scene, the duo jumps into action. Stranded at sea with no professional investigators in sight, they unravel the mysterious homicide, navigating the unique risks of an isolated cruise ship. Little do they know, the lurking killer is not pleased with their interference. In this high-stakes mystery, Kallie and Tess must tread carefully, realizing that on the open waters, they’re walking on thin ice!

“This was a fun read. Every time I thought the mystery was solved, there was another twist that pulled me in,” writes Chelle in their 5-star review. “I was sad that everyone was stuck on the ship, but impressed with the sleuthing.”

“I was planning on taking a cruise next year, and now I’m glad I canceled it!” writes Patti in their 5-star review. “Tess wins a free cruise and takes her great friend Kallie along. There’s a murder on board, and excursions are canceled as security, an FBI agent, and the two friends search for the killer. Enjoyable cozy read.”

The Mummy's Vengeance

The Mummy’s Vengeance by David Alyn

In 1928 Los Angeles, Victoria Tori Jacobsen, a vampire under the guidance of Werewolf Abraham Mueller, seeks a taste of normalcy by attending the new mummy exhibit at the Natural History Museum. However, their plans take a dark turn when they stumble upon a murder with supernatural implications. Racing against time, Tori and Mueller, alongside formidable allies, must thwart a cunning murderer’s plot to activate the catastrophic powers of the Eye of Aten. If they fail, the Mummy’s Vengeance curse could plunge the world into a new Dark Age. In this heart-pounding thriller, the stakes are high, and the forces of evil threaten to unleash chaos upon the globe.

“Within the pages of David Alyn Gordon’s The Mummy’s Vengeance, readers embark on an extraordinary literary journey that seamlessly weaves together the elements of mystery, horror, and historical enigma, crafting an intricate tapestry of storytelling. This novella effortlessly spans different eras and diverse global settings, offering an immersive and captivating reading experience,” writes ML in their 5-star review. “In essence, The Mummy’s Vengeance is essential reading for enthusiasts of mystery, horror, and supernatural fiction. Gordon’s storytelling prowess and the intricacies of the plot guarantee an unforgettable reading experience, one that will linger in the reader’s imagination long after the final page has been turned.”

“Supernatural noir,” writes Nicki in their 5-star review, “I really enjoyed the classic Noir detective feel to The Mummy’s Vengeance, and I felt the plot was well paced and that the characters were well developed and likeable. I’ve read this book twice and am really looking forward to book two.”

Central City

Central City by Indy Perro

Ex-con Kane Kulpa and troubled detective Vincent Bayonne form an uneasy alliance to hunt down a vicious serial killer terrorizing their corrupt and dangerous city. In a place where trust is a rare commodity, the duo must navigate the blurred lines between guilt and innocence to catch the killer before the city plunges into all-out gang warfare. Can they unravel the secrets of Central City and stop the murderer in a town where everyone has something to hide?

“This dark reality hovers all the time in the background of this novel and gives it great emotional depth. Yet it’s not in any way a ‘heavy’ read – it’s beautifully written, engages the imagination, has terrific characters, carries the reader with gentle hold,” writes Anonymous in their 5-star review. “It has a clear moral compass but it doesn’t moralise. I really loved it, from beginning to end.”

“Indy Perro’s debut novel, Central City, is a gritty crime/mystery that finds the author offering a fresh take on a classic formula, all the while side-stepping many of the genre’s most tired tropes,” writes James in their 5-star review. “As far as debuts go, Central City is a success on all fronts; highly recommended for fans of fast-paced mystery/suspense procedurals.”

Sting of Lies

Sting of Lies by Carol Potenza

Ice Age paleontologist Myrna P. Lee, known for her solo work, is sent to a billionaire’s ranch to solve a mysterious poisoning. Determined to salvage her career, she’s set on handling it alone until a charming cowboy and a ranch family disrupt her plans. Uncovering a decades-old murder and a lost treasure, Myrna faces danger and betrayal, forcing her to choose between solitude and happiness. In this adventure of science, romance and danger, Myrna’s journey takes unexpected turns, challenging her to pick up the pieces and forge a new path.

“I kept saying ‘I never saw that coming’ as I read this action-packed, super-smart mystery,” writes Anonymous in their 5-star review. “The twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat, turning pages far later than I should have been, leading to a truly satisfying ending I never saw coming! I can’t wait for the next in this series.”

“Great read with complex characters and a special dog,” writes Carol in their 5-star review. “ I love the way the author mixes past & present with her mysteries. Her descriptions of the characters make me want to meet them in person. Great mix of action & investigation. I didn’t see the solutions coming.”

Prisoner of Despair

Prisoner of Despair by Chad Miller

In the eerie streets of 1889, John Doyle battles nightly terrors fueled by an unrelenting fear of his mortality. Alongside his partner, Thomas Braham, Doyle seeks answers to the supernatural mysteries that elude local authorities. When a respected colleague mysteriously vanishes, they embark on their most daunting case. As the investigation delves into darkness, an ominous door opens into the unknown, challenging Doyle’s beliefs and pushing his moral compass to the brink. In a gripping tale of horror and self-discovery, will Doyle find refuge in his revelations or become a prisoner of his own despair? The answer lies in the shadows of the mysterious city streets.

“I loved the characters in this book. My favorite was Scarlett who was strong and brilliant. The dialogue, the prose, the writing…it kept me wanting more. This book had a classic feel and didn’t feel contemporary but like one of the greats!” writes Carrie in their 5-star review. “Honestly, I hope this book takes off and hope to read more books from Miller.”

“Creepy,” writes Missy in their 5-star review. “I must admit, it was creepy to read at night but I couldn’t put it down. Loved the writing style.”

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